Mingles with Jingles Episode 462

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week it's all about me being crap. Just for a change.

Also, some books!
IS-2: http://is-2-tank.com/
Stuka: http://stukabook.com



  1. you pronounce shaman as shaymen

  2. WOW is for NERDS! How ever, I am a big fan, so ill watch this whole crappy video. Love you Jangles

  3. Its DEFINETLY NOT the same thing! We austrians clearly do not want to be called german. Austrian german and Germanys german are two different things . We have a lot of different words for things to the point that we have different dictionaries.
    Also WE are NOT germans. Its like calling canadians us-americans, or calling the irish english…
    Its just wrong! ^^

  4. Good intell but the hovering dragons don’t do it for me……

  5. imagine… Jingles goes into MASSSSSSSSIVE details a WoW fight… about 100times more than needed… for relevent part skip ahead about 20min… to the last 2min of the video….

  6. Regarding the “trying to tank a shaman’s fire elemental”… been there, shamefully done that! So you’re not alone in this boat, hahaha.

    Although, to me, it’s super strange hearing warriors being referred as good AOE tanks. I’ve always thought of them as single-target, and I remember the struggles in WoW vanilla when it launched. I suppose I didn’t have much experience in WoTLK with warrior tanking. My main tank was a paladin, after all, and later on I leveled a Death Knight tank, which was a joy to play with.

  7. Jingles, if you didn’t know, Peter Samsonov did a stream along with Nicholas Moran the other day where they talked about tanks stuff, you might enjoy the VOD.

  8. The first thing I’ve said today was ”Wait….Isn’t he Austrian?”
    Who would have prediced that to happen?

  9. @The Mighty Jingles 17:15 the secound version is the correct version, how do you know? well…. because there is no E in the word Shaman.
    This confusion is caused by the fact that the english language sometimes takes a bit of a yolo attitude when it comes to just makeing shit up when it comes to properly using the correct letter, for some reason it’s not uncommon for the english language to just change “a” with “e” for no reason other that lolz tbh, kind of annoying for thous of us who want (need) to learn it and come from a language that do not put extra letters in words unless we actually need them when we want to pronounce that word

  10. Come to think about it, played quite a few tanks in MMO’s over the years and when it came to mob bashing if I wasn’t the main tank I’d be off-tank, DPS melee and the easiest way I found to deal with my subnormal ability to focus was to write little assist macro’s for a member of the group who did know what they were doing. So if Bob Tonk in the group had more functioning brain cells than me, I’d just assist him for whatever needed killing. It took me I would say, about 10 years to figure out that I’m just really shithouse at PvE because it doesn’t interest me.
    Get me on the open battlegrounds killing other people- whole other story!
    Ganking scrubs, dunking bad players and you have my 100% undivided attention, though I mostly played some kind of wizard/murder hobo kind of class in those games

  11. Youtube does run ads on demonatised vids. They just don’t pay you. Because they are scum

  12. I’m sure Austrians are happy about the mixup with Germany: many people don’t know Hitler was Austrian.

  13. Great to listen to Jingles every Monday on my route, A Staple Of Every Monday!

  14. jingles, f*cking it up in every way possible. 🙂

  15. I remember when I first started playing Darktide, and encountered a daemonhost. Of course, not knowing any better, I shot it, and all hell broke loose and two of us got captured. And I didn’t get what was going wrong. Eventually I Googled it and found out it’s completely optional and bloody hard. So now I know not to shoot it. Instead, I get frustrated whenever someone else shoots it, cutting us down to two players .

  16. I have felt like a parent of kid returning from kidergarten with loot of important news , Ju-87 plane that droped bombs on my gandparents and my greatgrandparents , they world of Warcraft , I dont play it … and I have no intention start , I am trying to get rid of my wows addiction , so no … and YT , like 3rd time this month/year in a row , yes I do undrstant that Jingles is content creator , but there are better ways to earn cash from useing YT that monetization , just make add in every video Jingles , I dont really mind if there will be 3 min add at the beging of video , JUST DO IT .

  17. Anyone already let Jingles know that most people are going to read that character name as something VERY different? If you don’t know what that is, remove the “ypie” and put what remains into urban dictionary.

  18. Boulton Paul Defiants LOVED stukas! 😀

  19. So YouTube would have a problem with Smeghead I take it.

  20. Does Youtube knows the world is full of non-american people who doesn’t give a single flying rat’s ass about their children being exposed to online profanity ?
    That was an announcement from the Fucking French People Association.

  21. Didn’t the blue name above the Fire Elemental saying “Xxxxxxxxxxx’s PET” not give the game away? lol

  22. Maybe mention the people who supports you on Floatplane every once in a while.

  23. As soon as I heard you said the Shaman, I immediately laughed as I knew where it was going.

  24. YT is just amplifying their revenue at the expense of youtube creators. That’s it.

  25. So, given that youtube are apparently trying to kill themselves off by shafting their creators, is there someone waiting in the wings to pick up and take over?

  26. Not the first time an Austrian has been taken for a German

  27. Jingles: I’m sure nobody noticed.

    Well the Fire Elemental certainly didn’t.


  29. I sweat, you content creators need to organize!! A YouTube trade Union is the only body that could stop this unreasonable shit! (Fuck, God damn, Arse, etc.)

  30. Mum’s the word, ye ‘ole F~~k up! Have a great week.

  31. Oh Jingles In a warships voice over “Hold your fire or DON’T FIRE AT YOUR ALLIES!”

  32. Surprised there was no comment on the Hasbro/WotC OGL debacle.

  33. I remember killing Sartharion on 25-3D three weeks or so after release back then; I was the fire elemental tank in our group, a fun task. I get salty every time I see someone who did it in later patches yet still walk around with the Twilight Vanquisher title.

  34. It sounds like YouTube is trying trying to rip off content makers similarly to the bogus copyright strikers, like Sony. Disgusting.
    That said, it might open up some fun opportunities. Such as content which has music that, while not an actual copyright infringement, will certainly cause Sony (or other scum) to copyright strike it… while at the same time it is intentionally crafted to cause YouTube to demonetize it for their own profit.
    Basically pit YouTube against Sony and let YouTube take it up the jacksie for a bit.
    Besides the possible entertainment value, YouTube’s greed may actually cause them to change how they handle challenges to copyright claims so Sony (or other vermin) can’t win by simply doing nothing.

  35. YouTube:
    Run by greedy corporate fucks.

  36. Jingles, do you need me to teach you, how to keep aggro, on multiple targets with Your Death Knight? It’s easily the best tank in WOTLK, You just gotta know how to play it and built it correctly!

  37. Jingles: it would be interesting to hear your take on the Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast Open Gaming License fiasco, especially if you compare and contrast it to how Wargaming has treated their customers.

  38. If you want i can give a few pointers on char setup to help with those “oh shit” moments and boosting aoe threat. (Yeah, also gnome tank…. for 15 years)

  39. I’ve been following Christoph for quite a few years. His YT channel is very worthwhile as well.

  40. LTT have covered this recently

  41. That Fire Elemental story doesn’t tell me you’re crap, Jingles: it tells me WoW is crap at identifying allies for its players.

  42. That was why i deleted my whole catalogue of videos all 300+ videos few years ago. they had adverts and i wasn’t allowed to monetize them as i didn’t meet the reequipment’s for monetization but they had adverts anyway.

  43. Jingles what server do you play WoW on?

  44. Aloha; BRILLIANT! The day after The Chieftain’s live stream with Peter! Mahalo

  45. What a great Monday, there’s a Mingles with Jingles
    Oh yes, birthday too, but it’s Jingles!

  46. I would suggest that you record your Wow raids/dungeons and use them as background while you tell such stories.
    Words are good.
    Images are better.
    And funnier 😉

  47. Don’t worry Jingles, we still love you.

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