Mingles with Jingles Episode 463

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This I have mostly been tanking raids in World of Warcraft. Twinkypie the gnome warrior is small, but FIERCE! Also it wasn’t her fault!



  1. 14 seconds. Also glad your cat is better, I know how it is when they get sick seemingly for no reason and your stuck taking care of them wondering if this warrants a vet visit.


    From the bottom of my heart, I hope AKIZUUUUKIIII will continue to be okay Jingles, and a BIG HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO HER ❤️❤️

  3. My BearCat turned 15 on Saturday, great to hear she is all ok again Jingles.

  4. Operational Tactics

    Plastic contains animal fat. That is properly why carnivores love to chew on it. My cat does the same…

  5. Fingers crossed Akipie is all better now! We’re all rooting for her!!!

  6. As a veterinarian: it might be a good idea to have Akizuki’s blood checked for kidney values. It’s probably fine but I see cats with pica that have underlying kidney problem. On the other side it can occur in healthy cats as well. PS thanks for the great video’s i love em

  7. Good morning Jingles nation.

  8. There she is. Morning Mighty Jangles

  9. Couple months ago, our cat Harvey went off his food, stopped using his box, and hid under my brother’s bed. We freaked out a bit and took him to the vet. She goes to take his temperature and says, “Ah, I see the problem!” Turned out the poor guy had a ruptured anal gland abscess. One shot of antibiotics and three days of kitty anti-inflammatories and he was back to his usual self.

  10. get well soon Akazuki!

  11. Jimminey-Fooking-Cricket

    Not to worry it was Old Joe who leaked the info I think the ex VP well be O.K he seems to have failed up.

  12. I slowly start to think that all the War Thunder leaks are just spies who boast to other spies about what they found out.

    Could be an “easy” excuse for a military to gain legit information about other armies just to then say they never spied.

  13. Lars van warendorp

    in the cold war, if you wanted information about your enemies hardware, you send over a spy…. nowadays.. just check the WT forums 😂😂😂

  14. It’s mind boggling how stupid people are. Seriously! 5 times? 4 people who don’t care about selling out their country or don’t think they can’t be tracked down? In FIRST RATE militaries? Wow. How?

  15. Get well soon Puss, I hope no one puts the specs for the WoW’s Super Subs online. We’d be screwed 👍🇬🇧👍

  16. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Akizuki <3

  17. the war thunder commuity is the best XD they are willing to get court martialled for a more realistic setting XD

  18. I had a healthy cat whose favorite thing wad to chew on the packing tape any time I opened a new package. It was the only thing he did that with. Cats 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  19. I recall FFXI, doing Dynamis which is like an end game raid if you will, whereby it would take actual months just to get a single item, like a pair of gloves. You’d have to join an end game group, undertake many runs to earn points with the group which were used to control who could bid on what in any run. When you have enough points, you then have to hope the group are doing the run which has the item you want, then you’d have to hope you engage the NM that has your item or defeat the end boss (and many run would end in failure, one person doing the wrong thing and you wipe or run out of time), then you’d have to hope the item actually drops (and there were some very low drop rates back then), then you’d have to hope no one else tries to steel it by bidding on the loot in the loot pool (which happens), then, you just might get the item you wanted. And all that for one item, and you’d likely want a whole gear set! Three years of this raiding at least once a week, never did complete a whole gear set. EVEN WORSE, if you wanted the legendary weapons, that was actually years of effort collecting requisite materials and ancient currency, the grind was very very much in play back then.

    So, full gear in a few days huh? How easy is this game?

  20. Goofy_balls_of_Fire

    Back when she was a little kitten Rita was still living with you and Eddy, then she wasn’t and now she is again, the circle of live

  21. I think its called key bindings.

  22. Bannerlord has far better single combat. Block left, block right, block above etc etc etc etc

  23. Mingles with jingles is becoming world of warcraft vids slowly…

  24. “iz just a game bro..why you have to be mad?”

  25. Leaking the armour thicknesses of Chally 2 is soon to be a moot point with 12 of them being in combat in Ukraine.

  26. Ret pallis were pretty powerful in wrath, least ways I was. Ofc I went holy after they nerfed the buggery out of us. Once again I would request some gameplay vid of Warcraft, I’ll watch at least. Thanks for the content.

  27. I hope your cat gets better Mr. Gnome Overlord!

  28. I keep hearing ice cream guardians. 🙂

  29. blind cat svetlana recently died from lymphoma. 4 years old. love your kitty, bro. our wonderful boy has developed 2 breast tumors, at 10 years. my wife once was concerned he’d outlive me. now he sleeps in my lap all night

  30. Dam Jingles, gotta love your one liners. Thought were losing it with not calling people window lickers/mouth breathers. Then redeemed your self with “If reading is that hard, maybe you should of been a stripper”. As for your girl, I would suggest vet appointment to just have her health tested/verified. Most likely nothing but we love our pets.

  31. There’s been THREE separate War Thunder leaks in the past week. The F-16, the F-15, and the Mig-29

  32. Hey jingles. You should look up the game ultimate admiral: dreadnaughts. It’s basically a top down strategy version of world of warships where you can build the ships however you want. If you want a cruiser with over 100 torpedos, go for it. If you want a battleship with 24 14 inch guns and 60 2 inch secondaries, absolutely! It’s a great game for you to make some videos on

  33. *If reading was that hard, maybe you should’ve been a stripper.*

    Oh shit Paul, that one made me laugh.

  34. I love these stories from WOTLK classic. I will go and binge Madseasonshow’s content every now and then because I think old school WoW is so fascinating (and I love his narration), and here I’m getting more of it from Jingles. Love it 😄

  35. if you want scumbaggery play on german servers xD

  36. in all fairness to the Americans who posted those documents. They probably got them off the internet on a publicly accessible website. when i worked on the AV-8b harrier sombody took a picture of the cockpit and our command was angry at him. then he got on the internet right in front of them and pulled up actual current manuals on the Harrier that actually detailed everything the buttons did, as well as other pictures of the cockpit

  37. whenever jingles starts talking about warcraft my eyes glaze over I have no idea what he’s talking about

  38. I played on a private server before classic came out and learned a nice trick playing a warrior. If you vigilance the main tank as an off tank warrior you get infinite taunts and give the main tank a damage mitigation. It’s a win win!

  39. Wait, it has been four years already? Time sure flies.

  40. Just think. Back in the day you had to pay people hundreds of thousands of pounds to get this kind of information. Now you just have to wait for idiots to queue up to do it!

  41. My wife (many years ago) came in saying the dogs sick because its stool was multi colored. When i checked it had the same colors as a certain super ball which is no longer around . No i did not try it to see if it still bounced .
    So as you dutifully remove her bowel movements check if she has and unusual color / flecks to hers or with luck chucked it up . Another job for the cat menial.

  42. “I won’t bore you with the technical details” proceeds to bore us with technical details. Not that I mind though, I play wotlk classic myself ;d

    Just one complaint though, jesus christ Jingles you are one FILTHY clicker….

  43. Hope Akizuki is doing well Jingles. Re WarThunder, I see someone has translated and published Su-57 documents. Score one for the good guys I guess?

  44. My cat had the same condition and our veterinary said that he had some small inflammation

  45. war thunder best spy software ever

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