Mingles with Jingles Episode 464

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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  1. Mortgage day…lol

  2. I feel like we’ve had this whole text file talk at least once before xD

  3. Jingles having trouble with his memory, better get him more of those dried frog pills again.

    • I would pay good money to see Jingles in a Discworld adaptation. I see him more as Mustrum Ridcully than the Bursar, though. (Sadly, both Christopher Lee and Ian Richardson have passed on, so I don’t know who would play Death… Brian Blessed? Maybe Eddie?)

    • @Pete Hall going through the list of discworld characters and jingle could play so many of them

    • @Pete Hall Maybe Rita ? …

  4. Jingles get Rita’s tablets or have you been drinking Eddie’s homebrew again

  5. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    I happily support having Jingles play an Alien action horror game in VR. That would be awesome!

  6. good morning old man!

  7. Just put a notepad and pen under your monitor with the title ”MINGLES IDEAS”

  8. Hi Mr Jingles! Have you tried “Metro Exodus”?

  9. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    ‘The Day Before’ is actually the name of a book from 1984, which has actually nothing to do with games or zombies or an apocalypse. Getting hit with any trademark infringement for the entire name of the game would be kind of substantial, me thinks.

  10. Jingles, did you forget to take Rita’s memory pills again?

  11. Played Darktide 60h now. I had one (1!) crash. Most problem are the players, that will leave the Strike Team when it’s not going as well as the wish. Since I have no friends to play this game with and I have to go random, it’s virtually impossible for me to finish deployments on Level 4 or higher, because of all those min/max Players, who have no patience what so ever.
    Inclomplete Crafting-System ist a problem, yes, but bigger Problem are the playerbase.

  12. on the subject of the Game….
    Apperently they have fallen foul of a copyright Hijacker. A ‘gentalman’ from sinapore has grabed the copyright for the games name, in a rather suspishus method, and is demanding a large sum cash to reliqush his copyright.

  13. Hey jingles, have you thought about revisiting Heliborne?

  14. Connoissuer_Of_Class

    Zombie game sounds more like a front for something. Not another game but some legal or shell company type thing.

  15. Not many likes being scared shitless constantly. You are not alone. SYSTEM SHOCK 2 was scary enough.

  16. I wish they would do a remake of the old Alien vs Predator FPS game, where you could play as a Xenomorph or a Predator.
    I always loved games where you could play as a non-human character, like the old Jurassic Park game on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, which allowed you to play as a raptor, even though it was just a 2d side-scrolling rump&run.
    Same with Ecco the Dolphin, especially the 3d version on the Dreamcast.

  17. Tin foil hat time. The game doesn’t and will never exist. It’s purely a legal entity that can be used as a high value tax write-off when the studio folds.

  18. Ah, yes. I’m sure its my Warthunder habit that will get me on a watchlist as a threat to national security.
    Definitely not because of the Bologna Incident of 2014.
    I was in middle school, ok? We all do weird things then.

  19. thanking you gnome overlord your commentary is always great and a good laugh nearly always helps .

  20. Good morning from Texas to our Gnome Overlord!

  21. Intesresting… I think what that company is trying to do is basically fabricate a reason to have a loss and then have a tax write-off, that’s the only reason I can imagine making something that looks quite like a scam and in the end not charge any money…

  22. The publisher for that scam game is the same company as its the same publisher as Prop night they just keep changing the name thats all. The company is a complete scam

  23. who else thought that Jingles was going to Google “why didn’t I become a stripper”?

  24. Darktide is not in early access. It is fully released. The early access was only the 2 weeks before release.

  25. About that game and how it could make any sense:
    Remember No Man’s Sky?
    Maybe this company just doesn’t have any PR people and some developer (e.g. the founder) is kinda forced to do it instead but is bad at it.
    Aka, the problem No Man’s Sky had.

  26. Jingles, you know you could just add a timestamp to each note in your file ? … Of course it would not be as funny as …

  27. And thus began Only Gnomes.

  28. Jingles I think they are/were gauging interest???? Now they are actually working on the game. My take anyway. Idk

  29. I think you’re overthinking the whole The Day Before thing.

    The trademark dispute is on the title, not the game content. Now that the lawsuit over that snarl is wrapping up, and they are able to get back to work, they have further delayed any revealing of content or features because nothing is up to standard, thanks to the trademark dispute.

    That’s my take.

  30. #nordpass

  31. JIM the heliophobe

    Have you tried Rita’s memory pills?

  32. They got so much free advertising from all the youtubers that are talking about their game after they pulled it from steam, so that would be my guess.

  33. Michael Bourgeault

    Possibly The Day Before is a practical joke which has gotten out of hand?

  34. If you do get that sponsorship for geriatric gamers wearing rad clothes that the cool kids wear, by all mean take it up to pay your bills.
    I won’t buy it, but I will laugh a lot

  35. it sounds more like we have found our game was shit so we had to pull it

  36. Jingles – tell Alexa your ideas and have her remind you

  37. At 2:55 when you said your going to google this, I was honestly worried you were going to see what the average earnings of a stripper was.

  38. Weirdly got a clickbait feed just thrown up in Google about The Day Before game – never heard of it until today’s Mingles… It’s so great being listened to by all our electronic devices…

  39. I have to do the same thing when I’m planning a comic. I even have to put reminder text in the panels cuz I’ll forget what new idea I’ll have for it.

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