Mingles with Jingles Episode 465 – Salt Mine Discord Q+A

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The Salt Mines Q+A that almost never happened due to the first power cut I've seen in about 30 years.



  1. I admit I was wrong abot Choo Choo Charles , I watch when Jingles started play it speed run , and that was misstake , because watching Jingles gameplay is whole another lever of entertaiment 🙂

  2. I do prefer the other games you feature, I’ve bought several after watching your channel over the years.

  3. Hey Jingles, just trying to help here but the sound in this video seems to be really flat. I hope this helps you! Loved the talking in it nonetheless as always!

  4. 23:20 1.15MB and took 30 minutes to download. I remember working at an accounting firm back in 2000 and the entire office was linked to internet via ONE dialup connection and a network switch. I JUST got my own pc, although an old one. It ran Windows 3.1 and had a 10MB hard drive. While in the office I would use my lunch breaks to scour the internet for abandonware sites where I would download dozens of small dos and windows 3.1 games. Once a download is done I would copy it to stiffy disks and take them home. I remember it taking a whole day (8 hours) to download 300KB’s. Our internet was THAT slow.

  5. They really nailed The Last of Us, they actually made a game work in TV, took them long enough 😛

  6. Jingles you thinking of playing Hogwarts Legacy?

  7. “Only people over 40 wear watches”

    Oi, you old git. I’m not 40 yet!

    To be fair I have a relatively cheap Lorus digital watch with a back light. It does what I need it to do, especially when I’m doing something silly such as laying in a hole in the woods at night.

  8. I was at the Q&A but im gonna watch and comment for the glory of the algorithm! All hail our machine overlords and overseer Jingles

  9. 32:41 Hey Jingles, that anime is called Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and its fantastic.

  10. George RR Martin can be worse than Tolkien for going into too much unnecessary details. And I love Tolkien.

    • Buddy Tolkien had less freedom that GRR , he have lived and write in diffrent times , if he would made some “misstake” he could go to jail , GRR have all freedom he want in books … and when details are unnecessary ? , those details build world , and you say that you love Tolkinen … he literally have invented languages for LOTR ! , and he was much more detailed that GRR .

  11. I’m sure you have read Treasure Island, ever wonder how Cpt Flint Died? Black Sails is a prequel to treasure Island. It’s Epic…….

  12. Boston Legal was really good, but it’s also like a moment time that it captured because it was filmed 3-4 episodes ahead as it aired between 2005-2009/10, so if you wanted to know the poltical arguments of the time and how they are argued, it’s really good for that.

  13. Boston Legal is a must watch for everyone.

  14. Power supplies are a bit different in the more rural areas Jingles. I live in Northumberland, only about 25 minutes from the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne and there are usually one or two service interruptions a month. Biggest was November 2021 though, courtesy of Storm Arwen. No power for 11 days for me and about 500,000 others. I think the longest people were off was 14 days.

  15. jingles you should give black lagoon a go!

  16. Your description sounds like “Jin-Rou, the Wolf Brigade”. Very good political thriller. Also tells the original story of Little Red Riding Hood.

  17. So In regard of this power outage what’s wrong with the sound ? There “depth and bass” is missing here mate. Anyway Have a nice day mate ! [Could be a good think -> generate comments under video – buehehehe ]

  18. It’s not just the young who eschew watches, Jingles. I’m the same age as you and stopped wearing a watch as soon as mobile phones had screens that could display the time.

    I’ve never been in so much of a rush that I couldn’t afford three seconds to take my phone out of my pocket and look at the time.

  19. G.R.R Martin wrote his last book in the main series 12 years ago. Everything else he wrote was a prequel, pre-sequel, an antology or w/e. Nothing in the main series. At this point I think it will never be finished by him (considering he has 2 books left, each with 1000 pages). I think the HBO monstrosity is the only ending we will get.

  20. Last time I wore a watch was in 2017 because I was camping in the woods without power. And last time I wore a watch regularly must’ve been some year before 2010.

  21. What’s happened to the audio? It sounds like it’s recorded through a webcam.

  22. Krzysztof Wadowski

    Nothing exciting this year? 😀 What about Baldurs Gate 3, Everspace 2, Homeworld 3, Jedi Survivor, Space marine 2, Rogue Trader, Stalker 2 or Starfield? 😛

  23. Playing Fallout 4 and not Fallout NV is like kicking yourself in the balls and saying yea I’ve jerked off.

  24. D&D – Check out Legal Eagle’s video on this. He’s explained it a bit better and it looks like a lot of it’s been taken out of context.

  25. I can highly recommend the tv-show FROM, it’s like lost but more interesting. It’s horror, but not jump scare cheap-o horror.

  26. edgerunners is the best animation series i have seen in a long time 🙂

  27. here in North Carolina, USA, we lose power often (at least 6 times per year). if the weather sneezes, we lose power . . . but it’s almost always caused by moronic drivers nailing power poles lol. About watch-wearing – I’m the same age as Jingles & I haven’t worn a watch since I was a teen, many moons ago – i actually don’t wear any jewelry whatsoever – no rings, no necklaces, bracelets, etc. I don’t like feeling encumbered & not vain when it comes to that sort of thing, lol

  28. The Wheel of Time series is complete. After Robert Jordan’s death, Brandon Sanderson was asked to complete the series. A task he completed with aplomb.
    The audio books are on Audible, including a new version, read by Rosamund Pike, which I much prefer to the original audio books.
    I agree with Jingles. The Amazon TV series is appallingly bad. It continues the current Hollywood trend of making men weak and/or foolish, whilst the women are powerful and wise. The books are about a young man who must unite and save the world from evil. All whilst dealing with treachery, political machinations, and the forces of evil. The show is about women and how great, clever, and superior they are.
    Total doggy doo doo’s.

  29. My favorite military style amine is called Heavy Object

  30. Down to Brexit.

  31. @Jingles, the anime you mentioned with the MG42s is Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

    Oh and 2 mins later somebody already told him lol.

  32. Given your love of “The Expanse”, I think you would enjoy “Nebulous: Fleet Command”. It’s being developed by a guy that served in the navy (if memory serves), and has mechanics for damage control, EWAR, signals, etc.

  33. im from 95 and i always wear a watch, i dont wanna have to go find my phone to know the time.

  34. what was the expanse like game caled? I can’t find it again.

  35. “A man’s got to know his limitations…. on that BOMBSHELL!” – I see what you did there. Poor, stupid Briggs.

  36. You can’t remember when last you had a power cut? I cant remember when last I had a day without a power cut. Time you revisit South Africa my dear gnome overlord.

    Agree. Big fan of the Wheel Of Time books, but the TV series was utter trash.

  37. I wonder if you would be interested in the 40K Rogue trader roleplaying game from Owlcat games (Pathfinder games)?

  38. Yes Boston Legal. Amazing show. You’ll love the last season

  39. Robert Jordan passed before finishing his books. He did however leave enough information and notes for them to be finished by Brandon Sanderson.

  40. I am over 50 and I don’t wear a wrist watch, I use a pocket watch.

  41. Again, no “stay safe'”s? Another series I am missing, is the “The good, the bad and the ugly” ones. But I take it, there’s not much of content value, for those series anymore…..(?)

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