Mingles with Jingles Episode 466

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So much anticipated new Harry Potter game just came out and almost everyone seems to be losing their minds over it. Almost.


  1. No shits given here about anything Harry Potter

  2. The issue with JK Rowling isn’t just one tweet from years ago. She has constantly and repeatedly said that trans-women are still men and should be treated as such. With the very recent murder of Brianna Ghey transphobia is literally killing people and JK Rowling is adding to and normalising this hatred.

  3. Regarding Rowling, it’s not that she may or may not have meant her comments: she has doubled down time and time again about what she said.

    Having said that, I’m not passing judgement either way about whether people should boycott the game. I just don’t care about the game one way or another

  4. Completely relate to the whole “eh, this game’s alright” and yet have hundreds of hours sunk into it situation. Elite Dangerous currently is sitting in that spot for me as the Division was for you. That said, I personally find it more frustrating that so many of these “eh, it’s alright” games feel like they have the potential to become “OMG AMAZING” without much change. Sometimes I wish that when I was younger I had studied video game development so that I could try to take a crack at making a game that I could be excited about.

  5. I’m 40, Hogwarts is actually good. Regardless of if you’re super into Harry Potter it’s a well made game. I didn’t care that much, the movies were ok but that’s about as far as it goes for me.

  6. Im with ya Jingles on the whole not being excited for the Harry Potter game, more excited for the WW1 RTS by Petroglyph coming out in March

  7. I’m pretty sure the films are the only reason people love Harry Potter so much, I never saw them and read so many better book series as a kid

  8. Your point about playing hundreds of hours in games that are otherwise “meh” can be applied to Bethesda games…to a point. The big difference with them is that they can be tweaked to be _great_ games that can provide almost any experience you want. My Fallout 4, for example, has 2 extra fully voiced companions with their own quests associated with them, the capacity to turn yourself into a full-on Halo Spartan, in the middle of a frozen nuclear winter with full survival options from hunger to frostbite.

  9. My definition of “open world” is when you can go edge to edge of map w/o restrictions other than ya know falling or drowning. Fallout 3-4, Skyrim, Odyssey, Arma, fits this definition. HP Legacy is not open world under this definition. They did restrict your exploration to large areas but not wherever you want to go.

  10. Sadly mate I think you’ve just lost that child within you. I’m 62, a father who read Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to my daughter. Maybe being a father and an uncle reading these same stories has kept me enjoying them and appreciating a good game that captures that chance to be in a story I read to my child who loved them so very much. That’s not to say I don’t also spend 1000s of hours on Vampire the Masquerade, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk and Warhammer TW etc. But its nice to now explore the world of Harry Potter as well. May you find that inner child again.

  11. Jingles! Please don’t stop the NORD sponsorship. I can’t afford it this month but soon. I’d like to give you the click money if I’m able.

  12. I too don’t give a hoot about the Harry Potter Game, liked the films not the games.

    Anyway i to use Nordpass but i still have to log into some sites that this program should take care off and yes i have log all into Nordpass, also since i started to use Nordpass one of my sites don’t recognize my email and password anymore even tough the site send me email i cant log into it, it will send me a account recovery but on resetting the account at login it still not recognizing email or passwords no matter what i change, even if i turn Nordpass off.

  13. Nope, zero shits have been given in my household. But I didn’t read the books and haven’t seen the films.

    I’ll survive.

  14. Yeah, no problem with you Jingles, I too, really dont give an F about the HP game. At least I came to the conclusion that I dont give an F. I watched a few streams, the games looks really well made and all that, but it’s just that its not my game fantasy to play as a 10+ something schoolboy in a magic world like Harry Potter. There is no problem with the world, or anyone who plays it. Have fun guys really! Its just not for everyone.

  15. I dont game worth a lick…. but timberborn has its hooks in me, I’ve recommended it to friends and jingles should give it a look if you like world building games like colonise Mars or cities skylines. So jingles refers to “wow I cant wait to play that tomorrow” and it reminds me of when minecraft first went viral.

  16. Not the only one Jingles, I don’t care for the new Harry potter game either…

  17. Ok, hands up, how many of you tried Cyberpunk and The Witcher 3, and didnt enjoy it?
    Dont get me wrong, they seemed like perfectly good games, but they were just so, very,… unengaging… I hated pretty much every NPC in the Witcher 3, with one notable exception, and couldnt give a damn about any of them in Cyberpunk. Plus Johhny Silverhand was so irritating that he detracted even more from the value. And then this got coupled with the monotonous open world aspect where the world is really just a menu to choose what activity to do next, and all excitement I had for either quickly fizzled out.

  18. I’m older but i still have the Potter books (the original ones in gaudy or grown up outsides)

  19. It is exactly the same as younger generation doesn’t give monkeys on Alien or Predator franchise that you are so exited for 😉

    About Harry Potter it is the very first good game that was released based on the books.

  20. Having grown up with the books and gone through secondary school as the films were coming out, I can say you’re not the only one who doesn’t care about a Harry Potter game.

  21. In regards to Hogwarts Legacy, Other than a warped sprite extending across the screen at the very opening cutscene I have had absolutely zero issues. My PC is a comparatively at just over a year old but like Cyberpunk I enjoy bug free gameplay except when I button mash in and out of menus multiple times and cause control lockup for the interact key but that’s me for being an idiot and inpatient.

  22. To answer your Harry Potter question: It is a franchise that shaped the childhood of an entire generation, from the appearance of the first book in 1998 until the release of the last movie in 2011.It is a phenomenon as was Star Wars or Star Trek before it for preceding generations. Looking at your preferences in Pop Culture, the new Harry Potter game is for the “younger” generation, what a Triple A game about Judge Dredd or Alien Isolation would be for you. Something that takes you back into a more innocent and happier time of your life.

  23. I saw Amouranth and Adriana Chechik streaming Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch. And no you are not the one, I don´t give a damn about Harry Potter game. Right now I´m into Star Citizen 😁😁😁

  24. Archwarhammer dubbed his character Harry Plopper and I keep dying of laughter everytime I here it lol

  25. You are not alone , i always thought that Harry Potter was low IQ kiddie cringe BS and i get especially wound up by the dumbass magic conjurations using some sudo latin mumbo jumbo language.

  26. My generation grew up with it so escapeism/nostalgia

  27. 4:58
    Nope Jingles
    You’re not alone. I care not for the Harry Potter series/franchise as a whole. Don’t care. Never did, never will.

  28. I grew up with the films, books and old games, and I didn’t really care myself Jingles. I didn’t even really know or care that it was coming out until like 2 weeks ago when I watched the gameplay trailer and I somehow cared even less. Mayeb it’s just games these days are failing to get me interested, but I just don’t find myself excited about any major releases (Elden ring was the first in a while an dthere hasn’t been another since).

    • Having watched a friend playing for a while I just started questioning a number of choices. Maybe these things change later but, why do you have to identify some items? There’s no currency or cost to do so, just… time. You have to go back to the room of requirement to reveal them… and that’s it. It’s like someone looked at the same mechanic in MMOs and thought, “ah yes, that must be a fun thing to do and not just a way to drain more currency from the player!”.
      Also, no quidditch? Are you serious? Why? Quidditch world cup was great, some of the old PS2 games had it as well, so why doesn’t this one? It’s like one of the universes most iconic things, and certainly one of the easiest to make playable.
      So much of this game feels like it was intending to be an MMO. Maybe it was and they changed direction. Maybe that’s just what the producers looked at to decide how it should play. It just feels, off…

  29. No performance pbm with HL, on pc day minus 3, but you’d better have a recent (2022) rig .

  30. Well most ppl that are gamers grew up with Harry Potter unlike you who were bourn old 😛 Seriosly though I care much about the new game… looks ok imho nothing revolutionary or new just a good delivery of same old open world games with a Hogwarts skin on. and I’ve seen very few Twitchers stream it… atleast in my algorithmic sphere of recommendation ( if you browse the game is streamed to all hell though wich is good since I don’t want hypocritical donkies to win in the boycott of a game for such a dumbass reason)
    To any such persons here: If you’ve ever bought/streamed/rented any Harry Pooter product you’re as “guilty” as those you harrass

  31. I would point you to the “I’ ve no more f**ks to give” song as for how much I care about the game and the associated gender politics. Was also too old for the Harry potter books. Then again, the extremely soft magic system and nonlogical plotlines would probably have annoyed me even at 12 years old. Still I got the first three Lord of the Rings films which I got excited about, the plot there isn’t completely logical ether. I suppose it’s fine to let the next generation be excited about Harry Potter.

  32. Jingles, this is the first I have heard about this new Harry Potter game. So I must live under a rock. I might be one of the few people who have not watched any Harry Potter movie.

  33. Jingles, just wanna say I’ve been a fan for years, and I don’t hit the like button near as often as I should. Started watching you to find out armor weaknesses on the AT2 in WoT and have been a faithful subscriber ever since! Would love to see you Hogwarts Legacy a try! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know, never change Jingles, never change.

  34. Don’t worry Jingles, although I loved the Harry Potter books and enjoyed the films, I could not give a shit about this new game.
    Maybe I’ve outgrown the franchise.

  35. I do think it is a matter of age to care about something.
    It’s just that Harry Potter is not part of your interests.
    You’re just more into Cyberpunk than others.
    And you are not the only one.
    Some event like both. And that’s fine too.
    You should not be judged because you like Cyberpunk or Harry Potter.

  36. It’s normal not to care, Jingles. It’s all part about being in a fandom or in this case, not being in one.
    My only exposure to HP is the movies and beyond them I don’t care about the wizarding world. The game means nothing to me but I’m glad it’s good for those who do care.
    My time sink games come from paradox. Stellaris in particular has stolen 2754 hours of my life and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  37. No Jingles your not the only one who doesn’t care for this game I could careless about the Harry Potter game didn’t care for the movies either.

  38. So Jingles has turned into Marvin??

  39. Honestly didnt even know about it until you mentioned it Jingles! XD

    Couldnt care less!

  40. Btw about the “shit on the shingle” -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry5Du60WPGU

  41. As someone playing Star trek online as you talk about it yes it is cryptic that runs it. And it has reached 13 years as of a few weeks ago.

  42. You are just a muggle 😛

  43. I am in the age group where most people my age love HP. I still do this day never read the books and never watch the movies. I also don’t give a crap about the game coming out. Hopefully the people who do love the HP IP enjoy the game

  44. Harry Potter bleh.😝 WoT is pretty bleh as well. World of Tanks in game random battle match maker is a piece of trash programming and WoT does not care or is incapable of fixing the code. New players quit quickly when they find themselves being seal clubbed constantly. The game is not worth playing in its present state. Boycott World of Tanks until they upgrade the Match Maker to better balance the random battle team play.

  45. You are’nt the only one not giving the lightest of fcks about that HP game.
    And not because of the writer. I just ton’t care about the entire thing.
    I’m certainly, incamparably more hyped about the Sd.Kfz. 222 armoured car, that is coming to WarThunder.
    Even more hyped about Company of Heroes 3 (feb 23), Kerbal Space Program 2 (feb 24),
    the new Automaton DLC for Space Engineers (feb ?) and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 HoC (dec 21 probably).

  46. My games run great,of course my pc isn’t a old machine,but even my gf laptop that isn’t a state of the art ,if that runs great.

  47. I also do not care about the new Harry Potter game. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the Gameboy Color was the pinnacle, nothing else will be as good.

  48. If you don’t like it that all you need to say 💀

  49. Not just you Jingles. Zero interest in the HP games here either.

  50. That happened when Star Wars Galaxies was in Beta. They sent a corrupted file in one of the patches, so you had to start downloading the whole thing over. This was also in the days when people played on dial up!

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