Mingles with Jingles Episode 467

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Source: The Jingles

Top tip, write your video descriptions as soon as you them. If you wait until the next morning before publishing right after you wake up, this is the best you can come up with.



  1. An ugly combination of cloth, leather and chain armor.
    No Plate, because it doesn’t have the necessary stats.
    Only one useful Spell that’s unique to them.

    Have we gone back to classic?

  2. 17:25 “the most ultimate act of spite that I’ve heard about this year…”
    Blimey charlie, Jingles – we haven’t got through February yet.
    Do we get a 6-pack ready so the next twat can say, “Hold my ” and you can quote them? 🙂

  3. Yes but Monday morning is my Friday afternoon lol

  4. I feel so sorry for the Soviet City Builder game, I thought it was a cool concept. I just can’t comprehend why anyone would act like that lawyer would, what a really awful person he is. If I could I’d love to give some money to that development team, if the game goes back on steam I’ll definitely buy it as soon as possible

    • Money & Spitefulness

    • I haven’t looked into this before this video but i somehow doubt that he would go through with it, or if he even is a real lawyer and is just bluffing and waving his dick around. If this would actually go to court, i dont think he would win on any grounds. Heck he could even be charged with defamation with all that.

  5. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.

    The Division 2 will certainly keep a player busy. And those developers should they decide, could likely sue the person for damages or something like it and win as you indicated. But good luck collecting.

  6. And to that pretty Lawer I hope he loses and I hope he actually lawyer or not has to pay reparations for damages to the other youtubers, can’t stand petty people

  7. About the asshole lawyer, it’s possible that this could result in him losing his lawyer license, as it’s possible he’d be found guilty of fraud and abuse of the legal system. This would then cause him to lose his job.
    Besides, isn’t it against some law or rules for a lawyer to represent themself?
    It’s also possible the community could band together to fund the lawsuit and expenses.
    Here’s to hoping this shit wearing a suit and tie gets hit by the karma freight train

  8. Wonder what would ever happen if said lawyers name somehow got released….

  9. I hope that the Slovak debvelopers and others who’s being fucked by the system and are in the EU complains to the authorities. They might not do anything and if they do it will takes time but if the EU decide to do something, they have some weight behind them.

    So if you get mistreated by DMCA and similar system, make sure you complain about it.

  10. 16:00 i don’t understand. Don’t most countries have the law / rule that the looser in court pays the court costs (including the other ones lawyer)?

  11. If you would make a series about the Legacy of Hogwarts I would definetly follow you around. Only if you interested doing it of course.

  12. What a petty, spiteful and childish pos.

  13. Unless its lockpicking for instructive purposes.

  14. Fuck the wwwwoke Worldddddddddddddd

  15. Hi All if you win in court and the judge states that the complainant has to pay the winner compensation won’t that D’Head be forced to pay the games company the money in compensation they would have lost for defending the games copyright and if the game got shutdown.

  16. Regards the DMCA-ing lawyers. Time to make a complaint to their professional body, nothing makes a Bar assocaition (or regional equivalent) quite as happy as having to deal with a member filing false claims.

  17. The developers need to take the person to court in Germany. As I understand it in Germany you must be a German recognised lawyer to defend a case and cannot defend yourself.

    • Also the declarations falsely made to the german court before the case are punishable if they are lies… he has costs and penalty of perjury before the case begins I think. I think in Germany they do not need to pay, they claim criminal theft and identity theft by reporting it to the police, the system takes over from there.

  18. this has to go to court, so he can be debared its about the only thing people can do, i would say they should do a crowd funding for the legal fees to make public just how shitty of a system it is youtube and steam have.
    If this case got massive media attention i think it could be a good stepping stone to help reduce the bullshit.. but i wonder if the hand puppets would even cover it.

  19. Uh, yes, the Law of Unintended Consequences.

    It sucks and you’re not a game designer, publisher or not, until you’ve ran face first into this law.

  20. Emagine bleeding out due some Walking Hamster Wheel sit… standing there first

  21. Im not so sure about the court thing, that might be the case in the US, but in the EU its far less problematic to just counterclaim a obvious troll and get his case thrown out and damages of legal fees awarded to you + having the guy indicted for perjury losing his lawyer liscense.

  22. Something Similar happened in Warframe a few years ago to WoWs ‘Flash of Light’.
    Warframe released a sidearm called the ‘Catchmoon”.
    This weapon was a shotgun that fired a ‘wave of energy’ that would damage everything it hit. It has ‘infinite body punch through’, so as long as it doesn’t hit a piece of terrain, it would pass through enemies to hit enemies behind the ones you already hit.
    It was so good, that every single player at higher levels started using the catchmoon exclusively instead of any of the other 300+ weapons. Of course, this was a problem.
    The developers decided to correct this issue by… nerfing the catchmoons already-short range to the point that this gun basically became a melee weapon.
    but range wasn’t the problem. the problem was ‘infinite body punch-through’. Instead, if you capped it so the ‘wave’ only passed through so many enemies or so much armor, that would be a much more reasonable way to nerf it.
    Instead, the catchmoon went from the most used weapon, to the least used weapon, overnight.

  23. Honestly I really liked The Division 1, but a lot of that was the setting – I enjoyed walking through post apocalyptic, snowy, wintery New York, discovering the story in all those snippets and having a feeling of cleaning up all the criminals who popped up. Only stuff I didn’t like was the PVP-zone, because it happened way too often to just be ganked and I saw no point in going there.

    Never played The Division 2 though, because it took away, what I liked most about the first part: the snowy athmosphere.

  24. The paladin problem was also because the paladin had basically only direct healing spells at the time, chain heal and healing circle were the togo for the other healers, or even hots.
    Having flash of light a very quick cast meant they could beat some other direct heals to tank healing the hots would still get some healing in before everyone else but the paladins could make sure tank spike damage wasn’t fatal.

    Using the slower to cast Holy light meant you got to play a different kind of game to one button spam, this also applied before you got enough crit.
    You’d cast holy light and 2.5 second casting you’d watch and if by .2 or .5 of it finishing if the tank had not taken any damage you moved.. and cancelled the cast, it was barely different from spamming a button with a little more energy, but that was the only other option really.
    when you used flash of light with low crit you’d just run out of mana too quickly.

    So rather than think about why the Paladins were in this place they created a stupid fix.. there is a great series like this from reason, unintended consequences – great or something and maybe with the word history.. plenty of “lets introduce cats to get rid of rats” cats then kill all the birds.. etc

  25. Jingles mentions the utter arsehole who is inflicting so much pain and suffering on content creators, youtubers and the indie game dev team.
    Me: The fuck kind of person does th-
    Jingles: They’re a Lawyer
    Me: Ah, that explains it.

  26. If the person making false claims is a lawyer, he’s risking being disbarred for unethical conduct. Law regulation bodies take this stuff seriously.

  27. I don’t know what country that lawyer is from who’s harassing Workers and Resources, but that kind of behaviour will get you disbarred in many places. Also, is there any evidence that he really is a lawyer? Sounds like bluster to me.

  28. This dick of lawyer is certainly confused about its gender if it can’t understand it has no rights to the game.

  29. The last part about the NHS is a joke that I had to endure a few years ago. Basically government had said all patients must been seen to within 4hours or they get fined. (problem 1) the fine, NHS is publicly funded, where is the fine going too? and how does fining a publicly underfunded system help. Porblem 2 how does the NHS beat this system? much like the telephone system, within 4hrs they send a someone to come speak to you, and move you to another department, (which counts as being seen, and resets your 4hrs. Your issues as a patient hasn’t been solved, and now the NHS is wasting time monitoring every patients wait time, and having to micro manage queues and changing patients to other departments. Absolutely crazy.

  30. Well not all games are like that, one example is Space Engineers by Keen Software. That game is at least 10 years old and the full version was released on 2019, but they STILL listen to the community and actively help them and the base players. Just recently the game reached more than 500,000 mod, the 4th largest mod community in the world…

  31. I like the Division games. I’ve played both and I do feel the Division 2 is better in terms of how the game plays like the mechanics or quality of life stuff. But in terms of atmosphere, tone, and story, the first one is better in my opinion.

  32. About copyright claims to be honest I hope it will be more and more common occurrence to the point that someone finally will wake up and do something about it ….

  33. Filing false DMCA takedowns is also illegal. That so called lawyer will get punished severely if they take him court, he will loose his license to practice law.

  34. Jingle, the developer can sue that guy and ask for money compensation at least big enough to cover the legal process. The sue can cover up the cost by itself. And in the process, he may lose his lawyer license due to this case. Did I mention he would lose lots of money?

  35. It’s peculiar but FPS gives me migraine. I can rock a mmorpg all day but put me in front of a FPS video or game n within 15-20 mins i end up having this nasty lingering headache….. Was just wondering if it’s a me thing or other PPL have it too

  36. Why can’t the developers have the losing party (the layer) pay the cost for taking this to court, as he looses and by that shows that he’s a liar and a cheat. So he also deserves to pay the costs for this court case.
    If the system is made to protect the liars and cheats we need a new system.

  37. Really seems like YouTubers should start a creators union with union dues going to legal fees to fight these copyright claims.

  38. If they’re going to go bankrupt anyway, might as well take the bastard to court.

  39. Fun fact: I had been playing on the “realistic” rule set the second W&R:SR came to early access. Years before that dick even made the forum post

  40. In Cryptonomicon from neil Stephenson, there is a completly mad story about a dead-born game, like the one you told.

  41. Fake copyright claims are illegal under certain circumstances. As in, the dude might have to pay damages.

  42. Ego is hell of a drug.

  43. 26:20
    Would hamster qualify as qualified personal?
    Then the solution would be quite clear.

    “Sir this is doctor Hamusutaa-sensei.
    He’s from Japan and doesn’t understand us very well, but i can assure you he is more than qualified to examine you.
    It might seem that he is not examining you but he actually is.
    Oh and he still reeks a bit like arse since he just did a colonoscopy, but he is sterile don’t worry…
    He will report to chief doctor in a few minutes and then i will give you your diagnosis”

  44. That phone thing gets even worse: the phone numbers using those systems tend to be very expensive numbers, where the company you’re calling gets payed 50cts to several Euros per minute which you’re paying.
    So now their service desk keeps you in waiting for some voice response system for half an hour, the company makes 20-30 Euro.
    And the longer they keep you waiting, the more money they make. And if you give up and stop bothering them, they still win because now they don’t have to register a support ticket.

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