Mingles with Jingles Episode 468

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This week it's all about the money. More accurately, how much money we're suddenly being expected to pay for the weirdest things.



  1. I switched from crystal litter to regular clumping sort when I noticed that my cat would not use the crystal stuff if there was another option.

  2. It is a pity that you do not show the volume of items sold in the price history charts you pulled out of Amazon. It does look like somebody has figured out how to shorten the market on Amazon.

    Look at the price dip in November for the Petsafe litter box, it seems like there is an artificial shortage of litterboxes pushing the price up after this.
    But what do I know, I am just a cynic old salt miner…

  3. It’s called inflation Jingles lol.

  4. Not really a monthly purchase but car battery prices in the past several years have exploded, pretty much everyone who bought one from where I worked remarked at how expensive they’d gotten

  5. Yes, to summarize, GPU manufacturers have lost their freaking minds.

  6. Recently I bought a RX 6750xt for my pc build. I was eyeing on a 3060 ti or a 3070 at first however I settled for the amd card. The 3060ti was the same, sometimes even more expensive than the 6750xt in my place but the 6700xt/6750xt in general has better performance. The 3070 on the other hand is just way more expensive so no deal on that. Though what pushed me to amd card is the amount of vram it had. If the 3060ti had the same amount of vram as the 3060 then I might have gone with it. Alas it only has 8gb of vram which is quite small imo. With the trend of games using more and more vram, I think I’m quite fine for a few more years.
    Edit: As a side note, current gen motherboards are absurdly priced as well. I’m actually using my gpu on a very old mobo of mine while waiting for mobo prices to go down cause they’re downright terrible.

  7. it’s cheese in Hungary – cheese’s christ!

    the local basic cheese they ironically call Trappist Cheese (irony on both parts : ) – during the las few months its price doubled so they now cost more than some good Dutch cheese – this is the good news part of it : ).

    So I ate so much Gouda, Maasdamer and the like recently that now I can quite credibly pronounce “Scheveningen” so that no Dutch would suppose I’m a nazi spy : )

    • When imported English red cheddar costs the same or less than most locally produced cheese (including Trappist), you know something is wonderful here.
      Same goes for other dairy products. It’s crazy.

  8. they can raise the asking price for catlitter all they want because amazone told em (after they paid for the info) that you bought one of their boxes, and now they KNOW that you NEED their crystals… cuz u cant stick annything else in the box. enjoy being stuck in their mercy.

  9. Its called inflation

  10. yes jingles we got 2 pet feeder bowls as one of our cats its a chunky monkey

  11. @The Mighty Jingles
    at this point you might as well go buy a car and fill it with sand for the cat’s, kuz as outrageous as that sounds it’s almost getting to the point where doing this is cheaper

  12. Old Man Complains About Prices, Shoos Youths Away From Rose Bushes.

  13. I’ve noticed over here in the great white north that beverage containers made from aluminum are extremely rare starting about a year ago.

  14. When are we getting more board games with Eddie and Rita?

  15. Graphics card , the ones crypto miners hog and I mean pre-buy buy the Pallett, graphics cards, who due to the side market being so drastic in it product buy, end up jacking the price up by 100% . Those Graphics cards, make a note the rest of the computer relatively hasn’t changed that much yet , but stand by thats about to change too.

  16. Had the UK not been dealing with the inflation the rest of the world has? The price of bread has more than doubled, eggs are way up as is act kind of meat.

    Much of it feels like companies raising prices just because they can. Which is fine, that’s what the supply-demand curve says they should do. But your economic models also say that when there is a large profit to be had it invites competitors to enter the market and drive prices back down, we aren’t seeing that competition happen.

  17. Indeed, the place has always been going to the dogs, to every generation of oldies, and we hope that you do get to the same advanced age, and then you will say, and this is as sure as apples is apples – the place has REALLY gone to the dogs now…who knows what new ‘stuff’ you will be railing against, but maybe you will remember this convo. 🙂

  18. Well Jingles, looks like we finally got our own “interesting times”.

  19. Jingles, In this mornings news, microchip smart pet feeders have nearly doubled in price due to inflation.

    More important PC gaming news on the next Mingles………

  20. Does the Royal Navy do gluten free water?

  21. Jingles, you may have considered this already, but have you thought about switching your cats to the raw food diet? Given the price of tinned cat food and how fussy some cats are about which flavors they like, a raw food diet might actually help any health related issues. There are various videos about how to make raw food and store it frozen or a week’s supply in your fridge. The main advantage is that with raw food, the cats usually eat it all in one sitting and you can vary the times when you feed them to ensure that only one cat gets the food at any time.

    The electronic feeders are convenient for people who have active lives, but the cats tend not to eat it all and leave it, then come back to it later. There are dry food dispensors, but dry food is not the natural feed of carnivores and it can cause cats kidney problems. Raw food actually improves their fur and it can reduce intenstinal problems too. Every now and then you can also feed them some whole meat as a treat, so they take their time to chew on it. The only problem with this is that if you have house cats, they tend to take it with them to wherever they like to hide and eat it there which can cause hygeine problems if they don’t eat it all.

    If you feed them raw, then you don’t have to use expensive feeders as they will gobble it down in one sitting and you simply vary the amount that they get if they are chonkers. The net result is happier cats, less vet bills and empty bowls at feeding time. The only drawback as I see it is having to prepare a week or month’s worth of food using mince, liver, kidneys, chicken, bones and various vitamins to make about a fridge shelf’s worth of cat food. You might need a good food preparation mincer as it will test it’s strength chopping the chicken heads and bones down to a paste, but the end results is sachets of raw cat food that is gobbled down in one sitting. I guess the only drawback is that someone has to be there to open the sachets for the cats as a food hog might want to take both servings if they are fed by an automatic feeder and as you pointed out – the chip reader feeders are expensive.

    I wonder if the price has soared due to comrade Putin using them as missile components?!

  22. 1) Jingles spends a lot of money on pussy and pussy related paraphernalia.

    2) Jingles has done an inordinate amount of research in how much OTHER people spend on their pussy and pussy related paraphernalia.

    3) Somehow, having a British accent got myself and 700+ others to LISTEN to Jingles discuss how much he and others spend on pussy and pussy related paraphernalia.

    Damn fine job, Jingles. Carry on and never change, hahaha

  23. Ok, let’s see how much the audio balance is going to be fucked up this time.

  24. Thought I might add a thought to your mix….not only is it the outrageous price hikes of the items we have been accustomed to purchasing on a regular basis,there seems to be a regular problem with availability. There are so many food items that just no longer seem to be in any manufacturing facilities or making it to my small corner of the shipping hub. Another note is….. my doctor requested that I get a blood draw before a recent procedure and because of a recent shortage of nursing staff here in the states,instead of walking 2 blocks to the nearest clinic I had to travel 35 round trip miles to the hospital lab for 15 minutes worth of vampirism….fun,fun…….I must agree that our society is on a rapid decline,perhaps leading to a period in which we shall all be greeting one another with a “welcome to the fuckin dark ages”…..have a lovely day of hunting.

  25. Capitalism isnt working anymore.

  26. The simple solution to price hiking is for us to not buy them. But people are crap.

  27. I am getting a “Don’t step on my lawn!!!” feeling…enjoying Brexit and raised prices eh? You ARE aware that the whole world are seeing raised prices and delivery problems for the last 2-3 years yeah? Welcome to the bright new world…

  28. tl;dr
    prices are shit

    but yeah, I noticed the same “random” price spikes. For example, I purchased a stainless steel towel rack a few years ago for around 60 EUR. Was thinking about getting another one for my parents. And now you can buy it for a low-low price of 160 EUR. That’s a 100 more.

  29. Hey Jingles I have a pair of replays for wows I would like to send in, how would I go about that?

  30. “You will own nothing” World Economic Forum

  31. Moral of the story: stick to dogs :))

  32. damn , having pets is expensive nowadays

  33. just wait for the vaccinations of your cats. Vet cost are through the roof in the Netherlands.

  34. Honestly a little shocked that you don’t really care about Company of Heroes 3. 🙁

  35. Inflation is a real bitch isnt it sir. God bless you and keep up the great work Jingles. 07 and <3

  36. XWing from floppy.. Great days

  37. ALL pet supply prices have gone up by at least 50% in every possible source of them. Food, Litter, bowls, litter boxes. yep all double prices now here in the US. At least we don’t have to pay VAT on top of it.

  38. You’ve currently discovering the benefits of Brexit. Hope your cats enjoy their fweedom and sovwinty!

  39. And just think, Its probably the same scalpers doing this across the board

  40. She’s not fat, just physically challenged. “Something like a self-inflicted wound.”

  41. 140 !! It’s quite a racket.I would carve one out of wood instead!

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