Mingles with Jingles Episode 469 – Salt Mine Discord March Q+A

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It's once again that time of the month where you all corner me in the town hall and lock the doors until I answer your questions.


  1. FULL AGREEMENT!!!!! Go Yamato!

  2. Michael Bourgeault

    far cry 6 – where the optics for the weapons belong on the bolt carrier sliding back and forth

  3. When is jingles doing a deadspace play through? ;p

  4. AnionL - Usual Room Escape Helper

    Episode 4-Nice.

  5. “…Weapons the Army didn’t want anymore […] Sterlings and SLR’s because the army had the SA-80…”

    Trust me Jingles, if you had been issued weapons the Army didn’t want, you guys would have had SA-80’s and the Army would have had the SLR’s 😀

  6. Call him bob to protect him and then goes on naming him….oh Jingles

  7. Leiji Matsumoto created so many wondrous stories, vale. And “real fans” would turn up on Sunday, but ED and theater might complain if i did. 🙂

  8. I’m sick of the bad food meme, its always been a dead meme

  9. “I shouldn’t say his name, I shouldn’t say his name, I shouldn’t say his name…”

    Says his name.

  10. 469 nice

  11. Personally for KSP2, its a nostalgia trip back to 2013 when KSP1 was in its infancy. The bugs were funny, it really taught you “don’t be too serious” but also it taught you to work within limitations, rather than to build a 5 staged rocket with asparagus booster. The visuals and the music are great, and it is only going to get better from here.

  12. They reused 3D models from other sources that had them wrong since day one Half Life….

  13. Jingles, for some reason i clearly remember you doing a video on chimera squads first mission.

  14. you really start to look like Walles and Gromit

  15. If you like cheese and beer, hop to Belgium and have a go at all the abbey cheeses and beers we got.

  16. Lets be fair here, if Jingles were to ever play KSP or KSP2, it would be a massacre seeing how many Jingles Landings would be involved.

  17. In America we’d like to call those 30hate instrad of its caliber 308

  18. Bob???? Ik thought the biggest loser was called Dave!!

  19. keeping morales high on a monday with MwG~

  20. Germans didn’t starve during WW2? Yeah, you should have told that to my grandparents. They might have a few choice words about that. Literally everybody in Germany was starving from 43/44 onwards – except those important to the Nazi government.

  21. Beef Vesta’s , Beef Risotto, Paella And the currys, wow they were a feature in my childhood (70’s kid) , what a flash back you just gave. Dry “meat” when yer mum had not soaked the sauce part long enough , the joys .

  22. 52:06 is our evil gnome overlord secretly a daedric prince of madness? 😉

  23. Morning Mighty Jangles

  24. I owned the original Chaos Gate and i loved it. So i did hear about the remake before you mentioned it.

  25. Another week to start, thanks for making it easier!

  26. you’re right, Overlord, chili is hard to beat! thank you to our North American brethren down in Mexico

  27. Jingles! You just gave away our cherished Dutch secret plot! What’s next, you’ll exclaim our women are the best and we only send the ugly ones abroad? I mean, that’s true, but we like to keep the nice ones to ourselves! We do not go around telling British cuisine is among the best in the world either, now do we? I guess we’ll just have to grant you a genuine Dutch passport in order to silence you now.
    By the way, your recipe for shepherd’s pie is amazing; made a few times and my mouth is watering again just thinking of it.

  28. I’m playing Cold Waters right now! And it desperately needs a content update.

  29. Jingles , did you ever watch Cowboy Bebop ? i absolutely loved it . and Harlock was awesome. still need to watch fist of the north star someday

    Also on the FF14 anxiety note – i never encountered bad mannered people like you encounter in WoW

  30. Heaven: where the british tell the jokes, the german organise and the italian cook.
    Hell: where the german tell the jokes, the italian organise and the british cook.

    P.s: Jaime Oliver is awsome. !!

  31. Long time sub…….. born, bred, fed will be dead Texan. Chili is where it’s at. Hope I get to cross your shores one day. Give my love to the girls.

  32. Henry Cavill would make a very good additive to the WH40k universe. And after how they wasted his character in the Witcher he SHOULD look for an opening there. Call it…”The Psyker”. And continue to make it “The Witcher” with power armor.

    And yeah, Dutch cheese is god tier. Gouda…is a city MADE FROM CHEESE. It’s Emmentaler Mecca

  33. Your story reminded me of my time in the German army as an armoured infantryman. Because we were the “heavy” company (mortar “tanks”) we still had the G3 instead of the G36.
    Was pretty fun to shoot but what cracked me up was our guard duty training. On guard duty at the gate you would usally get a pistol so we had to train with the Walther P1. During the final “test” we had to call out a target dummy in the correct way and then shoot at it. Just shoot at it, not hit which not many did anyway.

    Unfortunately VR doesn’t really work for me because my eyes have different strength.

    Have you considered trying Guild Wars 2? The game tries to get you into the dungeons during the story but it also gives you NPCs so you can go solo and they are optional except the very last one but again you can do it solo.

  34. Uchuu Senkan YA-MA-TOOO! ^^

  35. Oh, almost said his name there – close one – proceeded to say his name 1 minute after anyway. Way on following a train of thought there Jingles.

  36. 13:00 Uh, Jingles, Steam Greenlight is dead. Too many scammers and shit clogging up the system with asset flips and bought votes.

  37. I’m no expert on cat separation anxiety but from what i heard, ic you can’t be at home that often, getting a second cat as a companion to the first one can help a lot.

  38. here it is again… pls. someone (Old Man) explain WHY on earth are shore installation in Royal Navy being referred as H.M.S. something or other… does not H.M.S. stand for His/Hers Majesty’s Ship? keyword here being the SHIP?!

    • It’s a bit like U.S. Army installations being called ‘forts’ even though you won’t find many if any actual fortifications at any of them. In other words, it’s a holdover from the days when an actual ship was set aside for training and rarely left the dock. Eventually said ships acquired buildings on shore to supplement them, then the buildings became the important part, and finally the ships disappeared, but the tradition of calling the training facility ‘HMS Whatever’ continued.

  39. That cat, having seperation anxiety…. was that one alone? I am not a cat owner, at all, but I speak for the detail I seem to have caught on to. If the cat, owned by the one asking the question, was alone, then maybe another cat, would be an idea to give it company. Of course it will require a few weeks, or no matter how long the time, of slowly introduction, the first part of the time. But with most animals, it’s rarely recommended to have just one animal as a pet. It often goes better with two at least. Maybe not female dogs, but then otherwise. (My only experience with two female dogs, (I know the term, but it has also been used negatively in other cases, and very frequently) was that if they weren’t in each their room, they would fight all the time. Other dog-owners out there, might have different experience with female dogs, than what I have)

    Jingles, in case it gets quiet on the game-news front for the games you are interested in anyway, and it should happen that you have forgotten what you were about to talk about in an episode of “Mingles….” might I bring the suggestion, that you then “read up of your own book”, as it was once expressed; tell stories from your time in the navy. I could listen to it for hours…! And I am sure that I am not alone, with that feeling.

    I got reminded early on, with games where they have tried to make it good or bad, so hardly, that it ended up becoming the opposite, of a story from my time in a bordingschool I once went to. I don’t mind tell you the story, but not comfortable letting it out where others can read it as well.

    Some of the process, bits of it, is shown in the series (“kitten diaries”), unless it has been taken down. There is videos from Akizuki gets picked up, at the place where she has started her life, and is with her mother and siblings, through all the small things, like the playing moments, her getting her first bath, and the introduction to Kristaline first, (I think. Not sure if there also is video material of Akizuki getting introduced to Chussi, but I know there is of the meeting with Kristaline, and Boo. Good old iconic boy)
    “High school jock”? And a “nerd” at the same time? Those are typically the two opposite ends of the scale when talking high school types of boys right?

    You love cheese you say, huh? From my father’s side of the family, (speak correct English Mary) we have this tradition, of a sort. Some times, as a desert, we can be eating pears and Ementaler. Not the shredded kind, but the solid. Where you can cut cheese-staves out of the “lump”, I dare call it. I have to admit, I don’t like the Ementaler in that form. It’s too dry to my liking. But on pizzas, and other dishes where it belongs in shredded form, it’s fine.
    What can you do, when you have been banned from the discord? I can’t guarantee that the same won’t happen again. I don’t mean any harm by it, but I do get eager at times. I find it better for all to stay off, once banned, and then just listen in. ….. eventhough it will mean that I never will get a chance to get a question or two answered every now and then

  40. I would love to have War Thunder grinded out,
    the grind is what prevents me from playing that game

  41. Dutch cheese best cheese;)

  42. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    nice story time break a leg

  43. You should try Belgian cheese.

  44. I am from Flanders and we call the Dutch “kaaskoppen (cheeseheads)” for good reasons.

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