Mingles with Jingles Episode 471

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  1. I refuse to replay Borderland 3, the god damn story make me wanted to make myself blind and deaf

    How the hell did they manage to butcher it so bad
    Borderland 2 is so much better

    No matter how good the gameplay is, the story is really important

  2. While the death of a pet is a terrible thing, it wasn’t what I expected you to talk about when you mentioned you’d heard bad news on the Sunday vid. I thought you were referring to the death of Lance Reddick.

    Our thoughts are with Rita.

  3. Best wishes old man, and I’m so sorry to hear of yall’s loss. You and Rita take care of yourselves this week.

  4. diablo 2 they had scroll tomes there that took only 2 slots and you can stack 20 scrolls in a tome
    i also think diablo 2 was the best diablo , except diablo 1 beelzebub mod
    also , how much microtransactions will diablo 4 have ?
    Rip Crystal, you have my condolences
    Tiny Tinas Assault on Dragons Keep is hands down the best Borderlands 2 DLC
    And star citizen still not dead yet ?

  5. Looks like PoE

  6. I feel sorry for Rita’s loss.
    I never had my own pet but when I was a kid there was a very friendly cat that would play with every kids around my block.
    She would even occasionally sleep on my balcony since it was almost at ground level.
    When she passed away it was the first I would cry because of true sadness and not because my parents would not let me play outside or other dumb reasons like that.

  7. Well when it comes to Star Citizen and Patch 3.18, my own biggest issue was that the ASOP terminals (For your Ships) Either didn’t work or were stuck in screens you couldn’t get them out of.. Aside from that, Items either couldn’t be purchased, or they didn’t show up in your inventory.. Even after it had taken your money for the purchase! I know I’m lucky that I didn’t have to experience too many failed login attempts although some where there.. But yes, every terminal including those that stores and pulls your ships, have been utterly and absolutely busted since patch day

  8. A small correction: tomes were also D2, not D3. D3 did away with tomes and scrolls and this is carried over into D4.
    Agree about Blizzard server issues; hopefully things will change if Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard, MS have been developing and running server tech for decades.

  9. You called me hipster so I’ll call you old senile. If you are too old and senile to remember the difference between Diablo 1 2 and 3 then don’t go around calling people things and commenting on Diablo.
    I like your channel and your videos. But the biggest problem not only you have but the vast majority of Youtubers have is that you paint your opinion as fact and then you refuse to have any form of open debate with someone who thinks differently. Obviously you have every right in the world to have your own opinion especially on your own channel. But considering how naive and easily influenced people are in today’s society, you should try to have a more neutral attitude or at least have a Mingles whit Jingles once a month where you can have an open debate.
    Just because you think a change is good doesn’t mean everyone who doesn’t like it is a “hipster”.
    I don’t like 40K but just because of that I don’t go around calling you a loser.

  10. My queue said 82 minutes and was accurate.

  11. My heart goes out to you both.

  12. Star Citizen’s PES is working, as it is difficult to get out of a port without colliding with a wreck, yes I can get in, usually on 2 or 3 attempts (but often enough for the first attempt), I even managed to get several hours in with no 30ks, and only 2 CTDs. Admittedly I spent part of that time rescuing other players from my home city as the ship terminals weren’t working and nobody could call their ship, loading people into the back of a cargo ship because of how borked everything is, and getting them somewhere that things worked.
    I did manage to get in on the day of the patch, last Friday, after several attempts, the last one putting me in a queue of over 10,000 people, with a wait time of a week short of a year, only took a hour o get in. I think the biggest issue (compounded by them patching on a Friday) was the massive surge in people trying to get in to play this hyped up patch, considering even their forums went down due to the number of people trying to load the page

    Also, to Rita mainly, but to you as well, I send my condolences

  13. Please know this, you have both given Kristalin the best life any cat could have wished for. Bless you both..

  14. Damn that’s bad news, condolences to Rita and you for the loss. Take care.

  15. Condolences to Rita and yourself for the loss. Losing a pet is horrible, losing a pet who has become a trusted friend and companion over many years that you come to depend on can’t truly be put into words.

  16. Condolences to you and Rita.

    Obligatory “Akchually, Jingles”: the tomes for town portal and identify were D2; D3 you had the town portal ability after completing one of the first parts of Act I (if memory serves).

    Wait, people are still supporting Bloat Citizen?

  17. If you are reading this Rita, Though your heart is shattered hers was not. You gave her the life she never though possible, one filled with love and affection. She wouldn’t want to see you suffer at her loss but remember her for the love I’m sure she gave to you in return for your kindness and devotion. She knew what you did for her and despite the massive hole her passing has left in your life take comfort in knowing she’s resting now and will be waiting for you.

  18. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    Since my mom decided she’d try and see if she could sprout wings mid flight, back in 2005, I’ve had my own and only companion furball, called Lady, a golden retriever.

    Sadly, our 4 legged friends have a very limited time on this Earth and I lost her back in 2016. I can relate to what Rita is going through and I can tell you: it doesn’t get better, it gets different when you find another furball to care for.

  19. poor cat. always super hard to lost an animal. just think about it. it does make me sad

  20. My condolancing greetings to Rita. Kristaline was a cat with character

    Thank you, Kristaline for your time. May your memory last forever
    “I hjertet gemt, men aldrig glemt”
    (In the heart saved, but never forgotten)

    How old was Boo, when he passed?

  21. Cats are obligat carnivores! Do not feed your cat commercial cat food, you shouldn’t feed any pet commercial pet food

  22. It cost me A300 to put down a old feral tom cat (my girls boy friend). The Vets did some tests, found his kidneys were shot so i had him put down. His fur was so dense, from living on the streets all his life. At the time I thought $300 was tough but it could have been alot worse.

    Sympathies to Rita.

  23. You want things to change, you know what to do! Boycott their products for a few months. I bet the shareholders will fix things for you!

  24. I am sorry for your loss and for Rita. She had two of the best cat-owners around in her life. Keep the memory strong and she will live forever.

  25. My condolences to Rita for losing a four legged family member.

  26. Elon Musk fanboys cannot hold a single candle to Chris Roberts’ paypigs.

  27. Ahhh Star Citizen … Not only the longest running Alpha / Beta in the World but also the longest in the ” Persistent Universe ” …………….

  28. Deepest sympathies to Rita and yourself , as a life long pet owner I feel your pain .

  29. So sorry about Kristalin, (please forgive me if I misspelled her name). Our cat Trinket used to sit on my desk and paw at the monitor while I played my mage in Warcraft. She was 14 when she died a few weeks ago, and had been part of our lives since she was just a beautiful little ball of fur. The saddest part of pet parenting is what you have to suffer at the end, and yet, we can’t imagine how much emptier life would have been without them. They are truly a gift. It seems hard to accept, but eventually, you both will start to recall the many happy times with Kristalin. The sad parts will eventually fade away. Love to you both.

  30. If i aint gettin paid i aint workin!

  31. Very sorry for Rita’s loss and yours. We’ve lost 2 cats in the last 3 years and each time I felt like I’d been hit by a truck and the truck kept hitting for weeks. The thing that helps is, to think about the good moments and remember that you have given her a very good life, full of safety, comfort and love. RIP Kristalin.

  32. Oh i know how its to loss a pet. I had two Yorkies. Loved those dogs so much. Older one was 15 years old when we put her to sleep, and we did it because she was in such bad condition that our vetenarian said its better to euthanize her then leting her suffer. She was blind, deff, she could only find us by scent, and when she lost that she just sit and start crying until we came. Her heart was in bad condition that she died just after first shot she received from vetenarian. Peacefully. Her daughter died at age 8, she had high sugar and i believe pancreas cancer. And that was four months before we euthanize her mother, because after loss of her daughter, the old girl was done for. Wrecked. I had that dog from when i was kid ( i think it was 12 years when i got her). I grow with her and she was everything to me, i loved her daughter yes but the old girl, i was never the same. It is nine year since she passed (both of them passed in 2014) I never got new dog, i do like Yorkie, Corgies, Beagles, but i never got any. My family simply cant and do not want to, we all loved those two so much that no dog can replace them. TO me, it was such hit that i didnt recover even today from it. Sure i could buy a new dog but then i think to myself what if in 10-12-15 years (and that would happen i liked it or not) this dog dies, i think that would actually end me. I love dogs (and even cats) more then i love people, people will hurt you, but dogs and cats wont, despite i think about getting a dog, i cannot force myself to acutally get it, nor members of my family would allow it in our home.

  33. Sorry to hear that Rita. I’ve lost lots of cats myself and loved them all. I am extreamly broke, everything I own is worth less that a grand. If i wasnt banned from you twitch account, I would donate some of what little money I have. I was banned for a harnless joke that bombed btw. They cant all winners

  34. I’m curious when was last time Jingles played Diablo 3, I haven’t seen town portal scroll or identification scroll in it for decade at least

  35. Sending love and support for you and Rita following the loss of Kristallin. I can understand the sentiments; the family black lab, Sarah, passed in 2017 while I was at college. The pain doesn’t go away, but it dulls a little. In more fresh news, my stepdad passed away on Saturday.

    Take care, overlord sir.

  36. I remember some battlefield devs being interviewed years and years ago (bf3/4 era) on a podcast and they said they don’t even bother putting the extra servers up for launch day, considering it a futile effort, so I’m not surprised that blizzard’s said “Screw You, Got Ya Money” and done the same

    also youtube now has a ‘are you sure about that post’ checker so that’s nice, I guess

  37. I started feeding a big male , now there are 10 !!!. Help.!!

  38. I understand that last week was overwhelming for both you and Rita. I guess you missed the news the Lance Reddick (aka Sylens) passed away on Friday at age 60 from a heart attack. It was a bad week

  39. Blizard does know and it is calculated marketing strategy. It makes you feel as if the game is more popular. Also the reason why there is patches already pre planned for the next 3 or 4 years. To give the illusion of developpers stil working on the game and giving the customer a warm fussy feeling of being cared for. In reality its for keeping the community active and playing the game. Its the art of giving an illusion of having more content when in reality there is little to no new content. Blizard is not stupid and not the only company that has mastered the art of milking the customer for all they are worth.

  40. Hi Jingles. Sorry to hear about Rita’s cat. You are right in saying that it never gets easier. We lost our previous cat to kidney failure at the age of 18. Our current cat is now in her 18th year and has been struggling with her joints for the last few months. She is on medication to make her life more comfortable. We are now preparing for the inevitable and are doing our best to give her a happy life. Every morning is a blessing when we find that she is still with us.

  41. I’ve lost friends, animals, and family the hardest lose I had to deal with is watching my mom die unexpectedly the pain never goes away you just learn to deal with it. Kristalin ( RIP) is in a better place pain free

  42. Jesus von Nazaret

    are you still wearing the same shirts as last week?

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