Mingles with Jingles Episode 472

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Another week, another episode of me shouting at clouds.



  1. Every once in a while I pay attention to the gameplay shown in the video, and every time aircraft are involved (in other words, every single time), I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for selling off my WG account last year.

  2. Hiya Jingles what is your take on the hack of Linus Media Groups YouTube channels (Linus tech tips and so on) last week. As you also use floatplane have they shared any info with you. Do you have plans to deal with a similar hack if something like that hit your YouTube channels. Hopefully you never need it but there seems to be a growing number of hacks and scams on YouTube

  3. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions with the retraining part. I’m fairly sure after the patch all crews skills would be reset. The 12 reset orders they’re talking about are either for the test server, either 12 extra retraining orders that you get on top of all skills being reset. So lets take a chill pill on that, and wait to see what’s happening after the patch.

  4. Jingles, you mentioned your energy bill being increased by ludicrous amounts in another video. I’ve just been made aware many are suffering this and it’s apparently a BS money grab from energy companies and you need to contest it escalate and a threat ofgem maybe required.

  5. Dear War Gaming, bye bye I’m off.

  6. There has never been a better time to STOP playing WOT.
    There’s a real life out there (somewhere) for all of us.

  7. Yeah That crew retrain is going to be a debacle.

  8. Last I checked the Japanese TDs are fairly historical, the Ho-Ri was a real project that is based on the Chi-Ri – which actually had a prototype. Even if they’re not 100% to blueprint, at least WG didn’t make these up.

  9. JINGLES I play both WoWs and WoT and YES WOT (like WoWs) does keep putting in made up BS Tanks and some of them are made up tanks based on made up Tanks, BUT WoT STILL REFUSE TO ADD REAL SPGs and Premium SPGs (there are only 2 in the game both at low tiers, 1 at tier 3 UK and the other at tier 5 FR but actually a GR arty on a FR tank hull), ALL BECAUSE OF HIGH END PLAYERS OR STREAMERS WHO REALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY WITH ARTILLERY IN THE GAME CRIED SO LOUD SO MUCH. They now have it so they know when we arty players fire at them so they can move.

  10. I just started playing tanks again a few days ago.. I have most tanks and I have at least 1 crew for every tank…. fuck it, I’m done again

  11. I miss the T57 SPG

  12. Wargaming being bastards. In other news water is wet. Glad I stopped playing WoT 10 years ago and WoWs 7 years ago.

  13. Game companies for you these days…. **shakes her head** I do have experiences on my own, with WG currently. In short, the issue is getting looked into for the time being. But it is seriously a joke!
    I have about 370 tanks, in my garage. And I haven’t even chosen the extra skill, from when WG gave every player the BiA skill for free, and extra commander skill yet. (Or was it the sixth sense every commander got recently?)
    Not much in it all for me to keep going really. And what about those who struggle with standard payments…? where every penny counts for them? They are now to pay to get the same advantage as everyone else….. well, when the next patch goes live

  14. I appreciate the lowdown on WOT. I must admit I miss your episodes on WOT. Yours were the first that got me interested in the game. I particularly enjoyed your willingness to deal with certain tanks and games with humor. The TOG games in particular. I loved your TOG-fests. I have a TOG that I keep to this day, even though WG has made it useless. It was just too much damn fun!

  15. Played the open beta only on Saturday and Sunday. One minute queue, no forced deco, some lag in towns.

  16. Thanks for the info on the new wot patch Jingles
    Have a good week everybody

  17. Bit conflicted about diablo 4… Haven’t played any of the series since the first one (yes, that long ago!) And whilst the new one looks good I really don’t want to go near Blizzard if I don’t have to – for much the same reason that I won’t go near wargaming either…

  18. For Diablo IV I only had to wait 30 min Friday and like 5 min Saturday

  19. Funny enough I had no problems logging into Diablo IV at all, seconds of waiting time accumulating to maybe 10min across the entire weekend? Had some rubber banding issues but that was it. I was able to level one character to level 25 and complete the storyline, then leveled another character to level 8.

  20. Hearing all this, i’m happy that i left WoT about 6 years (or more) ago.
    A overcompetitive game, with BS mechanics, BS vehicles, and a scummy dev team.

  21. I downloaded the Closed beta and got in virtually straight away , this is the first time I’ve ever tried a Diablo game and after an hour I logged out and uninstalled it . I play WoW and am currently loving the Hardcore experience in Classic WoW but the mouse driven movement system in Diablo is absolutely horrendous , I hate it with a vengeance and unless they implement a keyboard movement / mouse click action system I will never play Diablo again ……..

  22. Older? Yes, Wiser? That’s Classified. If I tell you I have to kill you. But, I really want to tell you, so, ask me again. (Cha-chick)

  23. i had fun with diablo 4 this weekend. But as a player that gets the diablo ich every 2 years or so, I failed to notice why I should play it instead of D3. Thanks for the vid.

  24. Just wondering how much the player base of wot will shrink when free to play brigade get rofl stomped by the whale brigadeXD

    • subtlewhatssubtle

      On NA, after the arty/HE nerfs, they lost 20% of active users. I expect at least another 20% of active users to leave after this fiasco.

  25. You can of course opt to not play WG’s game, and to ignore the crew changes just as you ignored the equipment changes and the Field Mods. But just imagine how much fun rolling out in your Cromwell and facing Tier 8 premiums, with full Bond/Bounty equipment, maxed crew skills and field mods, will be. I knew that the Russians don’t like a level playing field, but this is ridiculous!

  26. DoomsDayPaladin51

    I was able to play Diablo 4 on Xbox series X and I absolutely love it. Though there’s some things I wish Blizzard could change like assigning a certain button to swap your weapons instead of opening up a menu and opening up two different side menus to do so.

  27. yup ol putin is making money hand over fist.

  28. Armando Rodrigues

    actually Jingles the Ho-Ri’s were extensively developed by Japanese engineers in parallel with the Chi-Ri medium tank, those are not based on the Japanese heavy tanks but on the Chi-Ri
    the Tier 5 existed and the Tiers 6 and 7 were also designed but not built, in fact there were 2 proposed variations for the Tier 7
    however wargaming did modify them quite a bit to fit world of tanks meta, and the Tier 8 premium seems to be a mashup of the plan for a smaller series production Chi-Ri with the early design for the Ho-Ri with the 20 or 25mm AA gun over the engine deck

  29. World of Tanks is best describes by this WOPR quote from Wargames:
    “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

    The best feeling WoT gave me in years was when I stopped playing.

  30. Republic of Texas

    The reason the patch has so many things in it is they are hoping players are so stupid they won’t notice all the terrible things hidden amongst all the new shiny things.

    I’ve been a WOT player for a very long time and spent a ton of money on the game. If these changes go through, that’s finally going to end it for me. The amount of sheer greed and stupidity here is now off the charts.

  31. Just asking for the old guys from WOT, is there are a way to get back into WOT and is there a point to do so? I think in my account are around 10 premium tanks or so, some T10 many T8 and T9…. but I dont wanna be just the fodder for the others…
    Ok, Wargaming is still the same and I was right not to pick it up again.

  32. ToughAncientSpark

    @5:30 With Wargambling, there’s always a catch!

  33. i half expect that on 4/1 wargaming is going to say APRIL FOOLS – we are not making all these ridiculous changes. if not i will finally uninstall.

  34. I stopped playing wot when overpowered T8 premiums were introduced, like the Patriot and wot became lootbox simulator with tanks like the IS-3A. It was all downhill from there.

  35. The joys of being an hour in queue by the English?

  36. ty salt mine evil overlord

  37. Check out QBs vidjeo on the update.

  38. Slavgaard's Manga

    my longest wait to get on to D4..was..4 min… but that was 1pm on a Saturday

  39. If it’s “made up shit that never existed” based on “made up shit that never existed” does that make it a double negative and therefore “shit that actually existed”?
    Logic and reality somehow sometimes disagree.
    How do you dare to expect a small indie developer like Blizzard-Activision to do a decent login process?

  40. Why does Jingles interpret buying tank slots with credits as WG not cashing in? Most of the players are hemorrhaging credits in most of the matches, so buying something more with credits instead of gold will just lead to more players buying credits with gold

  41. Your sleeping difficulties are due to, too many Middle, First and Morning watches.

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