Mingles with Jingles Episode 473 – Salt Mine Discord Q+A April

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I almost forgot about this, but I'm crap so that's be expected. Grumpasalty, the Salt Mine admin also almost forgot about this, that's also ok because it means if it had done horribly wrong I have someone to blame!


  1. Mike went full retard. Mike went so much into full retard that there is no longer way out for him. RIP iEarl Gray. You were funny guy.

  2. The reason Jingles went cold on WT was because WT had items on sale for more than the non-sale price a month earlier, and people were being banned for pointing it out.

    How pathetic I must be to remember more about another person’s life than the person themselves!
    At least my memory still works.
    Jingles on the other hand…

  3. stalkingtiger777

    You didn’t send any of your noobs up to collect the exhaust fumes in a trash bag for its annual analysis?

  4. That story of you pulling the flag down had me in stitches for a good 10 minutes and I’m still chuckling to myself now. Best thing I’ve heard all week!

  5. I asked ChatGPT about Jingles. That was … interesting …

  6. if you enjoy the dresden chronicles have a look at the rivers of london series, a young freshly qualified pc ends up apprenticed to the last qualified licensed wizard in britain, dci thomas nightingale

  7. Thanks for these features running in the background, Jingles. It may not say much to some, it did get me to re-consider the optimal places to level some of my characters. Where a Death Knight starts at level 55-58 (58 when reaching the main capitals of the fractions you have chosen as a player), the first 50+ levels can be quite a climb. And even though I have started playing since (ok bit later, but still) same expansion as you have, Wrath of the Litch King, I still have to get the places de-dusted

    Lol it sounds like you’re true to the phrase you some times tend to say; “if you can’t take a joke, don’t pull ones off me” Is that your motto?

    Since I can’t join these Q&A sessions, for obvious reasons, I have one for you here in stead; do you have a glass of water nearby when you do record for these sessions? Sounds like your voice could use a slight rinse from time to time

  8. If you want a anime with zero fan service I would suggest “Saga of Tanya the Evil”

    • There is Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov so I wouldn’t call it zero but still a very good anime to recommend.

  9. Animes overlord. 🙂 🙂

  10. All these gags the Navy does are now abuse, & if you were subjected to them you were available for compensation – Tom Ex RAN

  11. so jingles with the lack of research and me being DUTCH 2 days ago he was released due to a false arrest, the damage on the helicopter was caused by a real firearm, one a airgun cannot inflict, ongoing investigation is happening.

  12. Jingles nailed it about the fan service of anime. I can’t tell you all how many I thought I’d like or did like and completely ruined by sexualizing characters.

  13. Legends of Galactic heros is one of the greatest anime ever made

  14. jonathan kirkland

    Jingles bring me 20Ft of water line 😀 lol and if you have not heard of that go back to the Navy…. Use that on Rita PLEASE 😀 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  15. Re your pranks? How about ship wide crazes? Dad ex FAA tells the story of how on one of the aircraft carries everybody…… crew, officers captain chaplain et al had “spud “guns and had a score sheet, as you can imagine ….matelots and then doing James bond through the ship, got out of hand ( as you can imagine), the official memos and orders were something to behold?

  16. IEarlgreay Has a YT channel. why dont you watch some of His content before moaning.

  17. Jingles try One Punch Man, as animes go its 5*, very minimal sexualisation, very funny and just a genuinely good time.

    Brief synopsis – in a fictitious world plagued by monsters (often very cliche and amusing monsters) an unemployed very simple nobody decides to stand up for humanity and fight back, hes so simple that dispite training “incredibly hard” and becoming an immensely powerful hero he remains blissfully unawares that there is infact an entire association of heroes fighting the monsters on an industrial scale. Story is about him fighting monsters and his interactions with the hero association and other heroes. Very tongue in cheek comedy attached to a story that manages to be surprisingly compelling without taking itself too seriously.

    • There are characters like Tatsumaki and some of the villains but it’s mostly harmless. It’s pretty fun overall.

  18. One bonus (for you) for WoWs Legends: no CVs.

    I have many similar prank stories from my time in the service. My favorite has to be from when I was on temporary assignment to the tool crib for the F-4 squadron I was assigned to. In addition to tools, “bench stock” was kept in the area. This was predominantly hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc al), but also included a variety of low cost high consumption parts. This one morning, a newly arrived female WCS (weapon control system, or radar) came in. Her trainer had her come in to see if we had any Fallopian tubing on bench stock. (I am guessing she was absent from health class the day that was taught.)

  19. As far as anime suggestions I’m right there with you Jingles. I loved GuP, and one of my daughters absolutely adores it. Tried strike witches and after the first 30 seconds went NOPE!!!!

    If you like space operas one that I might suggest would be Space Battleship Yamato 2199. its a remake of a anime that got ported into the USA (and possible the UK? not sure) in the late 70s/early 80s under the name ‘StarBlazers.’ I think you might like it and its Sequal 2202

  20. Steve's Workbench

    Morning jingles I recommend you watch Yamato2199 the animation or the live action. Why because battleships in space with lazers that’s why lol

  21. Aye, morning sir.

  22. Jim Butcher

  23. Hello oh Mighty Midget Mayhem Maker!..Console WoWarships note: You always say the Scharnhorst has Terrible accuracy!, In console mode it has the original triple 11 inch guns and they are Incredibly accurate at max range!..i often get 5/6 hits per broadside!! Maybe you SHOULD try again? All the best, old man-stay crazy, them sane people scare me!

  24. I had a lot of trouble with Frost Punk 1 because the text was too small and they said they could not make the UI text bigger without rewriting the whole game…Just odd nobody figured that out while making it, they must have massive screens an inch away from their face haha

  25. Morning, Jingles. My favorite old War Thunder video was the “Very Honorable” video, where you, Sidestrayf, and Bismark took your fleet of bombers up against 20-odd fans with reserve biplanes. I think it was the first video of yours where I heard you quote Blackadder’s “I have a cunning plan…” I also remember when you swore off doing War Thunder review videos because they were going after people’s YT accounts with copyright strikes if ever they said something critical of the game. And this was before the WoT hubbub. Yeah, that’s ancient history, but I’m a long time viewer!

  26. Jingles, will you be attending Tankfest this year

  27. Jingles is dead on right about the dresden files..It’s really a good series and also true the TV series is complete garbage. The first few shows were decent but it went off the rails pretty quick on just how bad it got to be

  28. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    iEarlGrey is a great guy and he speaks the truth about what is happening in the Ukraine, even though he is not a geopolitical expert or a military expert but just a guy with opinions and that follows what is happening in Russia where i lives. A pretty good channel on youtube that i recommend to anyone who is not a firm believer in the “Holy Truth” that is coming out of the neo-naXi Kiev regime, BBC, CNN and all the other western propaganda machines. But you are alright anyway, Jingles!

  29. as a great man once said “Yukari is my spirit animal”

  30. Dang it, missed another one. Some day I will learn. Maybe.

    If it were the 2nd Pacific Squadron I wouldn’t mind being the splash target cogson (spelling?)

    Both Violet Evergarden and Legend of the Galactic Heroes are perfectly safe regarding fan service. Both highly recommended though.
    If you ever want an overdose of panty shots, try Agent Aika. They don’t only take all the opportunities, they make even more.
    I haven’t watched Strike Witches but if you want something in that vein but without fan service, try Saga of Tanya the Evil. It’s set in a kind of WW 1.5 and the main character becomes possibly the most feared force on the battlefield in service of the big country in the middle. She also has a personal feud with a being who might be God.
    Shuumatsu no Izetta was also pretty good.

    Have you considered visiting the Mikasa and the Yamato Museum?

  31. What ever happened to Rita?

  32. subtlewhatssubtle

    Bruce didn’t just have an opinion, he did voice overs specifically for Russian distribution which claimed NATO destroyed the MH17 flight.

    There’s opinions and then there’s wildly dangerous misinformation.

  33. i think i got girls and panzer from flamus stream. I loved that show. I don’t like the fanservice anime too.

  34. Paul? Mike lives there. YOU don’t. He has a decent grasp of the language and local history. YOU don’t. You calling him ‘full retard’ is rather daft on YOUR part. Pull your head from your arse old man, and take some time to review what he has uncovered. The shitshow of Ukraine is not of Russian creation – sure, they have a fair amount of it, but the bulk of the blame lies with NATO and in particular the US. And yes, he happily mocks the accusations of ‘propaganda’ specifically because western media is so shortsighted as to not want the actual story – just like what you are doing here. Kinda disappointing.

  35. For an English speaker it’s neither. It’s somewhere inbetween.

  36. josh thomas-moore

    Jingles if you do get the chance you sould watch the anime 86 the plots good, the characters are intresting and the animation is great and their isn’t any fan service, outside of glory shots of fighting machines

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