Mingles with Jingles Episode 474

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week 's all about lies, disinformation and trolling cheaters. Naturally 4chan's involved.



  1. It’s strange to listen to Mingles with Jingles and the weekend isn’t even quite over yet.

  2. how can it not be an annual standard to practice not to post secret information on internet Forums?!

  3. Yeah expect the optional mtxfor RE4R was in the Merc mode they released n the fake outrage will die out in a week & aren’t a big deal. What is a big deal is the harassment of Ada’s VO & people complaining about Ashley non lewd personality like she did in the original & even at one point complained about Ashley’s hair covering her ears. YES that actually happened at one point. Shocking I know. Whenever you’re in the mood of buying RE Remskes of 2 & 4, skip RE3R unless it’s on a sale since they cut ALot of corners in that game.

    For minecraft players to leak actually battle plans for the Ukrainian front, that’s shocking, unexpected & sad like
    Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??! Why?!

    For CoD Ricochet upgrades this week look like the issues with CronausMax users & extreme hackers might finally put a end to the current issue for good if u asked me & the cheating community might collapse once these upgrades will be impermented

    Now I’m must return to the latest Crafting Event for WT currently

  4. Can we all show respect to Jingles for using his mouse while fighting the boss in Wow, instead of pressing the button?

  5. Super random question, but does anyone remember the name of the game that Jingles used to play that’s kinda like WoT but with space ships?

  6. While this isn’t a cheat software, but anti-piracy software – iirc Operation Flashpoint had it implemented in such a way that it wouldn’t keep you from playing, but it would make missions unwinnable. Like, say, a helicopter spawning ingame, completely normal… except it’s upside down.

  7. Honestly trolling cheaters sound so much more effective than just banning them.

  8. I think the one for Titanfall forced you into lobbies that only had other cheaters.

  9. I haven’t come across pay to upgrade weapons in resident evil 4 remake, there is in game currency to upgrade weapons but no micro transactions

    Edit: the exclusive ticket to upgrade the weapons uses in game treasures and money not actual real life money

  10. Zimmermann wasnt disinfo…he even admitted to sending when asked by the press. The dodgy stuff was in how to let the Americans know he had sent it without admitting Britain was listening to their diplomatic telegrams.

  11. I have been fairly busy the last few years, but it really pleases me to see that Jingles is still goin’ on. Used to watch, and infact wait eagerly, for every video back in 2014-2017. Only stopped because life got busy. Never change Jingles, your content has always been entertaining.

  12. The best part of Monday

  13. Paying to upgrade weapons is always a bad idea. It incentivizes the devs to make the grind worse so people pay to avoid it.

  14. There is a better British made film about Operation Mincemeat, it is called ” The Man Who Never Was ” just in case anyone fancy a it

  15. There’s a special type of genius that script kid?

  16. Troll the cheaters, hell yes, the more subtle the better. I would like so them play for weeks and not be aware they were playing at a disadvantage.

  17. Similar anti cheat software(actually any piracy) is nothing new of course, goes back to at least the 90s from what I remember. It’s always good, as long as it doesn’t work against legitimate players.

    • which it sadly often does because of bugs or detecting an inordinate amount of false positives.

    • @CaptainDuckman I never had an issue, but yes it is a possibility. Which is why I have stopped buying DRMed games for single player games. Also I have recently stopped playing online games (WoT in particular) as I have lost all remaining interest in them. Too much time, too much negativity.

  18. hey mighty gnome. is the nordpass offer gone?

  19. Leon Peters-Malone

    And that is why you always read your EULA’s people.

    From memory Apple’s at one point had a provision about not developing chemical, biological or nuclear weaponry on their devices.


  20. packing RE4 full of microtransactions? sounds like I’m going to enjoy stephanie sterling’s video

  21. Wow, Operation Mincemeat, i learnt about it from watching the old movie The Man Who Never Was. And then going and researching it myself. Was a very interesting concept/mission.

  22. Jingles brings me peace

  23. That activision patch sounds like some of the shit I used to see in rising storm 2. During the closed beta they increased chopper friendly fire damage to reduce griefing – you can’t disable a chopper if it just explodes when one bullet from the minigun hit it. *Three years later* they realised maybe stray bullets flying across the map and destroying choppers downrange (happened to me once on an-lao) might not be intended gameplay….

  24. Michael Søndergaard

    ive heard a story about the germans trying to decieve the brits by making a fake airstrip. wooded buildings, wood planes and everything.
    the brits found out, and let them keep it, and then one day they flew over the place and dropped a bomb made of wood

  25. Its an option that allows peopel that want/need or whatever want to upgrade there stuff and are getin there ass handed to themselfs on a silver plate to allow them to upgrade there stuff for a fee. So its there if you want/need it.

  26. a big problem with a lot of “anti cheat” software is that it’s spyware, malware even.
    Many such systems also have a horrendously high false positive rate.
    And of course at least for some games, the worst cheaters and griefers are immune from it: the CSRs and GMs themselves.

  27. Love the troll anti-cheat stuff. That might actually get me back playing WG games… just for the LOLs…

  28. Good info Jingles

  29. The more anti-cheating trolling software for as many games as possible the better as far as I am concerned.

  30. As always: pay for easymode.

  31. Has anyone seen the link?

  32. but jingles the Italians are lovers not fighters ! or so I’ve heard … XD

  33. Charles Henry Nicholaides

    I think game companies that do micro transactions, for anything other than cosmetic items, should have anticheat software installed into their accounting software. Every time they implement a micro transaction that isn’t cosmetic related, it gives all of their money to housing, medical, & food charities for the poor. I mean all of it. Back, back, not take backs. They go bankrupt. Or receivership.

    On another note, the town/city in Ukraine is pronounced as “back-Moot”. At least that’s how I’ve been hearing it pronounced in podcasts.

  34. Jingles – the Zimmerman telegram was not disinformation, it was a real attempt to get Mexico to attack the USA! The UK intercepted the message, decoded it (the UK had cracked just about all of the German codes at that point in the war), then figured out a way to show the US government a copy of the decoded message without letting on that they were the ones who had decoded it (otherwise the Germans would have changed all of their codes).

    The Germans managed to compound the problem for themselves when Zimmerman (a mid/high level German civil servant) actually held a news conference in which he confirmed the contents of the telegram!

  35. I think buying shortcuts in single-player remakes is fine. If it weren’t for those, I wouldn’t have the time nor energy to beat old rpgs. As long as it’s not multiplayer, I think skipping the grind is definitely worth my money for games I really enjoy, but don’t have the hundreds of hours to sink into them anymore.

  36. Nothing like a good Ole Jingles laugh to start Monday off with.

  37. Jingles I used to watch all of your videos. You decided to get into politics which is a real turn off, please keep it to gaming and not your own options there are other channels for that

  38. XD Glorious. Troll Anti-cheat is probably better than just outright banning, since it’s likely more frustrating for the cheater. instead of getting kicked and having to make a new account, you’ve been trolled, kicked, and have to make a new account.

  39. Looking for a community of gamers who share your interests and want to play the same games you do? Check out Scenius

  40. ACTUALLY Jingles, Eritrea is not modern-day Ethiopia. It is a country that broke off of Ethiopia, after successfully fighting a war against the Mengistu-led communist government. Although the EPLF wouldn’t mind your calling them “Ethiopia” if you like.

  41. “American Intelligence” has to be the biggest oxymoron ever.

  42. Has anyone else watched the Lindybeige video on operation Camila?

  43. I love the one where the cheater goes to revive a co player and shoots them in the middle of healing

  44. Tha Campin' Dutchman

    No Jingles. The jury is not out on this one. Please stop excusing predatory behaviour just because you feel ‘sort of indifferent’ to it. Its exactly this sort of behaviour by the majority of the playerbase that we find ourselves in this sort of situation in the first place. You should know that when you give major corporations/publishers an inch, they’ll take a mile. This sort of shit doesn’t belong in a singleplayer game. It never has and never will.

    Instead of being apathetic towards it, you need to shame and flame this out of existence. We already live in a world with bloated prices due to inflation. It would be nice if we’re not getting fleeced, in what is supposed to be our entertainment/escapism, by even more greed. It has no purpose, there is no valid reason for it to be in there other than greed.

  45. Sometimes leaked plans might not be believed at all, before Case blue which was the german summer offensive of 1942 against the USSR, a German plane crashed/was shot down in Russian territory, this plane carried a German officer who had the plans for the whole of the offensive, but the Russians refused to believe it thinking it was a German ruse and that the main offensive was going to come against Moscow like it did the previous winter

  46. I love seeing trolls getting trolled! LOL!

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