Mingles with Jingles Episode 476

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Four hundred and seventy six episodes and still no sign of improvement.


  1. Aside from the graphics in unrecord, I think the point of view being from a body cam is dumb. People are only associating the omg real life, because of what they see on tv and body cam footage. But who wants to play from the point of view from body cam? real life would be literally first person?!

  2. Ah – that’s the clip I’d heard fuss about… Looks amazing, but never confused it with actual body cam clips for the same reason all games don’t look realistic – they don’t get the character movement right. Very close, but not (yet) quite there.

  3. that game play is crazy

  4. Calling cap on Unrecorded. No way

  5. omg Old Man, you are truly breaking records today… not even 30 sec. into the video and already stepping on a landmine :o) Flambass is no longer with Mrs. Citadel :oP he has a new gf ;o)

  6. The gameplay footage in the end looks amazingly realistic, yes. The sound, however, gave it away right from the start.

  7. Jingles you do know that if they do an Alien: Isolation remake with Unreal Engine 5, it will be mandatory that you play it…

  8. ty lord of the saltmines my thought is the clip is on the boarderline of to real
    great technical footage and creating

  9. Put aliens in it…

  10. Cool video but the framerate is making me sick.

  11. Yeah that guy suing Amazon is crazy lol. I had to watch that video 3 times to catch all the tiny details on IGN when it first came out. Love that the cop is using a P320 with vents on the slide. Also the blurred out faces

  12. Is it really Pronounced “Tolken”? I thought it is pronounced “Tolkien”…

  13. Jingles, are you a diablo fan? Wouldn’t mind watching u play that a bit, especially the new one when it comes out.

    • Seem to remember him mentioning playing either the open or the closed beta in a previous Mingles video. But then that might just be me, because I’m considerable older and considerably crapper than Jingles!

  14. Hell no it’s not too real. There’s no such thing. Bring it on, I say!

  15. grifters gonna grift

  16. I am a bit sad about shorter lenght of mingles with Jingles but I can understand not having too much to talk about plus having guests over.
    But that Unrecord game, holy crap that looks fine. But it looks like it will need next gen PC to run playable smoothly. And I can already hear some media blasting it as gore fantasy, an outlet for people wanting to try it in real life or promoting police violence. Its just the kind of thing that would grab morons and pearl clutchers attention.

  17. Michael Bourgeault

    Methinks I shall wait and see how unrecorded develops. That footage looks too good to be deliverable.

  18. While the footage looks extremely realistic, already in the first few seconds someting looked off and made me suspect a game. However, that might improve with further development.

  19. Good morning Jingles! From the city of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!
    You asked, I’ll tell. Even though the realism of this game is AMAZING, therein lies the problem. Your shooting of other people looks real. A little too real. And there are those who will point out that studies show there is a correlation between young men who go on a shooting rampage in public places and violent video games. At least the games up to this point have pixellated graphics that make the deaths still very video game like. But with this? Where they look absolutely real? Gotta wonder what kind of effect this would have on those “young men” in question.

  20. I bought a streetfighter game for my steam deck. Really surprised me that every match I start an AD for the new streetfighter pops up, I’d expect it from a free2play game but not a title you’ve bought outright.

  21. that last game was crazy

  22. I honestly thought it was just a really good looking game because it was running at like 12 frames a second….and there was some aliasing along the highlights in the windows and on the truck at 13:40.

  23. Uncomfortably realistic will be the point when we will be able to do unthinkable things in game, involving gore, rape … etc.
    By the way Jingles! Did you know that if you watch live stream on youtube you have to pay TV licence?
    You see, I don’t watch tv at all. I don’t need tv licence but I do pay for the broadband, obviously I watch youtube videos, but how come I need a tv licence If I watch live streams on youtube?
    Do they really claim money for a content, that they have nothing to do with?
    Is that real?

    • It’s not real. The TV license is required for live footage from broadcasters in the UK, and nothing else. We also only have a few more years to suffer through the exploitation, intimidation and over-reach of this zombified business model that should have been shot in the head decades ago before it goes away permanently in 2027.

  24. Imagine Alien Isolation with those graphics.

  25. DoomsDayPaladin51

    Jingles, Unrecorded is a game based off a Soldiers/Officers body cam footage from action they were in. It’s suppose to show realism. I quite like it.

  26. Holy crap, that looks eerily realistic. For a moment I thought I was watching camera footage from Bahkmut or something. Does make me wonder though, if any risks for the sanity of juveniles is taken into account in countries where mass shootings sadly are a regularly occurring phenomenon, given that reality and virtual game footage blur that much. I even wonder if this engine can be used to create false flag media events similar to the film “Wag the dog.” To be honest: I think it’s a bit creepy.

    • I think you have made a good point. There’s a lot of room for ‘abuse’ of this kind of technology; one might say that it is too vulnerable to being ‘weaponised’

    • @Kevin Young My fear exactly. To me this is too powerful a tool to be left to ‘the market’ without in depth scientific study, public and political debate.

  27. Yea no. Not fooled. The character akcelerates too fast and is too agile on there feet. Not enogh weight transfer going on. Unless your a world-class basketball player or boxer or vhatever, you wont be that light on your feet and get that kind of change of direction vhen you start/stop running. I do agility ladder drils 3-4 times a week, box jumps, hopskips and a bunch of other kinestetic stuff vhen I’m not pumping, and used to activly compete in MMA, and I wuldnt be that springy after more then a minute or two. Plus theres no breathing or anithing, and I garantee you you’d be breathing pretty hard after even a couple minutes of that. And the camera-view is too stable.

  28. Unrecord is an impressive example of the use of technical rendering options to present our brains with the illusion of something lower fidelity than it really is, but the fish-eye lens and exposure compensation and pixelation and chromatic abberation and offset viewpoint are all so perfectly applied that our brains subconciously think “ah, body-cam footage, must be real life”. Doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s enough. The artistic decisions made in the making of the game are all geared towards creating that illusion, then maintaining it by hiding anything that would give it away – things like faces.

  29. About Unrecorded. could a normal GPU even run this? Nobody is going to play something if you need stupidly expensive equipment.

  30. It becomes too uncomftable when you put in xenomorphs in it

  31. Unrecord – PTSD simulator 2000 😀

  32. This is what I love about the Unreal engine, it’s beautiful, but not that heavy unlike ridiculously demanding Frostbite. The Steam engine is also nice and lightweight, has a lot of potential to it like what you get from the later valve games after Half-life 2.

  33. No such thing as too realistic. As far as I’m concerned the goal is total immersion, where the holy grail is photorealistic graphics transmitted through a direct neural interface, preferably with general AI controlling all NPCs and complete simulation of the setting with total player freedom.

  34. What did you serve your guests for dinner?

  35. All that these fanfiction idiots (the ones suing, not the ones writing it) do is make lawmakers bring in draconian laws which further restrict any kind of creative efforts. I had a friend who was going to run a one-off role-playing game session at a big convention. They pre-approved his plot and content. He noticed one of the big panels was the actors from the IP he was using for the story/background of the game. He showed up to the convention on orientation day and they took him aside and said he had to come up with a different game. Not just a variation on what he was running. He was told he couldn’t use that IP at all. Someone from that show’s production staff scoured the damn convention activities schedule and saw his game on there and filed what is effectively a DMCA to the convention organizers. Rather than tell them to pound sand they just chose to cancel his game. I guess that was easier than deal with the headache.

  36. Nice that Flambass is visiting, hope you guys do a video together, play Alien Isolation together and switch off! Hopefully Rita and Flam’s gf get together and do something fun too.

  37. His lawsuit has the same merit as Monster Energy and that doesn’t stop them, so good for him

  38. Jingles can we have a refund seeing the video so short this week?

  39. I have a question.

    Did Jingles accidentally release the wrong video this morning or did I completely dream/imagine that a World of Warships video was uploaded and then subsequently removed and swapped for this episode of mingles?? Perhaps I’m just going senile…

  40. that new game is going to be amazing for training possibilities or entertainment.

  41. That “Followship of the King” guy sounds quite mentally ill

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