Mingles with Jingles Episode 478 – Salt Mine Discord Q+A May

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Not a lot happened this weekend unless you count some guy in London putting his mothers' hat on the first time. This Q+A almost didn't happen either!


  1. If you thought the intrepid was good jingles then you should make time to visit Pensacola Florida and see the museum of naval aviation to start. After that you can make your way to corpus Christi Texas and visit the USS Lexington, the replacement for the original and then make your way back to Camden New Jersey to visit the New Jersey.

    • One can dream. He said a previous MwJ he done traveling. To old and expensive.

      Damn shame, wanted him to do another USA tour or even come to Canada

  2. Relief by Keith Laumer is really fun if you like The Stainless Steel Rat.

  3. I was there, waiting for Jingles … :p

    And … with more karma you get to compliment more players. Don’t know if negative karma lets you report fewer playes.

  4. Anyone who would like to play Bendy or Warhammer. Go checkout the current humble bundle subscription. $12 nets you a lot. Turn off the subscription immediately afterwards.

  5. Morning Mighty Jangles. WoW sucks, plz stop using it for background visual stimuli.

  6. Market Garden was an epic fail. A Bridge to Far…

  7. Wait Jingles plays Wow!?!

  8. Yum blue cheese. I like to wrap it in a slice of chorizo.

  9. Great, as always!

  10. Jingles, please play the Outer Wilds, especially with the DLC! Its a shame it was announced at almost the same time as Outer Worlds and the titles so similar but It is truly a great gaming experience with great scenic story telling. The sound track alone is great! The fact that the game started by a group of college students about things they learned from their classes and turned it into a great game with a great narrative is amazing.

  11. One day I will remember the Q&A. I swear. Hopefully before the heat death of the universe.

    Edit: I haven’t visited Mikasa yet but the Yamato museum. They don’t have the real deal but a 1:10 scale model. Fits into the building a bit easier too.
    I’ve read somewhere that there were thoughts to maybe make Mikasa seaworthy again but I don’t think much came of it.
    Dave the Diver might also be of interest to you but that one hasn’t fully released yet.
    I manage to get a chat ban for bitching about subs too much. I’m proud of it.
    “There’s not a lot of place to hide in the sky.” – Ever heard of these strange things called clouds? They can cover quite a bit of places.

  12. On the topic of AC games, the Ezio Trilogy (Assassins Creed 2, Botherhood and Revelations) is well worth a play. I quite enjoyed Assassins Creed Black Flag and Unity as well, but the Ezio Trilogy is probably the best 3 games.

    I will disagree with the person who asked that question and said that Assassins Creed 1 is worth a play. It’s the game that kicked the entire franchise off so it does deserve some respect, but it was fairly unrefined in the gameplay itself and the 9 main targets of that game all have side missions that you have to complete before the game lets you assassinate the target. Those mandatory side missions were scrapped for later games because when AC1 came out and the reviews came in, a lot of them said the same thing about them being tedious. In my own playthrough of AC1, I got to the 3rd target and stopped after I killed him because I agreed with the reviews about those side missions.

    • Στελιος Πεππας

      Yeah Odyssey was a good game but not a particularly good *assassin’s* *creed* game. That being said the ezio trilogy is quite old and has less stuff to do so it’s understandable if someone who’s used to modern gaming “standards” doesn’t find them all that good.

  13. Ah, Slippery Jim DiGriz

  14. Jingles: have you read Trapp’s War by Brian Callison?
    And yes, I do remember H&D. That first mission on the railway bridge, I used to stop and listen to the rain banging on the metal od the bridge.

    • the first was the best, or at least the most poignant, although the four sequels were a good bit funnier

  15. yeah Jingles is already playing WoW 13h/dag,,, WHEN should he add MORE games to waste his time? 😛

  16. Please do run through Dredge, Jingles. Looking forward to that.

  17. Furkan Kılıçaslan

    Outer wilds is one of the best game experiences I’ve ever had. I’d love to watch a series of it with you.

  18. A good book series is Hal Spacejock.. totally hilarious

  19. Psychedellic Toxin

    I still have a hard copy of Hidden and Dangerous, and Commandos 2.

  20. The most hilarious start to a Q&A I’ve experienced so far.

    • From now on the first questions to the Mighty jingles will be .. WAKE UP its question time again ..and are you recording?

  21. Jingles, I am a Military Nerd as well. I was in the Military in the US Army from 1987-90. And in 2006-10, I was a Gift Shop Manager at a military museum.

  22. 37:00 Being a free to play game doesn’t excuse it from shitty and predatory monetization practices. Lootboxes are gambling. Just because it’s “expected” doesn’t mean it should be legal let alone tolerated.

  23. Marianne Jensen

    Erhm… where can I share screenshots? Because I find it ironic, that the counter says “0 Comments, and there’ll already be hundreds of comments, in the time it has taken me to see some of the week’s episode, of “Mingles….” alongside getting something else done, while the video is put on pause in that time
    To the next thing: Now, WoT+ is in play. There will be a little plus in the top bar, with your account name, battle-button etc now. For that WoT+subscription, you get to block a third map of choice, and to switch bounty equipment around “for free”. The switching process does not cost you anything once you’ve paid the subscription. And you can mount bounty equipment on tanks as low as tier 2s! One thing was the gold ammo bought for credits before, but now with bounty equipments on tanks as low as tier 2….?! If that isn’t saying: New players stay out of this, I don’t know what is

  24. Michael Bourgeault

    lineage = LIN ee’ edge

  25. Outerwilds is amazing! Even more so if you dont look into what that game exactly is….

  26. Yes Jingles, would really like to see you do a Dredge run through

  27. Happy VE Day Jingles

  28. Blue Cheese almost started a naval war between Turkey and France. The Turks had ordered a warship from the French back before WWI. When the Turkish crew arrived to man the completed ship and sail it home, the French threw them a big feast with all the best French delicacies. The Turks were extremely insulted and almost rioted when they were served moldy cheese! The French were insulted that the Turks were insulting their Haut Cuisine! Calmer heads eventually prevailed by explaining that the cheese wasn’t really mouldy, it was France’s best Roquefort (Blue) cheese.
    I agree with the Turks, I can’t stand the stuff, especially the smell. Jingles, you can have my lifetime supply. Just stay downwind of me, please.

  29. Sieger Zuiderveld

    I had the same problem playing warthunder tanks. Didn’t see shit. I just died suddenly.

  30. RemusKingOfRome5

    wow You used the names Gateshead and Newcastle, this is getting close to home. 😀

  31. About AC, for me everything after AC III was unnecessary. I played Odyessey, those skills made the game childsplay, while in AC – AC III you needed reaction to block, roll, counter and attack.
    For me that was way better then what they doing now with skill tree. It was a good game but not as good as the old ones. But that is my opinion 😉

  32. Genshin is a good F2P game compared to WOT or WT >,> Those Devs give more of a crap about their playerbase than WOT/WT ever has

  33. Στελιος Πεππας

    Kings & Generals has been covering them as part of their “Pacific war” series. It’s pretty nice, maybe you should give it a look.

  34. I have goten a chat bann i wow from just playing in one battle if so the hole enemi team would have hade to report me.
    So it dosent take alot to get a chat bann.

  35. Erik Gudmann Hansen

    i would like to u play trough Dredge, and u stories, break a leg .-)

  36. Happy Moderna to all.
    That includes Jingles!

  37. Anton Soderqvist

    Hi Jingles, great video! when will you do your next Q&A and how can we post questions for you?

  38. sounds like Norfolk Virginia, they hated the USN there. The base commander once closed the gates because it got so bad and a lot of business started to go into the red and went to the city Mayor and complained and he personally apologized

  39. Awww, Breathedge was awesome to watch. Thought it was the most hilarious play through ever

  40. BBQ Wings and Blue Cheese Dressing to dip. Excellent.

  41. TweeterAndTheMunkyMan

    Dredge does look fun

  42. We did the Freedom of the City in Halifax, Missed you in the Persian Gulf..HMCS TerraNova.

  43. Sorry but I missed the part where Akazuki’s question was answered, she was yelling from the front press row, please post the response in discord. Thanks again for making a bad Monday better.

  44. Hey Jingles. It’s, for around 9:50 — the MMOs you think of are pronounced “Lineage”, single word. As in “descent line in a family tree”, not the “age of lines” 🙂 And I think the question was referring to a different game anyway 😀

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