Mingles with Jingles – Exhausted After Tankfest Edition

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Source: The Jingles

Yeah, it’s not really an episode of Mingles with Jingles but I’ve just gotten home from Tankfest (which was awesome) and just want to shower and sleep, so consider this a trailer for the upcoming Tankfest video and 500k Subs Contest. See you tomorrow!


  1. Some one put a comment up in another of jingles videos saying he was
    unsubscribing because jingles didn’t stay to say hi to “20” people or so,
    but its not his cal,l he said it himself, there were time slots and if you
    didn’t make it in that time slot then that’s your fault that you didn’t go
    early enough jingles certainly doesn’t deserve to be punished for something
    he has no control over, and the guy who made that comment is in my eyes
    very selfish and very childish. Besides theirs always next year.

  2. can someone give me a program to record my video? a free one?

  3. What about console players?

  4. Jingles has gone down to 497,708 subscribers

  5. Is it just me or has jingles sub count gone below the 500k mark, it has
    decreased by 14,000 people according to social blade

  6. Niko Pizza (deathcorelover)

    does anybody know who made that Facebook live stream where they also
    interviewed Jingles?
    I’d like to see it.
    I found a live stream by WOT on Facebook but didn’t see Jingles in it :(

  7. Give em the steel lads. They don’t like the steel

  8. You fool me how dare you.

  9. If you don’t mind me asking. How did you and Rita meet and become friends?

  10. so glad for double btexit.sajonara suckers

  11. Is Google trolling me when the sub box says 497k…?

  12. So for us who dont have a video editing program, basicly we dont have a
    chance to win any of the prizes. GG Jingles

  13. streetware fixed

    very bad jingles. dont fuck arround with ure subs!

  14. when will he provide the email??

  15. #jingleskissrita

  16. Jingles. It appears to me you seem to have lost subs….

  17. Next time you talk to War Gaming, find out when the Porter class destroyer
    and the Brooklyn class light cruiser will be added to Warships.

  18. no views on brexit?

  19. God dammit SEA server well hopefully I can get something on the WoWs NA
    server :3

  20. Four things about jingles giveaways / special dates

    1. Well, what am I going to do? So! Wargaming…..

    2. Sorry Asian server players – they manage their own thing

    3. So, I have X type 59s to give away

    4. I know that it was weeks ago…

    Also, the type 59 isn’t amazing, nor is it actually better than the
    replacement, I would prefer a super pershing

  21. Wargaming have really stepped up their community support I think that’s
    pretty smart of them.

  22. Yellowstone The Pony

    Why do all these US tanks have Uncle Sam’s Ass standing on them? XD

  23. This is a post to an older mingles with jingles but oh well.. The thing is
    with the FV3805, I actually went to the isle of wight museum just two weeks
    ago, and asked about the FV3805.. apparently the people on the desk didn’t
    even know they had one, and the bloke who they asked to come and help me,
    just said it’s run down, and needs another quater of a million to get
    going.. apart from that, no info nothing.. and the people in the museum
    looked like they hated their lives.. sad relly :/

  24. ha they’re using fake guns the pansies here in Texas you empty the live
    rounds from the mags or clips and load blanks and hope you didn’t do it

  25. Could you make a P.O box ?
    So you dont give your address but we can still send you stuff that we want
    to give you

  26. 10:32 Why is an American reenactor using a Mauser?

  27. SEA server excluded in another thing :/

  28. *sigh* another contest where I can’t win anything.

  29. Your probably too tired to realize, but it seemed the theme of the video
    was all about how popular you were at Tankfest. Not the humble Jingles I
    know and like. Did the 500k go to your head? LOL

  30. Plz jingles if you read this do one for wot blitz

  31. thanks Jingles your vids really make my day after school : )

  32. How does one convert a .wotreplay file into something that YouTube will
    actually accept?

  33. Damn Australia Tax again!

  34. john snow (Iri5hman)

    wow, just as I’m off to Ireland he does this contest. well good luck
    everyone else!

  35. I guess Rita is moving back to Portugal, unless Jingles married her. Wink

  36. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Jingles, you should do a contest where people submit suggestions for things
    they wanna listen to you babble on about for an hour. The winners get a
    video of you babbling on about their topic and maybe some gold or
    something. Obviously certain topics need not apply.

  37. Jingles, kiss Rita

  38. I kind of expect to see Dukakis with his helmet on driving.

  39. PixelBucket The Herobrine Hunter (Razor the Fox)

    I’d love to go to something like tankfest, but the closest tank museum to
    me is far north, up by the Great Lakes. I live on the east coast ;-;

  40. Jingles you are a genius

  41. lol I love the music in the beginning of this video it reminds me of the
    movie 1941 with John Belushi.

  42. Christopher Orpilla

    Jingles voted to Remain!

  43. So did you ever kiss Rita?

  44. karan thapa (AKA GurkhaGR)

    Now with UK out of European Union does Ritagamer have to leave you?????
    Nice of you to take on a falkland war Gurkha heavy machine gunner coz my
    dad was in that war!!, last thing do you know anyone who is in the SEA
    Server that contributes as much as you do? If so can you set a link for
    him/her please ?? thank you. Have a good rest.

  45. I juts finished a very very good tank concept

  46. Jorge Ian Gaytan

    The dw2 is good in world of tanks blitz but then went back to the of and
    play my e100

  47. jingles, there is one big problem with this setup for the contest…
    there are thousands of bot networks that anyone can “hire” to like or view
    a video in mass….
    and there are those who already have a slight following on YT, these will
    obviously have more likes

    so even though it an original idea i do not think it is a good one.

    please think about it some more or just make it another random giveaway

    again congratz on to 500k and much love to both you, rita and boo :D

  48. austinpowersfasjer

    I should go next year, awesome

  49. This contest is going to get gamed to hell. In before Jingles declares
    ‘never again’

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