Mingles with Jingles – Stronk Russian Edition

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I have returned! With Saint Petersburg successfully colonised in the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, it’s time to get Salt Mine production back up to acceptable levels since you’ve all clearly been slacking in my absence! Beatings will continue until morale improves!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution.


  1. Too late jingles. And you almost got caught in russia at the star of WW3. That would have been a lot of fun to you.

  2. Just an amazing city! And that museum… That models of ships… Damn man! Great vid Jingles. One hell of a great video.

  3. Lol poor Yuro…..

  4. Dang, that room in St Petersburg looks like the ~AUD$300 one work shelled out for me in Hobart. Yes, there’s a place that expensive there. You can’t get a room there over christmas-new years as it’s right on the finish line of a big yacht race.

  5. awwww what a great vid 😀 hope to see more like this in the future Jingles :3

  6. Hm, so at least one of the developers is a brony … or he just liked that recoloured “OBEY” poster with Celestia on it 😀

  7. In any war you shall not fear, for if a Soviet shall appear, the hand of Stalin shall guide you to the nearest Kv-fortress. lol. Wow the architecture is pretty cool

  8. 4:48 lol PrivatePinguin

  9. NKVD Comrade Orion

    Back to work cyka!!!

  10. huh this mingles feels like it came out early

  11. What behind this armored steel door? *T95 appears* ?

  12. Went to St Petersburg and didn’t visit the Aurora? Aw.

  13. OMG Only 139 comments? Holy shit I can’t go to sleep yet…

  14. St. Petersburg looks absolutey beautiful.

  15. Cant wait to meet you at tiger day any last minute updates???

  16. They are copying The ideas at Steal Ocean.

  17. NKVD Comrade Orion

    Those rooms are filthily expensive! Why don’t we just share the rooms?

  18. Did anyone else think Jingles was being taken into a mock up Gulag that was disguised cleverly as a hotel for a moment? Those steel doors definitely have that impression .___.

  19. Teir 8 .. then T10 .. then Teir 7 Jingles! .. or is that a graphics error ?

  20. I have to say it’s a very good idea that little hotel room. But £62 the greed ! The sheer outrageous greed….shame on them.

  21. Long boat…lolololololol

  22. In short, when Rita is around, Jingles isn’t thinking with his head, that’s all for that “jinx”.

  23. Hello Jingles!

    Next to those trucks there are an ISU 152 and lots of tanks!
    That was the artillery museum and the courtyard you were standing is free to enter (at least last time I was there) didn’t you made any vids there? They didn’t took you to see the Aurora? It is in fact very close to there and in the entrance there are people selling commemorative mugs, and WoWS and WoT mugs for 2€, fuck me that was hillarious, I am drinking now in that, mug.

  24. Bad Jingles, be nice to Rita. Nice dad-joke, with the long ship.

  25. Wohoo, a Mingles with Jingles that’s actually are a Mingles with Jingles, in Russia.

  26. Hurray, it´s back to beatings again. No more Floggings with the cat-o´-nine-tails like in old times. Our gnomish overlord must got soft in Leningrad

  27. Saint Petersburg was called Paris of eastern Europe, it’s a beautiful city

  28. You should see Yuro play French battleships. Amazing stuff.

  29. Im expecting world of warplanes style play for aircraft carrier players, being able to either play as a singles plane or be the lead plane in a squadron and the other planes follow you :•) Like Battlestations Pacific where you leave your carrier on a set corse and be the planes

  30. really jingles,the most beautiful city’s in the world and you start with naples.you so silly..

  31. Does HMS royal navy know that you call them boats and not ships? 😛

  32. When I went on a scout trip to Mongolia in 2013 we came back through russia via the Trans-Siberian. We had no communication with the outside world and none of us could read Russian. Whilst in Red Square we took the Union Jack out our our rucksack to take a photo with the whole group. Before we had even taken it out of our bag the Russian police had shown up to tell us off. We later found out what was going on in the news… That was an eventful trip.

  33. Nicely done, Jingles! St. Petersburg does look beautiful from what you’ve shown. I also follow Notser, so it was nice to put a face to a name. A leave sweet Rita alone! 🙂

  34. £62! Christ almighty!

  35. nice 1 mate

  36. So can we call Rita “The Mighty Jinxles” now?

  37. So you were saying about our governments not doing anything stupid in Syria, well about that

  38. Eurobeat! Yuro!
    He’s awesome.

  39. Umm Actually Jingles, rank 1 is going to be Teir 7’s
    V + I + I = 7 not 8 🙂

  40. Jingles Royal Navy bed Must Be Small, 62 pounds a Night That A lot Money. Rita must Be Luck,Jingles Game get some Matches form “Castway” map, Jingles Aircraft Carriers Hope that French and British are put in

  41. “Providing our respective governments don’t do anything incredibly stupid in Syria over the course of the next couple of weeks” … well, good luck with that 😛

  42. I’m not certain why World of Tanks can’t be using an anti abuse system like the world of warships one. It’s NEEDED. I dunno why WoT has so many weirdness issues…weirdness from War Gaming I mean and that’s covering everything about the game. They do very little correctly and yet I’m still playing this game. And no I won’t be playing WoWS any time soon it’s just not able to grab me long enough to stay.

  43. You can call that the Burk map :p

  44. Although Is the system smart enough to recognize when the WG servers Kick me out of my match?

  45. “Obey” should’ve guess there’s bronies at Wargaming

  46. Your wallet getting washed was still your fault 😀

  47. wow – yuro, notser, aerroon, jingles impressive list. So you guys actually exist:D

  48. The Rita effect

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