MINI E-50! – E-75TS – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

People say this german renegade, but to me its more like a mini e-50! and i love it!



  1. Outstanding job!

  2. Merry Christmas Circon!

  3. @DJRobSunset Is there a video of it somewhere?

  4. Wouldn’t call it ” MINI “

  5. Like so many other things, the bushes on that hill need some serious fixing. Their effect on camo is completely erratic.

  6. So he’s not talking about getting Circon lynched?

  7. Which stream is this from?

  8. E75 TS….E50 a tier lower, with more pen and a better turret. As a premium.

    • Also with way worse DPM, less alpha, worse gun stabilization and accuracy, significantly slower thanks to worse top speed and worse ground resistances, less HP and module health, less view range and worse camo, while the turret is a bigger target than on the E 50 and gets a frontal weakspot left and right to the gun.
      It is a fast heavy that lacks hull armor and has a decent gun. Comparisions to the E 50 can be made, but it still maintains some of that heavy tank flavour, such as pen and decent turret armor

    • @Mantikor and yet it still manages to be a better fast heavy than the FCM 50t, with very good alpha damage to boot while the french boat has a pathetic 240.

    • wargaming BALANS

    • @Davide Versaci the same FCM 50 t that didn’t get any significant changes basically for the last year and is therefore pretty outdated is the very same FCM 50 t that also gets PMM and thus never has to face T10. It gets a great gun with more DPM and is even faster, while having more gun depression and viewrange, also you get dirt cheap standard ammo (255 on FCM 50 t compared to 1030 on E 75 TS).
      Basically all it has to give up for that is some alpha and turret armor, while the E 75 TS turret has those frontal weakspots anyway so up close its not as good as at range, where the FCM 50 t has the advantage thanks to a smaller turret and slightly better base aim time and accuracy.

    • @Mantikor except in the actual game instead of relying on stats to make the fcm50t seem like anything other than trash, the e75 claps the fcm 50t due to being a pile of french shit, after bouncing all the shots it fires at it because armor is quite literally the meta, as seen with every power creep tank ever like the defender, obj 430, lt432, obj 268v4 and countless other tanks have shown

  9. but the e-50 turret is trash this one not 😛

  10. That out of render distance kill

  11. Basically is a Tier 8 E 50 with a Panzer 4 S side skirts seems legit ….

  12. @Maddog3060 lol no see the vid

  13. That t-44-100 had almost as much damage as you and finished the game on like full health bro the two carriers.

  14. I only had one battle in it but the DPM left me wanting. Maybe I need to try it a little more.

  15. u have so much patience 🙂

  16. That blind shot…you must have prayed to Saint Emil.

  17. Do you prefer it over the 703 II?
    My very first game in the E75 TS was on Pilsen and I carried the game with 5k damage too 😀

    And also Merry Christmas my dude

  18. I wish they would give the E75 the old 1200hp engine back.

  19. Meanwhile, my poor FCM 50t is crying in the garage.

    • Lol it’s the only tank I’ve ever bought with real money and I have like 1,3 k battles in it. After it’s dpm got buffed a while back I’ve actually enjoyed playing it, since it has +1/-2 matchmaking, enough armor to bounce against lower tiered opponents and brilliant dpm accompanied with decent mobility. Biggest downside is it’s huge size

    • Love my fcm 50t, but it’s the size of a bus and has awful armor and zero concealment. It’s a fun tank to play multiple flanks with, got the speed to support wherever needed.

  20. Merry Christmas, Circon!

  21. “Joke about my German accuracy now bitch!!”, love your work Circon. Always entertaining! Merry Christmas to you.

  22. The gun on this tank is garbage if you are not fully aimed

  23. Not the baby e 50, its the babe-50

  24. Nice game, but it wouldn’t be possible without that allied T-34-1.

  25. happy christmas circon and have a happy new year alwasy love the content and have a fun time with your family

  26. That sick line shot :))

  27. People were slating this tank, but I love it. It’s great

    • People are just used to hating on german premiums. This one is stupid fast and has some usable armor though so it’s really strong.

    • @creativityfails the slating is in part due to false advertisement I suppose
      Wargaming stated the prenerf armor in their video on it, but they did advertise the post buff mobility
      So everyone is expecting the 256mm effective glacis and all they get is 201-222mm

      It’s a lovely heavy medium, but not as lovely as advertised

  28. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Love how the Skorp is still sitting on the other side of the map.

  29. Circon make any fukn thing he drives in WoT look good!
    I do like the engine sound of this, as well as the sounds of the cannon!

  30. Hey Circon, if you didn’t notice, its actually like a mini e-50 !!! Totally is.

  31. Alway toptier game upload.

  32. i bought the 25 boxes package and got all the premium tanks and 2 skins, worth it

    • the trick is to start clicking the left mouse button like a mad man once you press the open box button, that turns the game crazy

  33. GG Schleischoft.

  34. yea its super annoying on steppes too, there is a bush that works only from one direction so you get spotted but cant spot through it.

  35. Quantum Imperfections

    I Love You <3

  36. WG will sell a lot of boxes after this…??

  37. juhannussima teemukissa

    lol i got it in my first box XD


  39. I was actually hoping to get this or the Progetto in the loot boxes.

  40. I don’t have the E75-TS, I bought a few crates (22) but had the worst luck – no tier 8’s and only 1 tank (sexton) which I already had.
    The 703 looks like a lot of fun, but as I figured the double barreled tech tree will be out early in 2020, the E75 was what I really wanted…

  41. The Min-E-50… I’ll show myself out

  42. how many games did you play to be top teir

  43. “Baby” E-50 weighs 20 tonnes more. ?

  44. do NOT buy premium tanks, wargaming will take them out of your garage and tell you that you never owned it, im having this problem right now with my Pz IIj and IS-6 I cought them because they left my IS-6 in my garage but they have used multiple excuses to avoid giving me back my tanks. do yourselves a favor and do NOT spend money with the wargaming THIEVES

  45. Merry Christmas Circon! Enjoy your videos. My son bought me 25 Christmas boxes today and I got the E75 TS in the first box and the Object 703 in the 4th box. So freaking lucky! We were going nuts. Should have made a video of it.

  46. I wish they would fix that awful broken engine noise

  47. “Mom I want a premium tier 8 German heavy tank.”
    ‘We already have a premium tier 8 German heavy tank at home’
    *sad Lowe noises*

  48. That T-44-100 had a great game too!

  49. 4700 blocking damage! Not bad. Took a stab at it with a 75 loot box in box#9 got E-75 and box#35 got 703 … now if I only got the progetto that would have made it perfect! I would not chance the 25 loot box if I were going for any of the Tier 8’s. Play it safe and you will also get your gold for the year.

  50. Ive had the worst luck on it, shots missing, teams melting no matter what I do. Ending with only 50% wins after quite so many battles when I got 71% on the renegade.

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