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  2. Hey phly, can you try taking t34/57 and only the t34/57 to 8.3? You can do some funy things

  3. Phly losing his mind calling HEATFS as APFSDS

  4. I have been grinding towards this for a while, still haven’t gotten it, but now I get to see some replays. I really liked it in world of tanks.

  5. Pocket tanko for the win

  6. Hey Phly! Enjoying your stuff! Recently bought the Chi-Nu II and am enjoying every second I use it! Wanted to see how it looked in your experienced hands. Keep up the good work!

  7. Is this a reupload?

  8. I love that tank I killed a m1 Abrams with that thing

  9. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve confused a type 62 with a t54 and died because of it

  10. Day 287: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  11. Japanese BF 109 E7?

  12. 02:32 APFSDS?

  13. My Chinese counterpart

  14. Phly u should try this game world of warships think you may have heard of it

  15. The first player Phly killed was Nukenus – (SkooR)

  16. The armor. Chinese knew whatever they put up, i US and USSR wil be able to defeat it. Insted, lets get mobility with armor just against sharpnel and small arms fire. I bet tahts the logic there.

  17. Where do you need top speed when you have 24.4hp per ton power to weight ratio

  18. Play the T54E1 and F-89F/D attempt 14

  19. Chinese shill.

  20. Day 1: phly can you please do the a20g American fighter bomber

  21. Does someone wants to play wat Thunder with me????

  22. Number 1 youtuber right here imo 🙂

  23. 13:02 WoT arty is constantly that close lol

  24. PhlyDaily春节快乐

  25. War thunders winch mechanic in a nutshell

  26. Confirmed phly daily Chinese droid

  27. SoMeNaScArPiTmOnKeY #50NCWTS

    Butt smoke

  28. I remember this dude at 200k

  29. They need to have a recovery button, keep the team mate thing for a reward but they need like a three minute recovery.

  30. Says it’s nice to not have continuous killing, murders a sweedish scooter

  31. 10:36 most of your team are Russians. They simply didn’t understand you=)

  32. 5:09..Hyprid engines. Gas and electric xD

  33. I should stop in believing in phlys “tanks , planes , ship” if they are a thing cz of his thumbnail. All jokes aside your the best man

  34. Phly can you please read the your game chats every time you use the chat? …cause we can’t really see the small texts. Huge fan of your great videos by the way. Happy 2022.

  35. here is a cheater aquad!!! : – DESIK – they are all cheaters!!! these players play often together with full cheater modus: – DESIK – Sandro _ Sarto, – DESIK – Kerjakov, – DESIK – GerrAxselius fvckn wnker scm sht cheater gamekilling bstrds these players are 100% cheating with aimbots and radar

  36. We all had the same new year when we were following the lunar calendar.

  37. 7:40 Filya Dolboeb

  38. Concordian Marshall

    Play simulator battle with your UI disabled by alt+z and experience the utter madness

  39. wait till phly figures out you can glitch the physics engine just by moving randomly while upside down. bump into a rck/wall and youll flip

  40. 新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year, Guys!

  41. Press “f” to pay respect to that enemy tiger

  42. Day 13 asking for su22m3

  43. can you tow an enemy ? :)) nice video Phly

  44. Butt smoke. Best smoke.

  45. What’s car(d)board??

  46. 10:05 That is my favourite moment from a War Thunder video e v e r

  47. Dude, isn’t it “Cardboard” and not “Car-Board”? I mean it is not loading a car but a thing made out of thick paper… It’s funny though. 😀

  48. PHLY PLAY THE YAK 2 KABB, 2 20 MM and its a strike aircraft with a 19.00 turn time, very good for just making bomber’s day bad or burying multiple 20 mms into fighters

  49. Please Phly the I-16 TYPE 10. Been requesting for over 3 years

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