Minotauro Got “Nerfed” Bois… LUL! | World of Tanks Minotauro in Update 1.18

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Source: DezGamez

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World Tanks Controcarro 3 Minotauro, 10 Italian Tank Destroyer Gameplay. World Tanks Update 1.18 Patch Test Server Review – Italian Tank Destroyers. New Destroyer in World Tanks? What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.18 Patch.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Minotauro Changes
02:40 Announcement
04:50 Announcement Details
05:40 Live Battle 1
08:50 Battle 1 Results
09:10 Battle 2
16:10 Battle 2 Results
17:00 Conclusion

Update 1.18 Patch Test Srver notes: https://worldoftanks./en/news/updates/1-18-CT1/
Information used from: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/

Today let’s take Minotauro out for another ride, because WG tweaked some specs on it and some people are calling it a nerf… It’s more like a little balance, because some things got actually buffed.

What do you think?


  1. 1.18 is beind the doors, introducing quite massive amount of new things, rebalanced tanks/maps and Italian TDs. What do you think about those?
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    • Commenting here because of give away. I hope the minotuar’s lower plate will be easier to pen

    • The Problem with minutauro is its Armor.. OK let IT ne Like it but the WG need s to Nerf its Speed Ground res. / Engine Power / top Speed for such an heavy armored Tank its too fast it needs in the E3 / Maus area of Speed
      Nerf the gun handling


    • The max moving dispersion “buff” is most likely just because the top speed is lowered as it essentially just speed * moving dispersion. The math works out to0, .2 * 36 = 7.2 and post top speed nerf .2 * 30 = 6. why wg included this as a green “buff” is just confusing however technically true. it might be a buff if turbo’s don’t affect this though I doubt that.

      as for the pen changes losing 15 gold pen is much worse then getting 10 standard, 265 AP pen is not outstanding and low for tds anyways.

      The armor could definitely use a nerfs put it much closer to being balanced

    • I think the Minotauro is a nice tank in gun wise and armor wise, but speed is not it’s bright side. This makes the Minotauro comfortable and easy to play which is nice because tier ten is usually the opposite. Thanks for reading Dez! Username: spyder360 Server: NA

    • I am looking forward to this line but hope they are all (Tier 8 and 9) fun also, too many lines only have T10 as a good tank and I prefer to play in T9.

  2. I think the minotauro is still too storng. A great turret and a great gun is a amazing combo. I would add a bigger frontal cupola and maybe a weakspot in the mantlet. Oskari_Ville EU

  3. Minotauro should have at least one weakspot hull down…

  4. This vehicle looks like another behemoth that will kick my butt

  5. SanguineMalcontent

    All Wargaming had to do was make the cupola hittable when hull-down, too complicated a proposition for the balance team apparently….

    Server: NA

  6. Sjors Van Der Pijll

    I have played the Minotauro byself on the test server and I think its an underrated tank! Front armor is just great and realoading in only 8 seconds make you win a lott of 1v1 battles against other TD’s. I am glad the penetration is better right now. I bounched to often before with the result i wasnt be able to kill some one in one klib what makes i have to weight for the complete reload of 20 seconds….

    Killer_io (EU)

  7. Minotauro looks too strong. I think it should be even slower (like E3) or have a weaker cupola.

  8. they need to up grade exp and credits it coast war game nothing to give more credits and it might let people enjoy the grind an game a little more

  9. It has already some weakspots modeled. They need to be actual weakspots to not break theh game again

    Ironlegionaire EU

  10. new to wot player hope you have a good day tankers . 🙂 but i think this td is good armor that can push

  11. I still believe it is overpowered, armorwise. If it gets hull-down and its facing enemies up on front it will be next to impossible to bring it down. As for the increase in Penetrasion is welcome as it felt low.
    Username – sofdoperman
    EU Server

  12. Minotauro will be the first italian vehicle I am going to research. I hope it will be good even after nerfs as have recently come to like heavy gameplay
    Zenthon ASIA

  13. sadness, i grinded the kran out just before the nerf announcement. Guess I’ll get the mino now then.
    Username: ToIki (capital i in the middle)
    Server: Asia

  14. Seems way too strong to me, just like the Yoh tanks did. But this armor is no joke, it’s actually a hulldown beast, which cannot be said about Yoh, so it seems it will be quite a pain to deal with them.

    Server: EU
    Username: Zero_You

  15. Minotauro is going to be crazy OP. I will grind that tech tree immediately!

  16. I think it is a big nay. This tank is unneccessary in my opionion. WG promised other countries like Hungary where real tanks were made and were used not like in Italy…
    Server: EU
    Name: pontaz001

  17. Minotauro is just another hull down op tank

  18. They don’t need to tweak any of its stats and instead just put a good weakspot in its turret’s cupola. Those mobility nerfs won’t matter that much in early to mid game, where it actually dominates.

    Asia server

  19. Minotouro looks like an e3 with a turret get it hulldown and it’s even worse then facing a kranvagn.

  20. I think Minotauro is another Kranvagn, I feel like the changes are good enough. This tank needs a weakspot on the turret to be a fair tank.

  21. Cant really wait to get my hands on the Mino, seems sweet, has a juicy clip(which i adore), i don’t mind the mobility nerf – slap a bounty/bond turbo on it and you got it covered. Overall – seems a great tank. Thanks for the content Dez!


  22. Kristaps Kaspars Tavars

    Well looks like minotauro is bit better balances kranvang. It has 8sec interclip, turet doesnt go 360 and turet has biger side to hit and cant just turn to opponent if chain is locked

  23. The constant power creep is just not maintainable. Tanks like mause and T5H are just punching bags at the moment. They should have that kind of armor, where even the JE100 should struggle.


  24. I like it, it kind of for my gameplay.
    username: dv_vb
    server: EU

  25. I mean it looks cool and the ammo adjustment is nice but I still think the Armor looks too strong

  26. I feel like the armour is making this tank a bit op at least on the rig line. Other then that it is average yes the gun hits hard and it has pretty good penetration but the full reload is just too long to push alone.I hope it comes to the main server fast I am looking forward to playing it.
    Name: Killer123_456
    Server: eu

  27. We have the new ranked vehicle for ourself’s, but not that op as kran is, kran has insane burst damage compared to this.
    EU: matekek

  28. We already had many broken tank releases. Community will throw some hate on forums and then proceed to load gold to have a chance of penetrating weakspots. Nothing new in the game
    Kupsztas EU

  29. Server EU.
    Nick jonvabalis1
    This tank will be too overpowered…

  30. In which country “P” is pronounced as a “B”?

  31. Hey DezGamez
    Server: EU
    Username: Jambadoo
    I’m really hyped for this new Italian 🇮🇹 TD line as I’m Italian!! ahah I’m already ready to get the Tier 8 or even 9 as they look great!!
    My opinion of the Minotauro is that the TD line is actually a Heavy tank line, as I was always concerned with the low penetration values as even 265 is a heavy tanks pen not a TD…but I guess it would be super OP if it had even better pen… anyway all in all I won’t call them nerfs just changes to the tank…which even the tier 9 received a few… I think armour wise they are OP but with the mobility nerfs it will allow enemies to get around it and by perma-tracking you can deal with it easily…

  32. The minotaur is a nay from me. The high amor values is going to make it yet another game breaking tank and the gun seems very competitive too.
    Sergeant_A_C_S, EU

  33. i think monotaro will change the current meta for sure

  34. I think the Minotauro will do well in Random battles and will be very beginner friendly.

  35. Minotauro looks interesting and I will defenetly power-grind if it remains in the current state.
    Lux_Mandible, EU

  36. This thing looks just like another Kranvagn. it’s a bit slower and has a different autoloader but you’re still sitting hulldown with good gun depression and shot enemies who can’t really do anything about it.

    Username: MZ259
    Server: EU

  37. It is op, should have some weak spot on the turret
    nickname b1zz4r3 Server eu

  38. I want to see Ranked with 4 Minotauro each side. 5head_ EU

  39. I agree it seems like another kranvagn with a bigger magazine. It definitely needs a bigger weak spot on the turret though, other than that looks like a fun tank cant wait to grind.

    NA server

  40. I’m looking forward to the Italian TD line. It will be nice to have something overpowered in the game that is not Russuan!

  41. The minotauro will be pretty OP. I hope it’ll get nerfed. I think a less armor-more mobility should be better configuration for the italian TD-s, particulary if they are turreted.
    faymes05 EU

  42. It feels like the Minotauro is being made for the new maps that are all hulldown meta. It needs a frontal weakspot in some form or manner otherwise it will be the same issue as the kran.

  43. I wish they would buff the German Heaveys and make them the powerhouses they should be. Light tanks penetrating their fronts on standard ammo? stupid. Makes them unplayable. As for the new Italian TDs.. I love TDs but I think they will be OP in a platoon and on the higher point of the game when fighting alone. Username: Camthan, Server: NA Thanks!

  44. I have no idea if the Minotauro will fit my playstyle, but considering the italian tanks so far are my favorite T10 tanks I really hope so.
    Username: Rodar97
    Server: EU

  45. Username: Angry_Strawberry
    Server: EU

    The minotauro seems incredibly powerful, they nerf one OP tank and make a new OP tank, while not even nerfing the previous one properly, what the fuck is wargaming thinking

  46. I think the Minotaur is gonna be a very dominate tank and I feel like if it had around a 15 second reload without an auto loader it would be more balanced bc rn in the state it is in it even with the long inter clip reload it is still too op and with a long reload it wouldn’t allow the minotauro to be as dominate

  47. Dunno m8, if u remember e4 back in the day, it seems pretty similiar

  48. It’s a nay from me, looks straight up OP. We will see though how it goes…
    Keep up the good work Dez!
    NJ2011 on EU Server

  49. The minotauro will be very strong and annoying to deal with. No doubt it won’t be nerfed for a long time after its been released.

  50. minotauro will be a pain in the ass for the normal wot player. I will instant grind this haha

    Starscream_377 (EU Server)

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