Minotauro – Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Minotauro NEW Tier 10 Italian tank destroyer coming to World of Tanks in update 1.18. Here’s why it’s possibly going to be THE BEST TD!



  1. Best tank ever op

  2. One of the first!

  3. This tank terrifies me

  4. Big sad man, hull down td replacing hull down heavy. Got dam

  5. fikrst ???????????!”1!1!!1

  6. tbh this tank rocks

    • Its got everything… Mobility, penetration, dpm, burst, greatest armor model in the game, small weakspot, gun depression, shell velocity, great he shells… The gun handling aint that bad either

  7. Have they ever introduced a well balanced tank, they ALWAYS get it wrong the first time.

    • If it always happens then it’s intentional. It doesn’t take a double digit IQ to compare this tank to its peers. They know what they’re doing

    • The Yo tanks aren’t egregious in any way, I think they float 49%-50% WR. Think WG put too much expectation on the reserve tracks being super powerful when they’re just not bad.

  8. The frontal armor on this thing is just stupid. I remember the days when the IS-7’s turret was the toughest thing in the game. Now, compared to this, it’s like the turret of a WT auf E 100.

  9. wot blitz is way more fun tbh

  10. Typical wg, onto the next op line, untill its nerfed.

  11. Another broken piece of sh*t tank

  12. Random roblox games

    Love this vid

  13. i really want 1.18


    *I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*

  15. On a related note, the 12th anniv giveaways was a big letdown. When did WG become a cheapskate?

  16. Arty will have a field day dropping on all that green though.

  17. This rediculous amount of armor is just toxic for the game, not even gold of most tanks can go through it so it just encourages suicide rushes to get round the sides and back of it. Which brings frustration for everyone including for the Minotauro player who just got rushed. And those who wont rush will load gold, still bounce all their shots, rage and stop playing.

    Yes it has a weakspot but it’s small and at the back of the turret so it’s easy to hide as stated by QB.

  18. That shell did go through the turret of the EBR 105, I get that a lot in game.

  19. Remember when this game was fun?

  20. Bug, or this video just has no 720p?
    My internet is laggy and I need 720p so bad.

  21. Minotauro: My front armor will be Immortal
    Minotauro Vs Minotauro: You – You

  22. i remember when another italian heavy tank came out……from testsserver most thought it was the answer on the chieftain…but when the crowd get it it was the most shitty heavy

  23. anyway world of tanks is shit now

  24. I actually get a feel of the old T110E4…

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