MISSILE ACE (War Thunder Gameplay – IT-1 Ace Tanker)

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  1. star gamer brasil


  2. What tank should we play next?

    And I’m just thinking that with the low profile, decent speed mobility and
    good armor, plus mouse controlled missiles that the IT-1 is the best ATGM
    in the game currently. It’s a widow maker. Which do you think is the best

  3. star gamer brasil

    baron me love you me one brasilian fan of you

  4. Seconf

  5. ATGM dose absolutely nothing to the Maus

  6. Baron sign my nippels!

  7. Christoforus Abimanyu

    Hi baron :)

  8. Russia just has better tanks it’s not bias

  9. The tiger p show the allies true German strength

  10. Baron, do you even Stug 3 F bro?

  11. Jagdpanther

  12. Baron can you say hi to me and play 1-34-57 with yak 9k

  13. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    BEAROWN your new intro is super dank.

  14. i like the intro

  15. Baron Baron where do you spend your golden eagles?

  16. What is ur favorite rocket tenk?

  17. love that fucking intro man.keep up the good work

  18. You know what the real shitty part is about this patch? The US has yo once
    again grind to get a good shell while everyone else gets it right off the

  19. Michael Trần (Michaelmad)

    more funny custom battle?

  20. Next pls play the Bolo in air RB!!!

  21. Peace Army (박준효)

    notice me senpai!

  22. distinct olive (TK-526)

    #baronvonbias pls nerf

  23. die mouse

  24. der mouse

  25. Peace Army (박준효)

    asu-85 plox!!!!!!

  26. sometimes I think you talk to much and play less

  27. Intro music? Once again, he didn’t credit it in any way.

  28. jombow

  29. baron plea take out der jagdtiger

  30. Man….I totally forgot about the epic replays…..XD

  31. baron please is 3

  32. Dios mios is incorrect. Use “Dios mio” you were so close

  33. Strv 81 pls!!!!

  34. Рустем Шайдуллин

    It’s a matter of perspective. IRL IT-1 was super bad because it can only go
    against armoured vehicles, when army need infantry support (95% of the
    time) this thing is completely useless. While armour is amazing it’s
    nothing special against tanks of that time (and top tier tanks in the

  35. The russian/soviet stuff wasn’t/isn’t necessarely better. I just think they
    fit the War Thunder meta better than the ones from other nations. In real
    life how good a tank is (or was in this case) comes down to more than just
    what makes it good in War Thunder.

  36. Baron use the stug a, the low tier beast

  37. Who wants a realistic tank game?

    … Alright, your tracks are hit… You lose
    You got penned, and lost a crewman. Your crew is demoralized and tries to
    escape the tank

  38. I like your new intro baron!?

  39. Take Out the SU-122-54 😀 underrated bias axaxax

  40. which you make more world of warship videos

  41. What is the name of the intro tho

  42. Of fucking corse the Russian one is the best

  43. Flawless_Victoryy

    A Russian tank is the best in something? what a surprise…

  44. The reloading time of this tank is too fast. I checked it out in Wikipedia
    and they are saying that this tank has a reloading time of 25 sec.

  45. m551 is better

  46. Take out M551 Sheriadddddd

  47. Now we have red teams fulls of IT-1, the game its just broke for this shits

  48. It is WASD control because in real life it was joystick controlled.

  49. Joran Nijenmanting

    The intro ???? too good

  50. warthunder has been ruined by missiles and Russian bias

  51. Phly vs Baron opinion on best atgm tank fight!!!!

  52. justin De Ruyter

    SU-152 russian tonk killar

  53. Ze RakJPz 2

  54. I believe all ATGM vehicles have to stop to fire IRL .

    Also I guess they can add the BRDM-2 variant with ATGMS, at least one of
    the old ones.

  55. Christopher Walton

    Baron take out the M-60 or the LVT.

  56. baron, see how many tanks 1 rocket can go through

  57. Interesting, the first dude I watched thinks the Sheridan is the best ATGM
    Vehicle, watch another one, this dude says the Sheridan is worst ATGM
    vehicle, now, you say the It1 is the best ATGM Vehicle, guess I need to
    research them to find out………

  58. scheiße! the russian bastards are cheating!

  59. Baron, idea for custom. IT-1 vs M22 Locusts

  60. Russian equipment tended to be better ON PAPER, but in reality they offered
    little crew comfort, poor visibility and could be prone to mechanical
    failure, factors War Thunder cannot simulate.

    This is why Russian vehicles like the TU-4, IS3 or even the goddamn Tsara
    Bomba tended to seriously overcompensate on firepower or armour because
    subsystems like optics, fire control or ease of use were nowhere near
    Western standards.

    Until we can accurately simulate such secondary aspects ingame the Russian
    vehicles would continue to dominate. Any attempt to ‘rebalance’ would have
    to involve fidgeting with historical values which would be bad.

  61. Pls do the T95 with the new shell

  62. Baron, not sure about the intro, makes you look a bit gangsta. Shall I
    create you one?

  63. Stug 3 F, flank and spank.

  64. Strv 81!

  65. baron… fam… stop using the missiles like they’re aphe shells, when
    you’ve got 4-600mm of pen, and almost no chance of ricocheting, you can
    just hit the Upper glacis and wombo the entire crew. Aiming for the turret
    is just a waste of time (unless you know there’s no crew in the front of
    the tank)

  66. Baron you may not believe in russian bias but russian bias believes in you.

  67. Stug III F

  68. The Sturer Emil!!!

  69. xXx_420Pu$$y_Destroyer69_xXx.mlg

    The intro is really annoying

  70. Russian did make better versions of American weapons, they were really not
    that better but did perform better. America deserves the credit but never
    forget that Russia was in a slump and did not have a good time.

  71. id love to see the t29 with the rockeds

  72. IS – 2 pls

  73. venkat jaya deep

    No tank baron… Play the wyvern (or whatever it’s spelling is)… Pls
    bro… Wanna see its 16rockets go boom

  74. Tyrannosaurus Rex


  75. doesnt the bushes make it pay to win lol because it gives you camouflage

  76. IS3, to feel the pain of getting clubbed by heat and Cold War mbts.

  77. Honestly not a fan of the intro Baron 🙁

    Love the content though :D

  78. TrollinRageGamer

    More men of war Not just on Monday

  79. since anti tank missles are like heat rounds, it has HE capabilities

  80. # T- 35 tank rises again .

  81. 5:30 im hearing weird sound on background

  82. it’s Mäuse Kamerad ^^

  83. 百合ヶ咲るる

    the Tu-4 beats all of them


  85. Wow Baron, you have 600 mm of pen. power and you still manage to not
    penetrate the enemy tank. And shoot at the same spot like a noob. And get
    killed because of it on multiple occasions. That is OK. You don’t have to
    be good at the game to have fun. But than you should know better and don’t
    talk shit about things you clearly don’t understand because that is just
    poisoning. Especially when you dispute somebody who knows the game much
    better than you do.

  86. 13:34 Mauss with camouflage?? sure… we can never see Mauss with dat bush

  87. The tu 4 isnt a copy it an upgraded hijacked b29

  88. Play the T34 1942 mod

  89. there’s a reason for all russian top tier tanks being 10 years older than
    their other tech tree counterparts.

    Its because a Soviet tank from the same era would outclass its opponents in
    most ways. I.E. chieftain and Leo vs T-64 would be historically accurate
    but totally unbalanced.

    Thats because western war technology development had to take COST
    EFFECTIVENESS into account. Soviets didn’t that why they had superior
    vehicles but the population was almost STARVING at one point in time.

  90. one thing youve got to remember about why russian armor they did so well is
    because when the russians deployed armor they deployed close to double or
    triple the amount of armor the enemy did.
    you should read the book. The Tigers are Burning. it is extremely
    enlightening as to the success of russian armor tactics and hardware.

    WT ign LIONofNOLA

  91. you should do a tier 1 reserve Tank RB with tier 1 reserve planes and just
    do a whole series hilighting the best tank plane combos for RB

  92. Triple a battery gaming

    In arcade you can aim all atgm

  93. Use the jäger panzer

  94. or test some tanks in sim battles. its wicked stressful game play

  95. Nah…. M551 Sheridan is best ATGM tank….. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  96. The STRV is a pack I thought

  97. Yo is there anyone who knows the name of the intro song??

  98. atgm câncer

  99. May the force be with you Mr. Kenobi control you apprentice Anakin
    Skywalker bulldog

  100. baron your name in farsi language means rain!

  101. TheButcherBranflakes

    hey boron your rocket hit a another tank and you killed 2 tanks with one
    shot at 20:53

  102. do the M19 and pbj-1h

  103. 23:08 rubber branch

  104. Giorgi Kotliarovi

    play on strv-81.

  105. Id love to see if this works as a AA vehicle when needed, not for taking ou
    bombers at extreme range but the aircraft that players bring into arcade,
    or similar to your KV 2 vid just a load of these trying to splash some
    bomber pilots

  106. Mobile death bush for the win!!!

  107. ASU-57 PLEASE

  108. russian bias, pls nerf

  109. what is the intro song called?

  110. stephen kavelish

    in real life trees would stop ATGMs

  111. Sergey Chuprygin


  112. ROFL!! Point and Click. RB has actual aiming and some skilll until whatever
    br these things are at. ATGMs killed it for me. I’m not playing any br that
    faces those

  113. that strange guy over there

    pls what is that intro song???

  114. play the asu57

  115. give me a panzerfaust 60 i blow up this retarded t 34 what all this idiots
    praize in this idiotic community.

  116. for realistic reason it should not be allow to launch missile on the move ,

  117. Oh look, a russian tank again the best, what a shocker…seriously…i just
    want to see a European made game like War thudner WITH NO TIES with Russian
    developers…so we finally enjoy a game not made to bootlick Russians
    trying to bolster their ego.

  118. I want M103 Depleted Uranium rounds.

  119. Gaijin buffs bombs, people complains “It’s op”
    Gaijin nerfs bombs, people complains “we can’t kill anything”. Because
    people, people never changes

  120. your missiles have gone crazy because your launcher was damaged

  121. Try the ASU-85 it is really good

  122. RivasGaming RivasGaming

    Pz 2

  123. For balance sake they should have went with the PT-76 with the Malyutka
    launcher. Its armor would have been fairly similar to the Raketenjagdpanzer
    and the Sheridan.

  124. The it1 being able to shoot over a hill without showing its turret is
    bullshit if u ask me

  125. Víctor Matía Rodríguez (vitimiti)

    The thing with Russian tanks is they used to have a pretty nice slope,
    which was rendered useless with the Pz.IV F2 and onwards, unlike ingame,
    where even the driver’s hatch of a T-34 is a hard point, while in reality
    that’s where a Pz.IV F2 would prefer shooting at, since it would blow the
    little Soviet up. Another thing that won’t happen in game, either, is that
    the Russian guns, when they hit, hit hard, yes… IF they hit: they had
    really bad accuracy, while in game they have German accuracy, rendering
    glass cannon stupid useless for 1) small maps 2) Russian guns being as good
    for some magic reason as German guns. So I find it funny people say there’s
    no Russian bias, because if you analyze it, at least in ground forces
    (specially early ones), there is.

  126. I have hit a captured KV-1 on the move in a Sherman 76. It just requires
    some lead. And to make matters worse. I was going full speed.

  127. HEYY baron! the old intro was better, this intro is NOT BAD!

  128. Heinrich Friesen

    +BaronVonGamez The plural of “Maus” is “Mäuse” in german (spelled like
    moise or meuse)

  129. Kip Kleimenhagen


  130. I do think that WT has gotten a LOT better about Russian bias. However,
    nobody can deny that the matchmaker is just… COMPLETELY broken. I’m sick
    and tired of fighting T54s and M60 Pattons in my Tiger II H.

  131. Raketen Jagdpanzer 2

  132. Declan Vreijling

    asu 57

  133. Hitman3000hawk Gaming

    On ps4. everything is guided by the stick lol

  134. Fun fact: the Strv in Strv 81 means “Stridsvagn” in Swedish, literally

  135. War thunder in the last 2 days has gone proper “Silent hill”.
    I mean so many battles and im killed at battle start close to my spawn not
    just me the entire team.I was in a rb battle stalingrad just spawned and i
    got hit from 3 directions then my team mate drove in front of my panther 2
    and begged me to kill him?.

  136. Next tank bavron well obviously the german t34.

  137. Play the German kv-1B

  138. As you never reply thought i would say baron you suck sonny.

  139. Second_Medic bf p4f


  140. Next time play a Matilda and become a Dragqueen of deserts

  141. sickest into on YouTube

  142. hey baron you ever going to bring back world of warship



  144. the chieftain

  145. 15:53 POI

  146. What is snapshotting?

  147. Theres nothing wrong with the bombing tanks just need better ways of
    protecting themselves. the camo paint and the bush camo is a good start.
    but we need active smoke pods/ shells and armor upgrades to become

  148. ASU 85 300 mm pen heatfs at 6.7

  149. Baron don’t you have a GTX 970? Why are you playing without grass in tank
    sights, that shameful to me…..

  150. Play the M103 with Nuke rounds or The T54 or gulag

  151. Those MG idiots dont realize that every time they do that, they are giving
    your position away to the enemy. So annoying, especially as they are in
    enemy territory, and nearly deserves a TK IMO.

  152. T-10 for the Rodina (Mother Russia in Russian)

  153. I’m glad you like it but they have screwed this game up. They need to spend
    more time fixing their match making.

  154. CHIEFTAN pls ik its not the greatest but whi carez

  155. PhlyDaily think the M551 Sheridan is the best ATGM tank.

  156. illuminati Is real

    Play the ASU-85 for Soviet Russia and the great Stalin!!

  157. 30 second unskippable ad in the middle of the vid?.. Come on Baron

  158. Intro is nice but damn is it super loud..

  159. One time I was playing either World of Tanks or War Thunder and one of my
    teammates wouldn’t stop ramming me and shooting me with his mg so I shot
    him once so he would leave me alone and accidentally one shot him and he
    blew up. Which would be normal if I wasn’t in a Panzer III while he was in
    a way better tank. Don’t remember what he had.

  160. I want you to play a tank made out of rainbows… or the american t28

  161. While I am not a fan of the ATGM vehicles, I have to say the M551 is pretty

  162. Baron a challenge proposal! The cromwell RP-3 in tier 8!

  163. The IT-1 is certainly user friendly, but the rakaten just has so much more
    power and it can load two missiles at once.

    If you time your positioning and shooting you will outplay most IT-1s

    around Russian vehicles. It’s not necessarily some big sinister conspiracy
    of Gaijin trying to keep western players out or anything, it’s the simple
    fact that it’s a Russian game, so it’s going to have Russian bias in it.
    Just about every AAA video game has some form of racial bias albeit subtle.

    <3 u barron

  164. Please, Baron, please make a video about adding the sturmtiger to war
    thunder. It would be amazing to own such a beast.

  165. ASU-85

  166. And then Sabres rebalance MiG-17 with supersonic dives and Sidewinders.

  167. I vote char B 1 *Kappa*

  168. How about some M551 Sheridan gameplay, baron?

  169. I seems the guided missiles are a little bit unfair in realistic battles,
    easy to aim on any distance

  170. Whats his intro song

  171. Baron, do a custom battle where you use the TU-4’s bottom turrets to
    gunship the shit out of some tier 1 tanks / SPAA. No bombs, just turrets.

  172. Hey baron, this is off topic but I was thinking that since you love seeing
    the experimental and just downright odd vehicles in war thunder, do you
    think you could try out making a video of you just digging through the web
    trying to find aircraft that never saw the light of day? Like the TB2D
    Skypirate or the XC-120 Packplane? I think it would be a really fun idea

  173. …. t32 ate 3 missiles cause you shot its turret 3 times. WHY!!!!! just
    hit the hull, and boom ammo rack. you consistently go for the turret on
    tank when you have a clear ammo rack shot in the hull

  174. Play the KV-2 754(r), the Kaiser of Derp.

  175. Why won’t phly and baron play together anymore, and they both stopped
    playing world of warships.

  176. Enrichment Drive

    Hmm , phly believes that the American atgm is best, I also believe it is
    fantastic but I don’t have the it 1 so I can’t com pare

  177. M551 Sheridan is by far the best ATGM in game. It had a conventional 152mm
    main gun to wreck even the hardest Stalinium armor and ATGMs. It’s speed is
    unmatched by any other ATGM in game and yes, even thought the Brit’s ATGM
    has a main gun, it doesn’t have near the amount of missiles as the
    Sheridan. If there are any points I missed, or a possible argument, please
    let me know but for now, this is the best ATGM in game.

  178. Play Az Ze Tiger 2

  179. the british tier 4 heavy tank the canarvon THE BRITISH BIG BOOTY

  180. It’s “Mäuse” btw ;-)

  181. Reinis Birzgalis

    of corse missale not gona go trought three nooobster,chech first things
    about missiles

  182. can i ask the baron the play the Avenger?
    (the tier 3 British twat)

  183. Play as the German KV-2

  184. I would love to see you play the IT-1 on larger maps like kursk where you
    can do some sniping. Great video anyway :)

  185. Akaliptos O Megalos

    Of course the Russian atgm is the best

  186. Terrain Occlusion is still an issue with IR Guided missiles. Things like
    smoke and debris seems to affect their guidance drastically.

  187. baron, your “tu4 russian bias” argument about having the same performance
    is incorrect. the tu4 actually had more powerful engines so it would be
    faster and would climb better. so the copy and pasted performance is more
    of a balance then one sidedness

  188. Murica stronk: -Cobra King
    -P47 rockets and bombs

  189. ur missle veered cuz ur launcher was damaged

  190. aries paddayuman

    Its Time To Add…The German Super Tank Destroyer Or Rather Assult
    Gun…Gaijin Please Add….The STURMTIGER

  191. Sheridan says too speed is 50kph and it1 top speed says 50kph. the German
    one goes 70kph

  192. Luca-marius Thorn

    pls play the strv 81

  193. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    Greatest breakthrough since the torpedoes .


  195. Atgm tanks are ruining warthunder. At least for me idk about anyone else? I
    hope I’m not alone.

  196. another bullshit tank to the russians… time to get banned and uninstall
    this russian propaganda of a game.

  197. maus vs it-1

  198. this tank is so aids lol

  199. the Maus is useless now ):

  200. slick is annoying sometimes

  201. Sheridan is better

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