Missile Tank Destroyers / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The 20th century introduced – combat vehicles with sturdy armour and powerful guns that quickly became the backbone to land combat operations. After WW1, they played a part in almost every big conflict, so it's only natural that with people came up with special weapons to counter this threat – like anti-tank guided missiles that were introduced in the 1950s. Today 're going to talk about the best missile tank destroyers in War Thunder, from the German Wiesel to the Soviet Khrizantema.



  1. wtc-war thunder clips-

    wait a second, HOW THE HELL DID A SPAA G GET ON OUR LIST OF BEST TANK DESTROYERS? War Thunder Narrator, 2022

  2. The IT-1 is overpowered and shouldn’t be ingame, not going to elaborate

  3. Why does the wiesel not have anyone outside on the launcher? It does not work that way…

  4. No Acra or Mephisto..?

  5. Tiger 2 fighting BMP-1 with heat ammunition and guided rocket : hey I know that one

  6. 0:19 “after world war one” um I’m pretty sure you meant WW2

  7. How do I go about putting a decal on my vehicles? I can’t find those I was awarded.

  8. If you guys modeled the Mephisto correctly, it would have a 23 hp/t weight ratio, can achieve 110 (on roads), and can resist up to 14.5mm in close range and autocanons at further ranges. Would easily be best ATGM carrier if modeled correctly.

  9. Wall-e Tank

  10. Emmanuel Cy Coyoca

    my T-54 are crying from these

  11. Bring the mause back for 60 dollars

  12. Is the M901 in-game as unreliable as the real thing was? Was attached to an M901 crew on exercise back in the early nineties and that thing was dire….

  13. it’s nice, it’s just a shame that the battle is already decided at the beginning, so unfortunately the game is not enjoyable, it’s a shame RIP

  14. They forgot the type 60 atm 🙁

  15. what about the strv bill it got both missles and 40mm

  16. 1:13 ah, so you guys admit that it’s an SPAA. Time to correct it in-game from being a “tank destroyer” to the SPAA that it actually is.

  17. Where is the cessna a-37 / dragonfly??

  18. Add the EBRC Jaguar pls

  19. what i don’t get from this game (player since 2014) is how vehicles like the Ratel ZT32A can’t shoot while on movement (at least on 5-10km/h) while being literally a truck with 6 tires and STABILIZER on the turret, laser rangefinder and IR+NVD view but i have to stop literally to 0km/h before shooting the missile.

  20. yo one of our boys suicided..wanna make something usefull?

  21. Q: if there is an IS 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, where is 5?

  22. Ok just wondering what happend to the shorts division of the war thunder channel, I mean the content they post doesn’t seem like something that an official game channel would post, but I’m not complaining.

  23. A: Nothing whatsoever. It is a nearly pointless addition, added assumably because they can make trailers look cool. The only thing it can do in-game is kill open-topped vehicles very slowly, and I’d like to see anyone name more than 2 vehicles like that above BR 8.7

  24. I love the swingfire. The ability to shoot up and over your own cover makes it great, shame it wasn’t even mentioned.

  25. Plis add the MAUS

  26. nice how they didnt even mention the IT-1 with its unique feature of firing on the move which no other ATGM vehicle can. Its because it was such a good tank, not because this feature was “accidently” overseen when other vehicles of this class lost the feature )))))

  27. Submarines in main game when Gaijin

  28. air battle or ground battle ?

  29. Puma needs the MELLS system.

  30. I have a question, where did the other narrator go?

  31. We need br decomposition

  32. 4:51 you can see that (presumably the front drive) wheel is spinning (way) faster than the track is moving the tank forward. This should be synchronized.

  33. Lately I play this game less due to the bad matchup, it is unfair and unplayable, we were 8 friends when we started playing it and only me is left and the reason is the bad matchup in all game modes. Fix it Gaijin, it’s the main cause of game abandonment.

  34. If you add Yugoslavia I’ll marry your daughter and kiss your mom

  35. You know these are really cancerous vehicles right?

  36. How is the weasel not on here?

  37. ElectronicControl3R

    I adore warthunder !

  38. Wall-e?

  39. British bomber captured He 111 H3

  40. They forgot the zachlam tager

  41. My IT-1 still reigns superiority

  42. No Ratel ZT3 ? No Ratel 20 ?

  43. for me, its the nashorn
    A lot of pain but when you get a good spot sniping is so rewarding

  44. sad they didn’t call m901 by its real name… Wall-E


  46. Fredherc Mari Caubang

    Dude, where’s the Swingfire anti-tank guided missile-armed tank destroyers, such as the FV102 Striker as well as the FV432 APC-based FV438 Swingfire?

  47. Fredherc Mari Caubang

    Also, where’s the BMPT Terminator tank support fighting vehicle?

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