Mistakes Bad Players Make in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

In players are faced with constant decisions to avoid traps and mistakes. Here’s some of the common ones!


a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Honestly, I’d like to think I’ve improved at this game significantly, I took a whole year hiatus cause i was so trash and was frustrated spinning my wheels, never getting any better. Since I picked it back up, my total average win rate still hasn’t improved much overall, but it has over the last 6 months or so. I can definitely say I have improved for sure rather than just luck or carries by my team, because my average damage, and average xp earned have been on a constant uphill. It was all from watching your videos, your livestreams, and picking up your tips and tricks.

  2. The biggest mistake is they look at their win rate, see it’s under 48%, and think nah winning doesn’t matter, and keep on playing like bad players as they do not care how they use up others time. When you are a bad player and your mistakes lead to the team losing (hence you low win rate) you hurt the players who do not get the win bonuses, force them to play more, etcetera. If you do not care about winning, then simply do not play.

  3. yo guys IM new to this game and IM grinding on IS-3 completely stock and I cant win any of my games can you give me some tips or what should I research first?

    • Get the gun and the turret first. Also be passive until you have the top engine and only show your turret.

  4. i remember this game from stream. first ever time cuz i rarely watch any streams

  5. I remember when I first aced my T-10 I got 8k dmg and 3k blocked

  6. does it really matter that noobs make mistakes? when RNG can make the perfect calculated play by an experienced pro completely irrelevant if all your shots miss/bounce/ricochet and low roll while the completely outplayed noob can just put in multiple shots for free and all of which high roll and crit you.

    • David CWS · 88 years ago

      I feel you.. They literally snapshot you while moving out of cover but your fully aimed stationary shot missed totally..

    • @David CWS · 88 years ago yeah its total BS.. all those lost games to capping cos RNG says “fuck you” to your whole teams hard work. Or just even getting screwed over while some 45% bot can just get a free kill on you. I was in ranked the other day and some CS-63 player with 48% wr put 3 shots in me and they all high rolled for 60-90 dmg than his avg, while all 3 of my shots yeeted themselves on the edge of his turret and ricocheted.. he got to kill me. And we won the battle so i was screwed out of a chevron

    • A big part of being good at the game is to be able to negate that RNG as much as possible

    • David CWS · 88 years ago

      @Lenny yeah… And WG knows that so they design gold ammo for you.. A good game will not have RNG that will massively affect gameplay experience

  7. The commander voice actor is so calm, he knows what tank he drive in and who control the tank LOL 😂

  8. Still special rounds since we can all afford them for free

  9. my biggest mistake is downloading WoT

  10. YEAH thats cute. but go to the first position in this movie when 70 percent time in games ur alone there because rest of idiots go on second side of map. now pls tell me how to rush good position when most games is lemming train on one side of map and second side is 2 tanks xd rushing position dont make changes in 14-1 games

  11. 1.13 kills game for me. KV-2 is not fun anymore game is not fun anymore.
    Ebr:s destroy Light tanks before and I just unistall.

  12. The T-10. The tier 9 I’m currently grinding.
    Another great informative video QB.

  13. Another mistake is when you choose another vehicle other than Russian.

  14. Everytime i try to get into a strategic position i always get destroyed instantly because i almost always get outnumbered and my allies always left me behind 🙃

  15. First mistake quiybaby makes every time is to assume the others want to win or to max damage. Most just play games for having fun and really to not care about winning or stats or Teamplay. And even if that annoys you, it is your fault for assuming it. If you play random battles, you have to live with that.

  16. You should start playing War Thunder.

  17. Surly to show the mistakes NORMAL people make it’s would have been better to play in a normal tank, tier 6 (ish) with mediocre skills. Just a thought

  18. Gold rounds! Lol, I can fire shed loads and get no damage at all. And before you say it I aim at underbelly, tracks and nothing

  19. Reading the comments here it seems many if not most are peed off with the game and you should look for an alternative subject mate. 😉

  20. this video just proved who i am

  21. Mistake #1 – they watch quickybaby.

  22. Haha bad players, and you Qb with preferential matchmaking. Play this game like regular players. Unicorns and cheters destroys this game with Wg helping you.

  23. Demarticus Stone

    The biggest mistake is your videos still being in 720p, get with the program there, bud.

  24. I completely disagree. Too many players attack and have neither the equipment nor the skill to attack successfully. The only thing they achieve is to feed the good players score and too loose the battle. Your advice here is totally one sided into the favor of the top players. Average players should use positions where they can take cover and fight defensively, denying a fast victory to players who know how to attack. The skill to attack is something that comes with experience.

    • But the problem with that is that most of them dont know how to fight defensively either, and end up either holding useless positions or being out of the fight completely.

  25. Want an avg exp boost? -Max your view range. It will give you and your team mates more things to shoot over time.

  26. The biggest mistake players make is to do nothing. I see a lot of people sitting behind their team and watching it die, instead of pushing forward and helping out.
    And not only do they nothing, they then later complain about the team, even tho they’re the ones with a 49% WR.
    If your WR is below 54%, you’re likely not in a position to complain about the team.

  27. This charade QB is trying to sell is laughable. Playing and pretending he likes his f2p-account so he can cater to bot-kids. Selling ridiculous nonsense ideas like that you are able communicate and co-op with your team. QB-fanboys are seriously the most naïve and gullible players. It’s all about money and saying what his community likes and nothing about reality.

  28. How to get that CC Ru commander in EU-server?

  29. just have fun. i drink n play n laugh like a drain but still try my best. gettin really tired of new players calling me a noob 🙂

  30. Smebjulak The 3rd

    I stopped going into that dip after the 5th time in a row i died there with practically 0 dmg because noone followed me there

  31. Kenneth W. Lovette

    Thanks, wise instruction.

  32. I watch the best replays channel all the time amazing games but I have yet to see one of those games be with a person that doesn’t use premium ammo as the primary ammo. Is that what it takes to have those games or skill. What if they made premium ammo gold again I wonder if those players would have the same kind of epic games. What do you think QB

  33. Well it feels like the playing community is getting more and more toxic, often I ping a position and write what tank is there (if it wasn’t spotted so far) and several people start writing: Noob go spot for yourself or you idiot who cares. I won’t say I am a decent player but I stay above my 53% winrate and often check after the match the player that wrote those things and it’s often 45-55% winrate player

  34. Most common mistake bad players make? Not playing an overpowered Russian tank.

  35. Players don’t rush to the good positions because they’ve been so badly trolled by RNG in the previous 10 games they want to try and last more than 30 seconds on the battlefield

  36. Sorry QB, so if a player has a 49% win rate he or she is a bad player? MM is not often on our side. Very often I play in teams with an average ranking of 5000 against teams with an average of 6000 rankings. The best way to make it better for bad players like me is to give all players above 7000 ranking their own MM, look what happens then.

    • MM has nothing to do with it since everyone gets the same shitty matchmaking

      The only constant in every match you play is you

  37. Sebastiaan Kloks

    Hey qb, love your videos. Just wanna say that i most enjoy your best moments videos and i’d love to see the new one. Obviously its a lot of work for phill to make them, but hope to see it soon. Keep up the great work

  38. Tier 7 content anytime qb?????

  39. Pro tip: don’t play arty, don’t play lights, only play Russian heavies. You can’t outthink WG’s huge pro Russia bias. The game is dull now, only corridor strategies work.

  40. 90&% of the WOT Players are living in shelters where mental ill people live. Its a fuck GAME with the worst community

  41. “Hi everyone, it’s the motherfucker here, and welcome back to one more of my monetised videos so that I can make more money out of you by playing a game rather than having an actual job” – lmao

  42. can you feature my friend RaZo_r s gameplay with his kranwagn, he got 11k dmg, 11kill game with it. Also said he carried the whole game. The replay is found in WoT replays

  43. Make videos for mistakes in each map pls.

  44. I can confirm that bad players (I was a complete noob, now I’m 48% win rate, I know not the best), that we make all of these mistakes all the time. The thing that hinders them from getting better, is that they blame their team or the pay to win enemies for their own mistakes, so they never learn.

  45. Mistakes Bad YouTubers Make:
    *Use free camera and lose all the action.*

  46. What crew voice is that?

  47. Martika Kotopoyli

    i have thousand times done the best critical, decision. Alas my allies….did their best so that in the end my best is of no use! In fact in previous year match….We lost…and i had the 2nd player stats for both teams in damage and XP!!! Its all in the fate and fortune cookies i think. Its a roulete. we are not players we are gamblers!

  48. The term you were talking about is investing creds to gold round instead of spending them. True rule that can be applied to a lot of situations $$👍

  49. I’d like to propose a small riddle: When you want to take an oppertune position on a map but you’ll only arrive there with either a teammate and/or too late. And subsequentially stand versus an overwhelming force of early arrivers or bullshit tanks that cant be dislodged. And neither does any of the maps allow you to truly alter your approach to the combat in that situation.
    Not to mention that clutch-RNG failure can cost you a position by simple virtue of you missing while the enemy gets RASHA-RNG … Was that a bad-player mistake? Or is that just the game expressing its most stupid and bonkers inner workings?

    I get what you’re trying to say QB, but so many plays in this game are such ride-the-line type of scenario’s that the difference between just plain bad and a game-based shitstorm become irrelevant.

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