Mistakes were made.. – LT-432

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  1. hello friends

  2. So I’m going to be little Timmy and when are you going to make a high lights video?

  3. The mistake was made in the title. So meta.

  4. People asked for a game where i failed/misplayed.
    Whelp here you go 🙂

    • Why did you go for vents and not vstabs ?

    • I don’t think so. you weren’t misplayed, you were actually outplayed at the end by that easy 8 driver. he just got you. and it’s not about that arty shot either, it’s more about your team were complete muppets.
      congrats for ace tanker, and kudos to the easy 8 driver.

    • +damyr i think he actually might have been able to kill the e8 if he had tried to circle it rather than facehug

    • ​+dragonstable54 he could, there’s no question about it, but E8 with some smart play few moments before and with his decisive moves made him doubtful. it was visible Circon was panicking a bit.

  5. My friend can u update ur mods?

  6. You know what? Whenever I see LT-432 I keep thinking of an FV-432 variant with a turret and a gun on it, instead of this Raaaashaaaaa tank.

  7. #Circonflexes
    I think you should of posted 2 replay’s for that abysmal failure on your part in this 11:17 short vid !

  8. God damn arty. Still a good game Circon. Just look at the resulta.

  9. failed/misplayed??? Dude u were amazing! bloody teams like that , make me wanna cry..

  10. Even the title has an easter egg, sup Circon :]

  11. The guy clearly saw where you were going unsure why you still chose to go the same way…. especially a path with 0 escape routes…

  12. Master badge on a loss…wish my “bad” games were like this 😉

  13. I saw a glitch at 3:27 the LT 432 took damage. Wargaming pls fix.

  14. *T-50-2 is out*
    *Plays with LT-432*

  15. The camping prevention has struck once again. Fair and balanced as usual

  16. Arty are balanced, what do u mean ? lel

  17. As we can clearly see @ 8:00, -7 deg. of gun depression in pancake tank is not enough .. WG please buff.
    GG. Mistake? I think that after the LT ambush (5:40) I would try to sneak thru “1” line and then “E” line on map edges and try to join forces with remaining LT.. still GG^2 game 🙂

  18. F***in Skills man!

  19. that parkour jump at the end shiiiiiiet. also fuck this tank i hate it, its cancer in games atm

  20. I was expecting a carry from the amx 13 75 ??

  21. if if if will get you no redrum

  22. i love those shemale arty with xvm focusing unicums every game from tier 5 to tier 10

  23. So m12 can splash you and make 600 dmg…. this men…

  24. Been getting oneshot by arty A LOT lately. Have they changed anything recently with arty cause getting this many penetrating shots shouldn’t be common anymore, right?

  25. WTF you died? You are human, I don’t get a chance to catch your stream. This is something new for me.

  26. why did you not go around the m4 when he was in front of you??

  27. Im sorry ,was the misplay not carrying the potatoes to a win?

  28. why is it always the toptier game he uploads

    • 1) not all of his features are top tier
      2) the point of this video was that he made mistakes that cost him the game. Doesn’t really matter whether he was top tier or not

  29. Doing nearly 4k just in dmg, killing more than half of the enemy team, and still blaming himself for not winning? So that’s how it feels being really good at WoT.

  30. Are you not entertained???

  31. Arty will be the death of wot

  32. My gawd, my analogical clock was in synch with the battle timer

  33. Good afternoon. Hats off to you man for sharing this game.

  34. Gotta love the poonatration. .

  35. You seem to like orgyporgy as you continue to place self in flank fire positions

  36. Look at lemmings games a bit. Not just your team. Adjust to at best….

  37. Best upcoming vids are multi-viewpoint. …

  38. Major air x-games there

  39. Why not flank and de-arty first as you seemed to like flying about here an there..

  40. I wonder why he never fixed the turret. The cooldown period certainly has passed, even if he just used the repair kit the moment you got killed.

  41. One of the only classes that is still punished by arty are lights. Like lights get cucked enough.

  42. Urrah for Soviet Pancake of death! Iz good tenk, Da?

  43. So much could be solved if WG did two things:
    1. “No arty” option
    2. Skill-based MM

  44. Personally I would have pulled a handbrake as soon as i went dark. But that is just me loving handbrake turns

  45. I had an LT-432 on my team earn a Radley-Walters today and win the game. Here on Sand River, actually. My limited exposure makes me feel that they’re a little broken and not great for the game.

  46. I think arty should not be allowed to damage lights. Like if they take the time to aim and get a direct hit, just auto bounce and instant death for arty. And the arty players be like “You’re right dawg, you’re right.”

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