MISTER MOON (War Thunder)

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MISTER MOON (War Thunder)

In a more sensual way 🙂

Thumbnail Credit – https://live..com//886544/en/

#strv-103 #swedishwedge #notambt #itsatankdestroyer


    Recording a video on the PV-2D Harpoon right now! And also sneak peak into video this week https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPhly/videos/975663452884114/

  2. Hey phly do you know if we can get your roundel on consoles id like one but don’t really know how

  3. exactly.. “mr. Moon” is “Next target”…

  4. WT players are constantly claiming how bad WoT is. Well actually in wot there is no spawn camping. Artillery is not as deadly as planes in WT. It is actually less pay to win the WT, which is even surprising to me tbh. The grinds are easier in wot. On the other hand WT has a much more mature playerbase, which is an absolute plus. I like both games, but you guys should start doing something about the bullcrap WT devs are doing.

  5. Can you do another movie this time on the death of IJN Yamato

  6. Can you put a weeb decal on your next vid?

  7. Can we have the captions with the faces a permanent thing, I couldn’t sop laughing as you changed the hat when you switched to Russian

  8. Also got a challenge for for you, while using the Churchill mk1, unlock enough points to get an aircraft. The catch is you can’t shoot or capture objectives. Trust me it’s actually a lot of fun, I do it all the time

  9. Do not speak swedish ffs xD

  10. i know u don’t take requests anymore but please try out the ki 84 hei

  11. Shaquille Petera

    You know what’s worse than some chick not knowing which side her fuel tank is on?

    Some chick going to a Fuel Station and putting fuel… in a TESLA!

    Like bruh, how dumb are some people.

  12. I was yesterday in your round mate both of us were in a M4 was on the snow map 😁

  13. Imagine how much nicer this thing would be if the gun had just 5 degrees of horizontal traverse.

  14. noone expects the swedish inquisition

  15. Just some guy with surprised expression

    Me: _About to sleep_

    Phly: _Uploads_

    My finger on my phone: *The fastest click in the West*

  16. Me: Does anything in Swedish Tank Commander: MISTER MOOOON

  17. Hey phly can you play the fw200 condor again?

  18. What is left +ctrl option on this tank and how it works?

  19. Finally I Know How to get the Phloppy Sticker

  20. hey phş/yl ı am in your discord but what should ı do in the welcome room

  21. the best thing about this tank is that it poops out the used shells

  22. August de Lencquesaing

    Hey Phly loving the content. Can you please try out the M10 wolverine since you only played it once ever on the channel. As a backup you should take the first model P51 with the 20mm cannons. Thanks keep up the good work

  23. 11:20 did i miss something? why is he still alive with 1 crew member remaining?

    • Because this tank can be operated by a single operator. The backwards driver is also the radio operator, the tank commander is the shooter and commander, obviously, and the foward driver can do the same as the commander.

  24. What’s this?? I commented on a Phly video asking for no background music and the old intro to come back, and I *actually got it?!* The gods have blessed me!

  25. Now this is some good old fashioned Phlydaily content right here, high quality, low IQ Warthunder gameplay, exactly what I signed up for! ;D

  26. ליעד כהן

    How can I see full HUD of my plane ?
    Like ammo and fuel and oil + water temp

  27. Anyone else thinking the b-25j1 should be 3.0 and not 4.0?

  28. Phly, pls play t44 100 or I will call the FBI on you.

  29. Товарищ Дэвлд

    11:34 how you can be alive with just 1 crew member

  30. Raditya Kuncoro Jati

    M48 super pls

  31. brümmbär Orkun

    This lady reminded me to another woman who tried put gas to tesla… Ok you put a new literature into svergie. İt calls mister moon.

  32. where my swedish bois at?

    kom igen nu grabbar!

  33. Devastating Joke


  34. phly when the right side of his body starts to hurt : 8:49

  35. Rumba - Querformance

    Aiming with this “thing” feels like the Viva la Dirt Video with the Console Aim some weeks ago 😀

  36. the old music. My hart just burst a little lol. love you phly

  37. Can you bring back bomber crew for a video

  38. When the shell casing is ejected, this thing looks like a pooping kitchen appliance… Am I seeing things?!

  39. I’m gonna sound like an idiot but in scope mode how do you move you x axis up and down

  40. Phly, 24th February 2021, 30 years since Operation Desert storm

  41. Alexandru Baidoc

    try microsoft air simulator 2019


  43. google translate says nästa mål
    translates to next target

  44. “50Km/h”
    – Yeah if you fallin of a mountain…

  45. 15:26 They said “nästa mål” and I’m Swedish myself

  46. Moin Phly, wir muessen reden.

    Phly: “…and if buy a hundred dollars worth of stuff at 3%, you get a 300% discount…”

    I love your videos and you are an amazing player and have a magnificent humour, but I suggest you brush up on your math (at least the percentage part)

    if get a 3% discount, the amount you spend with that discount, does not matter, it will always be 3%
    you could say you save 100 times the 3% on each dollar, when you spend 100 dollars, which I think is what you mean, but it is not the same as what you said. Think of it as a resulting factor of 0.97 multiplied by any value of money you want to spend, it will never be more or less than that.

    Now I know you have a fairly … unique humour sometimes, so I am not sure if this is an intended running gag, but in any way this might be interpreted as false advertising (just watching out for you, mate)

    Anyways love your content and your positive attitude, started watching your videos, when you were playing the Atlanta. Good times. Still wish, I had bought the Gremyashi. Come to think of it, I started watching your channel, when I was living in NZ, then in England, then Scotland and now in China, thanks so much for the laughs and priceless entertainment.

    All the best and stay healthy, mate.

  47. 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

    It’s kind of amazing how Gaijin is still trash at designing maps and setting spawn points

  48. Here in the summer in Sweden there is no sun just rain and of course a moon as well

  49. Yukari_Senshadou

    so satisfying when phly dies in a sweden tank. I really hate the whole swedish techtree.

  50. Me: *Watches War Thunder*
    YouTube ads: Okay heres World of Tanks

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