MM is fair and balanced. – Prot. T28 – World of Tanks

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  1. Thiago Bulhões Vianna de Cerqueira Leite

    Is there anything wrong with the pc, circum?

  2. Curious how “Nip it in the bud” becomes “Zip it in the butt”

  3. General Saufenberg

    prot t28= best scout in the game 😂

  4. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    The T28 Prot is a prime example that Tier spread is effing up a tank. Vs Tier 6 the Prot is a king. Vs Tier 9 it is a fool.
    Some tanks should get a certain MM all the time.
    I was so happy to be done with it I did not even 1-mark it, although being on 64%.

  5. But the max roll at the end was the twist we all wanted to see

  6. I actually enjoyed both the T28sThey are just reliable. Its hard to have a really shitty game in them as long as you dont miss all the action because of the low speed. Still in blue with both of them.

  7. Wait? The T28 prototype has an armoured top for the turret? I swear it was open topped?

  8. The best comment from Chat, ‘if it’s down to leaders, US and UK are Turbofucked’

  9. 0:13 “…die to this virus. well I can see how you think that way, seeing as you’re an arty specialist.” LOL circon you can’t do that at the beginning of the video already, you’re killing me

  10. Could have console match making

  11. Circon my g

  12. How we doing

  13. If you got about 1000 heineken people now, you will have everything closed when the carlsberg peopel take over in 2 weeks. So yeah, if you got travel plans its time to cancel!

  14. Imagine running into an oho in a tier 6 tank with 0 armor and hes got a derp gun….

    • @Wargaming Super Noob of course. Are T-54s not run with full heat these days.

    • Wargaming Super Noob

      @Frenchiee 96 Ive run into some that I assume don’t have any HEAT in my 257 and they are just bouncing off my front and not bum rushing me

    • @Wargaming Super Noob that’s awkward. I used to go full heat cause i stopped playing back when the maus was OP as fuck. Every game was nothing but super heavies so i went full heat no fucks given

    • Forgetting about the kv-2 are we?

    • @Sean Taylor the KV-2 isnt an unpennable fucking fortress my guy. The KV-2 also doesnt have disgusting gun depression. The oho and oni shouldnt see plus 2 period. Japanese super heavies should lose the derp guns to begin with

  15. Yo Circon really nice game but I have here something interesting when we talk about T28 Prot. Nerve cracking low hp Game that almost ended with a Heartbreak. IF you or anyone else wanna check it it here it goes:

  16. This game will never get balanced while +/-2 MM is a thing.

  17. Prot scout

  18. “you could drive a 50 year old Lada with a hand grenade and if it’s +2 you’re good” DED. My mom grew up in Iron Curtain Germany driving Ladas.

  19. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I accidentally 3 marked this tank while grinding t30, i love this tank.

  20. do you never play tier x?

  21. The Sanity Assassin

    “The tank only looks good cause its -2 match making guys, like you could drive like a 50 year old Lada with a hand greneade and if its +2 you’re fine” Circon 2020

  22. What scares me the most is how everybody looks at the “world leaders”. This shit will solve itself in no time if left alone. “World leaders” will turn it into an actual mess, to put it mildly.

  23. i liked this vehicle, but god damn did it earn shit worth of credits. It is so damn expensive to use.

  24. To the man that mentioned Taiwan, I tip my hat to you sir. We have fewer cases than the Netherlands while we have more population, a higher population density, and is literally next to China lmao. Our country had 17 years (After SARS) to prepare for this and it worked out pretty alright although it could’ve been better.

    • @Incompetent_ that’s impressive. In germany we have like 8000 cases and 14 deaths I believe

    • @mnieh Yeah I’ve heard it is pretty bad there, we have 77 active cases, 22 recovered, and 1 death. Hopefully you guys can make it out of this without more serious damage.

    • @Incompetent_ I highly doubt it. My mom flew from Barcelona to germany and wasn’t checked once. Yes, the borders to denmark, poland (and benelux I believe aswell? dunno) are closed, but traveling via plane isn’t restricted in any way. good for circ I suppose, but really bad when you think about the whole situation.

    • It aint over yet…

    • @mnieh Oof that sounds like Europe is heading down some deep shithole. Yeah that really isn’t good at all. If they don’t start closing the borders than the virus would just keep spreading around Europe.

  25. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Best thumbnail ever Circon 😀

  26. Mieluş Alexandru

    That gun is sooo good and sooo reliable! I just love my prot, that’s probably why I do better than in most other tanks I’ve played.

  27. The summer will most likely be fine because the coronavirus hates the heat, it dies in temperatures in excess of 26-27 degrees celsius. If we can’t end this pandemic by summertime, the heat will most likely do it for us, at least in parts of the world that actually get that hot of course.

  28. It’s good at having a turret.

  29. This coronashit gonna get way worse

  30. That thumbnail is godlike

  31. Wargaming Super Noob

    9:42 Damn I wish I could order my matches from WG like you do Circon. P.S. What’s the number that I call? I need to know it!!

  32. Two weeks isn´t a timeline in which anything about this will get better. Look at how it looked two weeks ago in terms of cases, compare it to now and than shit your pants. It´s not about stopping it, it´s only about damage control.

  33. I’m still stuck with the 90 and already sick of this tank. Don’t want to waste free xp

  34. Raymond Polychrones

    9:41 to 10:00 Circon, how could you overlook the most important part of the order, the extra salt?

  35. This tank is very inaccurate. …hut and pens the next 6 shots. The only real flaw I find with this tank beyond being an arty magnet is the flat front turret.

  36. How long until WG sells us that Lada with a hand grenade at a premium tank?

  37. Look at you flying around at 28kph. It wasn’t like that in my day.

  38. Yo Circon when are you gonna write a book about your ordeals and surviving the corona virus as patient zero?

  39. The thumbnail tho 😂

  40. It is fair and balanced. It is.

  41. I didn’t know you were dutch! You have an american accent though.

  42. You have to turn off grand battles before you play the Manticore, I run out of ammo in only half the normal games but in grand battles you have nowhere near enough.

  43. How do you get your gun Mark indicator mod? I can’t seem to get mine to work

  44. Don't believe the following message:

    The thumbnail made me laugh out loud 😂

  45. Let’s face it Lads… Circon can make ANY tank look good 😎😃

  46. EasyJet and British Airways have grounded all flights.

  47. What is the type doing? Its wot, he is not a scout my friend he is a big ass TD

  48. Damn that high roll, 500. Nice.

  49. +/-2 mm wouldnt be so bad if there wasnt such of massive differences between the tiers

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