MODERN MBT & ATTACK HELICOPTER (War Thunder April Fools 2017 Gameplay)

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MODERN & ATTACK HELICOPTER ( April Fools 2017 Gameplay)

April Fools LIST

Leopard 2A5: Shield of the West –
GM-64: Rotary-Wing Chieftain –
Vladimir T-90A: The Armored Predator –
Mi-35: the Hind –


  1. There actually were a lot of German helicopters in WW2

  2. Play da T-90

  3. I want modern jets more than modern tanks, there is not really a War Thunder style game with modern-ish jets.
    Although there is the issue of air to air missiles.

  4. That moment when an April fools joke is better than an entire game,yes Armored Warfare I’m looking at you.

  5. so fucking cool

  6. HOLY SHIT GAIJIN MAY ADD HELICOPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. the zones are for the animals not for you thats where they come

  8. does this app for free golden eagles works?

  9. The question is; how are they going to bridge the gap between the current tanks and modern day tanks because they’ve still got quite a way to go.

  10. I have an idea what we could still make in the game for example infatary It does not have to put in the game but you could make it but put in the game the modern helicopters and modern tanks.

  11. Well if you think about it helicopters give a reason for anti air in high level gameplay and when your trying to snipe like that it makes you super vulnerable even to a tank. I know its a compressed comment but helicopters with guided missiles might be fine if they have a reasonable range for them.

  12. Christian Baseball

    They need it to be separated from the WWII stuff

  13. how can i play with ne w tanks??? end helicopters

  14. Are these free?

  15. Massimo Perlangeli

    bella grafica bel gioco,ma tutto e’ manipolato e truccato dagli sviluppatori del gioco,obbligandovi a farvi spendere tanti soldi !! fate attenzione e’ tutto un raggiro!!

  16. All that talk about the german GM-64 or german Hellfire variants.
    I know Gaijiin named it that way, but the AH-64 never served in our country’s armed forces.
    We use the Eurocopter KHT Tiger.

  17. looks likeAA is going to become important again… like in wargame red dragon

  18. Pablo Leonardo Macaya Gavilán

    i think atgm’s are fine…. i mean in the tier they will be i won’t be that bad. we saw what the shilka does to a modern proper armored helicopter, they have the same problem as ground atgm’s, they are soft targets standing still while shotting (dont belive in battlefield ,you can’t fire a tv guided missile on the move) plus the fact the almost any enmy tank will have his machine guns facing at you,and while apaches and modern helicopters are more tought and can do magic with their missiles ,from 1950 to1980 they were mainly paper thin.

  19. Can’t wait for Vietnam era hueys

  20. how to dev server?

  21. What’s up with all of the cursing?

  22. April 1st is fun but u are not fuck it up with these

  23. maybe next year they will do an infantry April fools

  24. The Uncle Sam's Club

    The M-1 Abrams will crush the opposition with its 70mph top speed, and the US weapon technology advantages.

  25. 9/11&3/11&7/11 coincidence?

    I see no reason for playing wot anymore. I’m not gonna be playing anything this year because I have university exams, but because I saw this vid, I’ll probably be playing this game full time one year later from today with a new computer.

  26. play de vanom

  27. damm, I always have a feeling that T-90 will soon change in some diabolic fucking thing with that two red lights on the front

  28. They already have a good helicopter game, so it’s the same deal with airplanes, easy to implement. They also have the tier space to add modern vehicles up to tier 10. So yeah, that is the future of WT.

  29. I was so good damn excited when I got up this morning for this event… I had so much fun playing the Leo. Being actually competitive in a match against others and actually being in the top 3-5 every game. (can’t help that I suck with my current American lineup in normal matches)… I seriously hope this pulls through. I want to mob around in a damn M1A2 Abrams PRONTO!

  30. First person mode in the helicopter would help out so much

  31. Ofcourse its apri fools Phly. Cos at the end they just going to take away those amazing toys and tell you to go back to the shit grind of the normal game.

  32. Phly remember to press G to fire your grenades!

  33. A bit of advise (most is derived from aw experience): The Leopard 2 has 700mm angled turret armor. Don’t angle it as it is built to be directed at the enemy. Don’t angle the hull that much either, try to use your upper plate as protection. the side armor of modern tanks is REALLY weak and shouldn’t be below 70°-80° to the enemy

  34. I think WT is the only game that does “modular” damage instead of Hit Points

  35. Sven-Erik Zilinski


  36. I wish this would stay, just give them their own ranking so you can play old or new, no game would come close because no other game does this 🙁

  37. I don’t really know if they will add helicopters or not but if they do they will probably get raped by planes and jets. They fly so much better at the moment. The tanks however are a blast. With the armor like it is the ATGM part of the T90A isn’t quite as scary when you are in the Leopard because that tank has such a great reverse speed in comparison to the British like reverse of the T90A.

  38. TheMiniStar TheMiniStar

    dude the helicopter flight mechanics are straight pulled of from apache air assault game created from gaijin u will see so many similarities from this game in war thunder even the helicopter models are the same 😀

  39. APACHE AIR ASSAULT OMG THAT WAS THE BEST GAME EVER! (As in best helicopter game)

  40. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    Sekrit Dokuments for T90? xD Bruh you can make one at home

  41. YES!!!! that was awesome

  42. german leopard so op not even leopard can deal with it ?

  43. I make a video every year,, on this date,, and I love to come up with this Bu11$hit, It´s so much fun!!
    I can´t link to it, because the comment will then be blocked,, but feel free to see what I came up with 🙂 video from to day 🙂

  44. so can anyone play these tanks? today?

  45. the silent farmer

    i want to keep the leopard 2 it is sad that it is going to be removed 🙁

  46. The growl from the Leo tank is sexy

  47. I WANT THE CHALLENGER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I tough you were playing the armored warfare cuz modern tanks and all that xD

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