MODERN TANK COMBAT – Armored Warfare [Sponsored]

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  1. Love that intro 🙂 soo honest

  2. Kto da suba ten lubi nemenepsa

  3. Zdravoooooo

  4. still made by russians and still has russian bias in it.

    • Have you played it? Or just one of those pearls of wisdom?

    • I don’t see any bias in this game tho. T-14 Armata no longer has 152mm (with possibility to be added in the future as a separate tank)

      It seems like XM1A3 is the best tank in the game, for it has 120mm that takes about 6 secs to load a round, or 140mm that has high alpha dmg (800~1000 with apfsds) with 8~9secs of reload.

      Armor is not the best, but it’s mbt. It can still chew up lots of incoming rounds.

      But is this american bias? I don’t think so. American MBT is not the best line to grind.

      I honestly don’t see any bias in this game. Every tank has its goods and bads. (Although I see Leopards underperforming).

      I really wish ppl play this game. I’m sick of playing with bots

  5. i like your video’s

  6. i thought this game was dead for a long time

  7. Do you like the 1.0(wot)?

  8. Is in this game BVP-1 BVP-2 or BVP Sakal SKCZ?

  9. Monster Legends with brothers

    U are best can u make video from free fire battlegrounds

  10. Better than WoT.

    • I just re-installed WoT to try out the new update but it still feels like playing with plastic tanks, nothing feels weighty, the shots don’t seem to have any oomph :). And to be honest, while it does look ok it’s far from impressive.

  11. This is really good game, thank you!

  12. Can you make more wot videos????

  13. WoT is best

  14. I heard somebody say : “Armored Warfare as better look than WoT, but taste less good”… I suppose with WoT 1.0, Armored Warfare only taste less good… But to be honest this game is dead : not enough player, it’s still alive because PVE battles exist.

  15. Can you make another video about warthunder?
    Would be nice 🙂

  16. Those ‚tanks‘ look a little bit ugly

  17. i Always wait minimum 20 min for 15 vs 15 it s so dead

  18. The game is dead PVE was the worst descision they made it basically killed their game ….::. Easy to understand why he didn’t showed PVP or him waitin for more than 5 min in the queue ?? as long as they don’t put more effort to make player play PVP their game will just keep dying !

    • The best Lil Miss Rarity

      But what if big part of players don’t want to play PvP because it is quite boring after hundreds of battles? Also if team suck ass you are getting angry all the time 😉 If there was only PvP mode this game would have died really fast 😉

    • The best Lil Miss Rarity i agree, sometimes playing against npc are not as salty as playing PvP, but i hope this game has Asia server so i can play it without high ping:(

  19. I like how you put [sponsored] in the title 🙂

  20. The only reason i didn’t play this game is because my comp specs is shit

  21. Zenon Z YT Official
  22. Its been too long

  23. Hey OneAndOnly016 dude can you check a game called “Metal Tornado” in game u can use Helicopters and Tanks. Plz check this game. Love u all <3

  24. It has become better with these latest patches and I love that you dont have to pay anything to have a good experience. The garage is unlimited in size unlike where you have to buy slots in WOT. You dont have to worry about getting spammed with gold ammo. The game gives decent rewards in free loot crates (free premium time included). If you log in every day you earn rewards even if you cant spend time playing it is worth 3 min to log in and collect your daily reward ( day 1 20000 in game credits day 2 gold loot crate day 3 5000 XP day 4 24 hours premium time day 5 100000 in game credits day 6 Platinum loot crate day 7 100 gold) then return to day one, miss a day you go to day one again. They have special events at different times of year where the loot crates give huge rewards, or you earn reward tanks (premium tanks to help you earn more usually lower tier but still helpful), and other goodies like special patches etc.

    A big PLUS for any that hate SPGs in WOT in this game the SPGs are only in PVE mode and only on the live players team no AI SPGs to worry about and no SPG in PVP.

    My only complaint about it is that while you can swap commanders about and put on any vehicle though they are best in certain vehicle classes they are specialized in, you cant swap crews about so as you get crew trained up and get to next tier or another vehicle you cant swap your older crew into the new vehicle to make it better to use while you get the upgrades for each vehicle.

    I recommend this game to any that want a fun game to play that is not hard to learn or hard to do well at and wont cost you lots of $ to enjoy I have only 3 premium vehicles, 2 I was given by the game which are tier 3 (IS7 and T59) and one I purchased a tier 7 Merkava.

    As an ex – Australian Armoured Corp soldier I can say it is real enough without being to real but you are still doing the job of 3 people in a tank (commander,driver,and gunner) which makes it a little unrealistic but no more than WOT

    • Becky Beck does it have asia server? i got 500ish ping on either EU or NA

    • Did they improve the performance issues ? Cause I was getting real poor performance on a GTX 970 & i5 4690k last summer when I last played it and I uninstalled it. I would get the same fps drops and stuttering no matter if everything was set to low or ultra @ 1080p and I know I’m not the only one.

  25. I love this game :]

  26. I don’t see any bias in this game. Of course, the 152mm of T-14 Armata seemed baised, but it got removed. Later on, the devs might bring it back as a separate tank (although I don’t know how they’ll manage it to do so). -although I feel like leopards are underperforming-

    My only hope is that there are more players in this game. I’m sick of playing PVE.

  27. PawlikN Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    You are from germany?

  28. I’d like a PvE mode in WoT!

  29. I can remember this map, but I got kinda lost here…. That’s basically how WoT 1.0 update works…

  30. canal sem xinelo gameplay

    bots in armored

  31. The game is still in a mediocre state. It’s better than WoT on a few areas, like no no premium ammo and a bit better xp and credit gains. Other than that WoT is still better sadly. The devs are moving forward sooooo slooowly, it’s going nowhere at its current pace. As a concept it’s an interesting game (with missiles, smoke launchers etc) but the actual implementation is just not good enough to bother.

    Edit: the AI is actually extremely predictable and easily exploited, for example they might pump shell after shell into the ground because they are trying to hit you center mass, but their reaction speed and precision can be ridiculously good at times. Also they like to drive ass first towards you. They are poorly implemented bots in every way possible. I think I’ve read somewhere that they intend to rework the AI so hopefully it will be improved at some point.

  32. Яромир Дьяконов

    U can play PUBG please :33

  33. …can be bought with in game curp- phphphph sadjkasflnlafnlalnvnmckskrgjkljjk

  34. Do Subie with the Suburban Derek

    I think the only thing that’s holding me to world of tanks is that the tanks are old, literally. I personally don’t go crazy for new tanks, but props to everyone that does.

  35. Where’s Oneandonly016

  36. MrPumpkin Pumpkins!

    its a nice game but for some reason it just gets boring so fast :/

  37. есть кто нибудь из русских

  38. Is this game from wargaming

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