Modern Tanks & Arty-Free Test on Console – PC Next? | World of Tanks Future News

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Modern Tanks TestNew Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree in World of Tanks – Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks, Skoda T 56, Tier 8 Premium Czech Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Update 1..1 Patch Release Date + News.

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Today I am going cover one very interesting topic about one special update Console is going have featuring Modern Tanks, such as M1A1 Abrams, T-90 and more! Are they testing something for the future of PC version as well or not? Also, let’s talk about upadte 1..1 release date, Skoda 6 Buff and the end of ranked 2020-2021!

Czechoslovakian heavy tank tech tree:
Tier 7: Vz 44-1
Tier 8: TNH 105/1000
Tier 9: TNH T Vz 51
Tier 10: Vz 55

What do you think?


  1. Honestly.. Anyone able to record some footage for me if I am not able to get my hands on the console myself? 😛 I NEED TO SEE IT!
    But I do know Console, Blitz and PC version are like different games with their own dev teams… But PC version I think can not ignore modern tanks forever also.. How would you like to see them implementing it?

    • the skoda t56 will be OP as fuk if it will have good gun handling stats

    • @CloneGuy oh its CG, hello

    • I would prefer they balance the MM, nerf the OP tanks, fix -2mm guns not able to do anything vs +2mm tanks etc and fix the fucking god dam gold spam and 3 clickers every game. I mean how your supposed to support your heavies in a tier 8 heavy when the +2MM are gold spamming your Tier 8. Its pathetic. Just lame players to lazy and shit at the game to aim for weak spots. Not that tier 10 would need to aim at many weak spots vs -2mm mind :/

    • I love how front-and-center of the splash page for this game mode is an Abrams with “Welcome to Hell” painted on the turret. Because I think Hell is basically what World of Tanks Console’s current state is.

      As far as modern tanks (or at least modern-ish)? I wouldn’t mind if WoT PC added additional tiers for them. I’m not even sure whether it would necessarily need to be completely segregated from the Tier 10s. It’s not as if Tier 10 tanks would face the Abrams. It would probably be more like Tier 14 or 15 anyway.

      Also Dez, you’re still misunderstanding what Wargaming said about the Skoda T 56. They’re not saying they might drop the double-tap autoloader from it in favor of a single-shot gun. They’re saying they might give it a smaller-caliber gun with lower alpha, so the double-tap won’t have quite as much burst damage. It’s still going to be a Heavy Bourrasque no matter what.

    • I would send u my PS4 but I think it will arrive to late 4 you to make a video cuz u r so impatient and I think u will by used console just to make some videos

  2. I mean… Console version has a tier 8 FV304… What would you expect after thid

  3. Well….we can already play armored warfare which have modern vehicles only.

  4. Seperate tir 11 mm. Modern tanks. New modern maps. YES YES AND YES!

  5. Modern Tanks, wow, i never see that before… wait, i play war thunder… 🤔

  6. The current WoT is more about standard ammunition, gun caliber, armor mm, and angles. Modern tanks are much more complicated. Most modern tanks with smoothbore guns can shoot AT rockets, they have additional active and passive armor, not to mention modern vision and optics systems. Therefore, I believe that such tanks need a separate mode or Wargaming should develop a new game.

  7. Dez check out game Armored Warfare, it has all the new tanks, sixth sense as a zero skill for everyone and accuracy 0.010 and lower (you actually hit what you are aiming for). This game had a huge potential when it came out – better graphics, modern tanks, non overpowered wheeled vehicles, anti tank rockets, ERA, active protection, better game modes (5 players vs bots, Global ops) and much more. But it is half dead now and WoT passed it with new 1.0 update. Armored Warfare was way better than WoT in my opinion and here is why: you get a warning when arty is aiming at you and warning when shell comes in, shell deals small ammount of dmg but arty has fast rate of fire, arty gets revealed on minimap if it is camping in one spot, accuracy is amazing, you can actually hit the weakspots, HE deals little dmg even when hitting weakspots like commanders hatch, ERA, side skirts, cage armor protects from HEAT but falls of after hit. Basically WoT is ripping off many features – sixth sense for free (still waiting on it), arty aim and shell indicator, game mode grand battle, bots. Just be honest where you got the ideas from.

  8. would be nice as extra high tier modern tanks only randoms (Tier 11- idk 12/13/14 for modern Tanks)

  9. Console is a garbage fire

  10. That skoda should come with the option to use either gun..

  11. So…similar to Armored Warfare now?

  12. Not a good idea with modern wot…lose of its charm ! 🙂

  13. Meh, I would play it a bit if it’s good, but nothing compares to the WW 2 line-up and slower gameplay. Modern tanks would be basically an EBR-fest. I just want the core game to be good.

  14. Can’t wait to play the update with all 5 people still in the OCE region 👌

  15. They need to make different game

  16. Well I’d love if we got up to say tier 12 or 15 but with a serious rework of how much you earn as without premium I barely break even with a tier 9. So I can see tied 12 COSTING me 30k pergame

  17. Tier 11 and 12, with mm limited to +1/-1. I’d like to give them a try on pc. And as for arty, just limit to 1 per team.

  18. down with arty! At least down with cheaty arty aim mode!

  19. So modern tank is like what tier 11 to 15?

  20. we need Wheeled vehicle free battle now

  21. Keep matchmaking up to tier x the same, and make tier x an overlap tier that gives acces to tier 11 and up.

    That would be nice for me 😄

  22. They should just add Tier 11 and Tier 12 to the PC game.

  23. Its good to combine both games to play competitive battles between tier X and tier Xl

  24. Hope they never mix this with the currend game.
    I do not like it

  25. I wouldn’t get too excited. For the most part everything the current console dev team does ends up being an unmitigated disaster in some way. Hoping I’m wrong but they have established some patterns. Anyone that gives this a try for the first time and buys gold needs to be diligent in making sure they aren’t losing said gold when they aren’t purposefully using it. There is a “bug” or at this point a thieving game feature where the game will switch your selected currency for consumables to gold without you knowing. Anytime there is a patch, update, you upgrade a tank package, and so on you have to check for this.

  26. Pig in makeup (no offense to the pig)
    It’s still going to be the same pay2win cancer game
    Tier 11, 12, 13 should have a completely separate queue
    Platoons (in general) should have their own separate game queue.
    @9:20 so you’re telling me another tank that makes French tanks look obsolete? lol

  27. WoT is struggeling to get the younger audience to play the game. Polls revealed that the audience is mostly around 30ish.
    Wargaming tried, with the wheeled lights, to attract younger people that want “faster” gameplay but messed up the meta a lot with it. Resulting in 15 minute rounds that end up in 2 to 5 minutes.
    Also, eSports wise, WoT is not getting that much attention as it would or should, just because the RNG-Factor. Honestly: When it comes to Price-Money or Rewards, which serious player will play and rely on RNG when there is the “technically better” player aiming better but RNG says “no” and the less skilled player just shoots and RNG says “yes” and wins the big money?
    Maybe this new Meta, with a special queue, will bring up the chance to attract more younger people, because there is the chance of faster gameplay, and maybe the chance to eleminate RNG a little so this game can be more competitive and benefit the skilled players in things like: you aim and hit and penetrate where you actually aim and not where RNG says the shells goes.
    There is so much potential in this game, but not enough competition for WG to implement huge changes that attract not only the casual players but also gives skilled, eSport hungry people a niche to play the game on a top level without raging about loosing because of RNG and so on.

  28. Maybe Wargaming can make something decent where Armored Warfare failed

  29. we need this so bad for pc !!!

  30. When wargaming try to do an April fools but its actually what the majority of the community wants. Seems about right.

  31. I would check it out for sure, they will have to keep new era stuff separate from WWII tanks either they have their own tier or completely separated from current stuff. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t do this as there has to be lots of money to be made on their part. War Thunder has it and they know they have lost players to them because of people wanting to play new age stuff, so if they do it will be fine with me long as its seperate

  32. Wow, is3 just wasted an abrams!!!!!!!

  33. Do they have enough players to split the player base?

  34. No scum bag arty players …sign me up

  35. some years ago, they said they might work on tier 11 to tier 14… so t54 would not meet abrams 😉

  36. I would love tier 11 but i would hate it if they still rely on the so called RNG in that tier !!!

    Sow dont put it in tier 10 games

    And make 0 arty in the tier 11 because you already failed arty

  37. If they implemt arty free mode, than no hull down king tanks either.

  38. If they implemented that on wot pc, I’d like to see it on other client, they have also tier 1 to tier 10 modern tanks, not unlike you combine those tank as a tier 11 or 12 even higher. I don’t like that kind of method, kinda cringe about it.

  39. I will be disappointed if the Russian tanks are not the best and German tanks are shit on.

  40. Just play armoured warfare

  41. Hope it works on pc soon 😀

  42. The T 56 will end having the single shot gun and the double shot gun for balance.

  43. SPG replaced by planes and /or helicopters ==> War Thunder 0.5 🙂

  44. Alexandru Marzenco

    Different game would mean years of gameplay will be worthless if you want to play with new tanks.

  45. I remember when i was younger i was abt to switch to wot pc for modern tanks before realizing it was april fools joke💀

  46. I would like to see some console action from you dez!!

  47. I hope they add them! Tier 11-12! Lets gooooooo!

  48. Ezzaldeen Al-Basha

    this new game fits EBR and other OP tanks in it

  49. Missiles for blitz, modern tanks for console, armored trains for PC?

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