MODERN TANKS In Your Pocket | Armored Warfare Assault Gameplay

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Armored Warfare: Assault for !

MODERN TANKS In Your Pocket| Armored Warfare Assault

Aircraft Rocket ON A TANK | RP-3 Rocket Tank (War Thunder Ground Forces)

This is a sponsored video


  1. World of warships is on Mobile

  2. Phly, how do you get a good balance between game audio and your mic? Mine always drowns out my voice no matter what I try

  3. Armored warfare daily


    Try the M551 Sheridan

  5. Def server!!!!!

  6. Request 1: Loving the unloved M2A2 and Any P26 variant

  7. This game sounds better then world of tanks XD

  8. stephane katende

    nice gonna go try it out!
    looks funn

  9. That T-54 is so smushed ? Nice sponsorship but you showed just how shit the game is lol

  10. Not a fan of this game, it looks out of focus?

  11. Phly 1.77 dev server
    We need video now

  12. World with tanks Gaming

    I played the game for 2hour (1hour later)I was td 50usd is good cash for gold and it’s not a scam 5bucks for 2m cash.??

  13. Fucking sellout XD

  14. Stop with your product placement !

  15. Nyet phly comrade BMD1 is first atgm

  16. The Tank Channel


  17. Not compatible with a Samsung S6.

    GG, I’ll stick with blitz then.

  18. Supra_2JZ _Boost

    Phly, I can’t download it. It isn’t compatible with my device

  19. *M O N I E S*

  20. ArmoredWarfareDaily

  21. This crap instead of the 1.77 WT test sever….Phly is high.

  22. Camcu WAR THUNDER

    oh Jesus thats a sexyvoice:v

  23. “Your device is not compatible with this version”, fuck.

  24. I still use an iPod touch 😉

  25. Challenge Time Get three kills on three different maps using the SU122 ATTEMPT 32

    You don’t support Stalin’s troops you go to Gulag

  26. 390 ASSHOLE haters WTF

  27. I’ll rather play World of Tank Blitz.

  28. That game is fucking dead, tryed to play it and I was the only one on queue

  29. worse than warthunder

  30. Stalin's Favorite Gopnik

    I was waiting for this video

  31. Playing WOT Blitz on the iPad Pro is awesome

  32. Will you get back to World of Warships and try French battleships?

  33. Quick, Armoured warfare is failing…

  34. why wont you play World of tanks Blitz?

  35. darkfury05 the slainer

    can you play world of tanks blitz please!!!

  36. Do not play blitz tho

  37. Hello

  38. Phly you promised to make video on each soviet heavy! But as far as I checked two months ago you stoped on IS-4! COME ON COMRAD RODINA CALLS Attempt#1

  39. Ziad-the-thunder

    The dev server 1.77 is out

  40. Phly, we are almost out of ammo,
    But we still can fight!
    Take the M6A1 with 37mm only!
    For freedom Phly!

  41. WTF Phly? Get your ass back to War Thunder.

  42. Please try World of Warships blitz

  43. Lol world of tank blitz beats it by miles

  44. Also can’t believe someone who gives world of tanks a rap thinks this game is any good.

  45. I live in Indonesia and theres no armoured warfare assault in play storw i use androids

  46. I cant play on my phone because it says its not compatible with my device even though i have the latest version of android. WTF

  47. I would love to play the game but right now it sucks because I can’t even play it on my brand new phone

  48. iz ok i guess, but need more phlying plz

  49. Theres a ps4 verison of it.

  50. War Thunder looks bad

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