MODERN TANKS – Leopard 2 Escorting Convoys (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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MODERN TANKS – Escorting Convoys ( )


  1. Get second reklam like 2mins in video… switching of video…

  2. phly its my opinion you should have used the atgms for long range

  3. alot more atgms

  4. that moment when you get a armored warfare commercial on a war thunder video

  5. Wait so when a German kills a tank you play panzerkampf? Auscwitz for you Phly!

  6. also phly finish the rest of it

  7. Press f to pay resp… wait reload?

  8. Last time you had sabaton songs in your vid i got hooked and know almost every one of their songs by heart so thx for that

  9. More historical missions please

  10. Israel made LAHAT, a missile launched from 120mm barrel

  11. For a challenge video you should play sim and use the premium vehicles that are from another nation and try to blend in with the enemies, then when the time is right strike.

  12. Magic Steve Schwanck

    Phly I have news! Omg warthunder official channel they released a video called: Rank VI is here! And it shows off some modern tanks!

  13. Yooooo saboton ghost divison

  14. The song is panzerkampf from sabaton I was just playing it 2 times before this video 😀

  15. I’d like to see someone model an M1 Abrams, then have it in a night mission where you are trapped alone behind enemy lines during the Gulf War and have to take out an enemy SAM site while fending off T-55s, 62s, 72s and Mi-24s.

    Based off that old SNES game.

  16. Like the Intro music

  17. Attempt #7?
    Kill an enemy tank with the defensive smoke launchers

  18. escort the confefe?

  19. Leopard cant in atgm and have shit as armor

  20. so they are adding m1 and other tanks such as leo 2?

  21. More please , thanks 🙂

  22. I love tthat sabaton was used for the intro.

  23. Pult, you damn legend. Love the sabaton implementation in the start of the video!

  24. I love the “opperations” mode that World Of WarShips added, working with Allis to take out NPCs is alot of fun, and a great way to get used to a new mid tier ship. Even though the new PvE mode warthunder added is nice and all its the same thing every time, we need to mix it up a bit ^_^

  25. Do you have a sound mod? Which one if that’s the case 🙂

  26. I’m likin’ this, keep it up!

  27. Cool stuff Phly give me moa ?

  28. Phly, plz use Ghost Division or Panzer battalion 😀 Best songs to get the german spirit up 😉

  29. Now imagine this with A-10s flying over and F-22s

  30. SABATON!

  31. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    Yeah we definitely need more to do especially with this fucking grind

  32. Love the unloved!
    Play the hated T-50 and his aerial counterpart the Su-2!

  33. Play pls heroes and generals

  34. Karolis Zebrauskas

    0:11 did u not see that tank pass

  35. Yes! PvE please!

  36. Phly the leo shoots ATGMs from the smoothbore gun just like all the modern mbts!!

  37. do challenge kill T-62 witch leopardA1A1 but for me leopardA1A1 is better then T-62.

  38. They should add the M1A2 Abrams

  39. Robert Douglas Peachey

    PhlyDaily protected team player .. PTW kid

  40. Russian milk trucks as 3rd world technicals lmao

  41. request attempt #1 : 29-K and IL-2(No rockets, only bombs)

  42. I wished war thunder had official tank missions. I would love one based in ww2 where I have a Tiger and am cut off from the main army and have to fight my way through. And then you can choose to go sneaky or go Rambo. Shit like that would be epic.

  43. KFOR were in Kosovo.

  44. What will they think of next

  45. gaijin is killing the game, has no interesting events, the gameplay is repetitive and there are still several problems called “balancing”…..Maus vs ATGM ?!? really gaijin?!!

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