MONSTER 120mm AutoLoader | AMX-50 Surbaisse (War Thunder French Tanks)

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MONSTER 120mm AutoLoader | AMX- Surbaisse ( Tanks)

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  1. When the tank fires it looks like its gonna go to mars

  2. French tanks have the oddest designs but they work

  3. So nice to see the MBT/KPz armor is still broken.

  4. Just call it the ’50 120′ or the ‘fiddy one tweney’

  5. did you say Muzam???????? it sounds like it in the video

  6. it looks like the google translation wife says “over-kissed” instead of “low profile” in French! ^^

  7. So funny to see how many people try to shine and explain you how to spell Surbaissé and clearly don’t know

  8. for the french could u take out the french aaa in RB and get 3 aircraft destroyed

  9. you say it like the ice-cream “sourbé”

  10. im so glad i bought this tank i tested it on dev server omg can`t wait to get it!

  11. Is WT becoming WOT?

  12. i just want to get in the video and say the name

  13. That moment when they damage your gun so hard, it’s ghost remains to haunt your tank

  14. Surbae – Surbase!?

    never change, phly!

  15. Phly,
    It’s “get a bead on” then insert you,me,them,it whatever. It’s in reference to shooting a shotgun which normally use a bead sight.

  16. I’m sure someone has already pointed it out, but the newer fortifications are representative of France’s Manginot Line.

  17. surbaisse means nothing ill tell you i speak french and …. well it means nothing

  18. are the French the new Russian bias

  19. That gun sounds so satisfying every time it fires

  20. Closest I can think for ya is Sur-Bae-Seh or Sur-Bae-Say

  21. If they’re going to have it as an autoloader, they need to shorten the reload at least a little bit, else the long reload after the mag is emptied is pointless and puts you at a disadvantage. This is because the reload speed on this “autoloader” is exactly the same as other 120mm non autoloader guns.

  22. Seur Basse ey

  23. He just gone full Soviet a week ago, now French. Oh god…..

  24. amazing sound tank

  25. Phly the closest pronunciation I can get using English sounds is “sur-base-ay”

  26. im still going call it the AMX 50-120

  27. the google pronunciation is totally wrong, as a french i can tell you that this is not how you pronounce “surbaissé” (ho and if the pronunciation is wrong it’s probably because you wrote “e” instead of “é”)

  28. Not to exited about the french tank tree no chemical rounds and a autoloader so no survivability

  29. Just call it the AMX 50-120. That’s it’s WoT Name, anyway.

  30. Surbaissé.

  31. In wot there a French heavy tank called amx m4 with around 220 plus all front armor,

  32. Call it the AMX 50 120… That’s what WoT calls it.

  33. It’s pronounced “sur baesey” for non baguette speakers. Hon hon !

  34. Which tank that has the largest round (no tank destroyers)

  35. Hi Phly I’m a french viewer and google traduction say absolute shit it’s not « surbai  » it’s « surbaissé » (say « sire bay say »)

  36. “Sir-Boss-ey”

  37. Sorbet!!!!!!

  38. I think it’s a BEAD on you, not a BEAT on you. Bead as in, a small bead to be the front sight of the gun, used on old muskets and other weapons that weren’t accurate, so no need for a complex sight mechanism

  39. Do the ARL-44

  40. I have seen the tank in real life it’s huge!

  41. It looks like amx50b

  42. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    Phly, play the Land Battleships Of War Thunder!

    Attempt #33 (?)

  43. Your real issue with google translate is that you don’t have the accents on your english keyboard, it changes the sound of characters alot ^^
    But it wasn’t that bad !

    btw: it just means it’s over-lowered, suspension wise.

  44. *Pens TigerII from the front* I think I like this thing

  45. Dev-Server playing French vs French and thats how they find out if its balanced.. warthunder at its finest. after this patch you cant play some nations anymore from 4.7 BR and above.

  46. Wow now all they need to do is add the damn T57 Heavy and the Kranvagn, and War Thunder will have officially stolen me from WoT. I love my Semi – auto loading Heavies.

  47. AMX 50 SO BASS

  48. Do not have any expectations on amx 50, as you know when little russian kids knocked out again and again, eventually gaijinshit will find a sekret dokument and gonna nerf its auto loader just like they did to kpz-70. Such an unfortunate…

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