More Chieftains, 2 New Maps, New Object 259A and More! | World of Tanks Update 1.17+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks WZ-114, New Tier 9 Chinese Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks New Winter for WZ-114, The Hidden Tiger. World of Tanks Marathon for a Free Premium Tank.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
01:09 Pacific Map
04:42 Palmanova Map
07:05 Fastest Completion
0:52 Object 259A
12:06 More Chieftains Coming!

Today I am goming to you with a news episode featuring many different topics – starting with 2 new maps called Pacific and Palmanova, a new Object 259A premium tank, more Chieftains coming and some crazy players have already completed the for the WZ-114.

What do you think?


  1. Covered quite a few topics here, so let me know what you think about all of this?
    Also, added timespamts to the video if you want to jump around to any specific topic, have fun:
    00:00 Introduction
    01:09 Pacific Map
    04:42 Palmanova Map
    07:05 Fastest Marathon Completion
    08:52 Object 259A Preview
    12:06 More Chieftains Coming!
    14:30 Conclusion

  2. glad have a new map to play….ty Dez new info again from you

  3. What about Recon Mission maps? Just give us them all. The more variety the better.

  4. Lol WG haven’t released a premium tank in 2 days, far too long🤣 wz114 old news now lol

  5. Your commentary is one of the most annoying I’ve ever heard. You repeat yourself several times and talk unfathomably slow just to draw out the run time. Can’t watch your videos without it being on 2x speed.

  6. @7:10 Hall of WalletWarriors
    @10:20 if you loved the KV-2 (and previous KV versions of the derp tank/gun) before the HE change, then you do love this tank. If you loved the kv-85 pre-nerf, you love this derp tank.

  7. If you cant balance a tank just give it to more players ,wg logic

  8. They are rock bridges.

  9. Dez, why does waregaming keep rewarding the best players with over powered tanks. Dont most players spend money on this game? Force the best to play evenly, hell let them pay to pad their stats…

  10. It’s not the proper chieftain 😭

  11. GG Dez 😎👍!

  12. That’s exactly what we need, more chieftains

  13. I cant wait to see the recon mission maps in 2024

  14. New maps, new tanks, new BS. I need a new MM that fix my endless 10-20% win rate since the beginning of 2022. ☹

  15. it would be better to put new folders at 30 vs 30 I love to play epic fights and to be the option to play only epic fights

  16. When I saw “more Chieftains” in the title, I was hoping there was an announcement of a tech tree Chieftain branch of British heavies. (Which wouldn’t be nearly as a broken since they’d have a cupola.)

  17. fucking more bullshit clan wars, more op tanks for people that have time to dedicate to the game yet if you work etc you cant even buy one, then these tanks are allowed to play in randoms, i say if its clan wars reward tank than it should only be for cw

  18. محمد السعدي

    obj 259A = IS-7 WOT balance

  19. Chivalrous Veteran

    Oh, I am so Happy that you and family are starting to feel better; you are wonderful person that people love and enjoy! : – )

  20. Yippee! Another tier 8 premium tank with abysmal gun handling! Just what every player was demanding. I can wait to never buy it.

  21. Youtube Censorship

    For long time I’m hearing about new maps. But all we have for now is the Japanese map, if i’m not wrong.

  22. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Great, more Chieftains……

  23. More corridor maps…😒

  24. 259A seems to be a driving fast to the fontline and spamming high pen ammo in ya face tank.

  25. Great ….more chieftains ….wargaming a greed knows no bounds, and it seems they don’t care that they are slowly killing their own game.

  26. Jimbo's Armored Division

    We needed more Russian heavies

  27. wecome to a recovery

  28. All my tanks have bad gun handling after there first game this game is not worth wasting time on with all the rng .

  29. I’ll be honest, at this point I would rather WG replace all the FV4201’s with the chieftain mk6 that is in the game files then use that from now on.

  30. i glad that you and little dez are feel better

  31. Don’t mess with that m60 he’s dangerous

  32. Those more Chieftains are reminding me Matrix. Agent Smith: We need more!!! xD

  33. Wargaming Destroyer

    The map looks beautiful 😍

  34. i want the chief im not a bad player im looking for a decent clan to join to be able to get it

  35. Who T..F… Need more t8 Russin Premium heavys .If they got so many ,make a techtree with the Tanks

  36. Wait there’s a smol Dez as well?? I never knew this!

  37. I really hate symmetrical map

  38. I dont think its problem man i was playing scouts for a while now and its so unplayble when you play 1 out of 10 thats not corridor map…

  39. Dez about those russian tanks, with crap gun handling: what for you need it? These tanks can move straight over the malinovka, without being killed and than they shoot at you from 10 metres xD

  40. Bushcraft + tree cover would help look understand the playstyle bettwr

  41. Not getting into Clan Wars, the game is honestly somewhat enjoyable in normal games, let alone facing competitive people with far too much time on their hands. T10 is crappy enough, Ranked is a freak show of stupidity, Clan wars is just gonna be a different Ranked gameplay filled with meta tanks… yeah, HARD pass on this. Am I missing out? Nope, don’t consider to be doing so.

    As for the new maps, it is far too early to judge or even give first impressions besides a general layout but it is so incredibly easy to change them during development, it’s simply too early to tell. Berlin was crap, now it’s worse and it’s been in development for a while. Same for Minsk.

    Thanks for keeping us posted, see you on stream.

  42. What did you mean mini dez ? Do you have a son ? 😉😉

  43. Some people cry about all those the new chieftains but to be honest the first 4000 players in the alley of fame will allready have one and the 8700 in the auction will for sure not go for 60k bonds+ to the strongest players. So basically just avarage joes will now get their hands on the tank.

  44. Baby obj 260 at tier 8. Nice

  45. Jullian J. Weskier

    Playerbase: god i hate hull down!
    WG: *releases new maps where hulldown is basically non existent*

  46. Glad you are feeling better Dez. ✌

  47. I am happy to hear you are all OK. Stay safe and healthy!

  48. So sick of WG introducing Heavy after Heavy and for the most part ignoring players of other classes Particularly Light tanks. Yoh line, WZ114, all of the Holiday Heavies,,,it gets old

  49. Wargaming making Palmanova: “Let’s take the city from Lakeville and combine it with the hill from Himlesdorf”

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