More Mildly Interesting War Thunder Facts

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Source: Spookston

I have videos talking at length about the mistakes Gaijin make while trying to balance and progress with War Thunder, but I’ve only got a few videos praising what they get right. Since the last “mildly interesting facts” video did so well, it was a no-brainer to make another one. Side note, the ZTZ59A is an incredibly fun tank.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Subnautica – Into the Unknown
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Armored Crew Voices

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  2. damn bro, he didnt even mention the “weapon of choice” aftermath from the submarine event
    good ol torpedo nukes

  3. Mayby one about awfull reward system.

  4. More more more I love these

  5. Sooo what is the effect I should notice on snow maps with DM53 vs DM63? You didn’t specifiy!

  6. What’s volumetric armor?

  7. I’ve been looking forward to this

  8. A mildly interesting facts about the american M6A1:

    It’s 37 mm shells are not modelled in the ammo rack, it don’t shows up at all in X-ray view. If you dont take 76 mm shells, but a full 37 mm shell ammo load, you cannot be ammo racked.

    In ground sim, if you choose the secondary weapon, i. e. the 37 mm gun, then you the gunsight won’t be at the position of the optics module (as it supposed to be) but centered in the 37 mm gun barrel
    If you reset your weapon choice (i. e. the default mode where control everything) then in ground sim, if you switch to gunsight view, then the aiming circle of the 37 mm gun will show up (the circle that is shown in tps or fps view).

  9. virgin historical decal placer vs chad 1:13

  10. The First-stage ammo stowage on the Challenger Mk.2 has 3 shells but in the X-Ray are 6 shells plus the big box of 14 shells behind the loader

  11. Its sad state of matters but i did some googling after this disaster of an update and you are only content creator to even acknowledge game problems let alone call them out. Good for you and great job but shame on everyone else.

  12. Here’s a fact. I realized last night that I hate War Thunder. I don’t mean like, “Oh, I hate chocolate cake, haha!” I mean, I hate this game. Truly hate it.

  13. Can u do mildly interesting car fax next plz?

  14. Yo those are cool facts

  15. I have a cool fact. If you write “taiwan is a country” on chat or have taiwan flag on your vehicle, you have 40% chance of geting teamkilled

  16. Lasers also don’t work in medium/ heavy fog.

  17. Before very recently (apparently), you could use the MG of alot of MBTs as the main gun by selecting them, essentially giving you everything than the regural gun has, INCLUDING NVDs, essentially trransforming it into a bootleg ICTV/Commander sights with NVD.
    BUT, as of now, you cant no longer do this since gaijin fixed it (I only used this in the Leopard C2A1 since the MG sits really above the Commander sight)

  18. Let me give you another War Thunder fact, did you know that there are some bugs in this game that have existed since day 1?

  19. I mildy want more of these videos

  20. Odra'Noel Zenitram

    I’m pretty sure the War Thunder community is looking for literally anything else to do other than actually playing the abusive game. kek

  21. just a quick question, are you a furry spookston?

  22. Pin this comment.

  23. 1:14 the decals on that T32 💀

  24. Can you talk about how battery power works

  25. These odd facts about War Thunder are actually very interesting video content. I feel like the inner workings and quirks of the game are not very well known and knowing more about them could be useful to players.

  26. Fishing With Flenner

    Can you figure out why repair costs are different for many players for the same vehicles?

  27. 1:55 I’m glad I’m not the only one who has this odd issue of something spinning around on screen that seems linked to the turning of the tracks.

  28. 1:12 Dag nab I really hoped that one was a d1ck shot. Disappointed.

  29. I noticed the temperature changed the bdc on the gun sight

  30. I like to drive out and instantly get shot and killed..pick another tank repeat two more times …wait for new game repeat. 🙄

  31. Another mildly fact : they will not fix your ww2 vehicle but introduce new modern vehicle instead

  32. I’ve known about map temperature being modeled for awhile because it’s very noticeable in air RB, where it can affect the rate at which engines overheat, but I didn’t know it applied to ballistics too. I wonder if it also affects barrel overheating from shooting too much.

  33. Zentralrat der Fliesentischbesitzer

    Stop. I AM asking for DM63 because I want the TIPS

  34. I have a fact: the stuka sirens move when you’re in the hangar

  35. To get Persistent carcasses, rather than make it so that spawning a new tank doesn’t remove the the old one, Gaijin made it so that a bot with the same vehicle spawns on your team and instantly dies. Since the bot never gets a new vehicle it stays, but without any decals or damage effects, I can’t remember if it even does camos. I figured this out when I saw an friendly AI King Tiger in ground RB when facing Germans. This was a result of desync where the command to my client to place a bot there came through but not the command to kill it. In the server replay it worked correctly because there was no desync.

  36. Is In ThE gAmE fOr A wHiLe NoW

  37. This was mildly interesting

  38. Mildly interesting fact: this channel is actually not that boring

  39. Is that Heavensward yours or just a pict from your sponsor?

  40. There is no way temperature is in any way modeled in ground battles, nor in air battles as it is simply a set value before you overheat. Who ever told you that is either an idiot or a Gaijin shill.

  41. This is very interesting

  42. I am wondering if it is possible in war thunder to actually fire a machine high at long range and put rounds into an opponents engine bay. This was really done in the desert (see Brazen Chariots) with some success by a British Stuart (called by them usually a Honey). I dont actually don’t have the money to spend on war thunder (if it were truly free I would try it, but I have been advised that the free version is just bait)

  43. i made it into this video which is pretty cool 1:46 i was the patton

  44. Nigga all you talk about is tanks. An average war thunder player doesn’t always play ground battles, what is wrong with you?

  45. i do believe i was in a arcade ground battle with u today. lorenzokhai4 sound familiar

  46. Ratsmacker | Massie

    In Ground Arcade Battles, if an air battle is about to commence but no enemies queue up, all allied fighters will face forward towards the battlefield and be spawned closer to it.
    This is a quick indicator on whether some enemy snuck into the last splitseconds to not show up as a HUD icon, without having to pan the camera 360° to catch any delayed Arcade auto-spotting near you. If an enemy did queue up, the game will usually spawn allied fighters in intercepting angles, parallel to the battlefield or very far in the back.

  47. I saw that shooting your gun and switching to commander view shortly after while having thermals let’s you see your gun is brighter from firing

  48. People also ask for DM63 because the round is nigh-impossible to explode via external source so they could take more rounds than 16 and live when hit in the hull ammo-rack.

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