More random stuff from the Insider

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Source: Rita Sobral

Just a bunch of more random stuff from the Insider:

– there are new admin WG forums that have some interesting pieces of information in them

– SerB is portrayed as a religion by some ru players? “The second coming of the SerB is what they ask, and we shall deliver unto them” (jokes about a hellix fossil come here)
– SerB has been very busy, and MoO will reflect a bit of his thoughts on that part (he is a fan) without affecting gameplay at all (sorry, no SerB spacefaring race for us! cant nerf the galaxy 🙁 )
– SerB may come back to WoT development “cant say I really left it”, this may cause a lot of rejoice, and whines too in the community
– SerB space program? “The sun is too small for me”
– A dev was “caught” (in a joking terms) visiting an adult webpage, but theres no penalty “a boss can’t fire himself” – the overall theme of the topic was between jokes.
– Some devs do watch game of thrones, no one liked Jon Snow’s death  – “if Tyrion dies, we riot”
– Not one of the devs (not even the girls) likes Justin Bieber  Q:”Wasnt he supposed to be on a tour in North Korea?” A: “They kicked him out”
– Storm was briefly asked, why do you keep the Q&A open and still take all that shit? (referring to insults directed towards him) A: “It’s either me or someone else, whoever gives the answers will always get some sort of flak, fortunately, a large majority still cares and talks properly, these are the people I answer to.”
– Something worth a  Sadface, no plans to make a EU/NA/SEA/KR/CN Q&A like the RU one,(meaning having direct contact with a developer) “all answers on these clusters are discretionary of their managers and subject to Minsk”
– Storm has no strong opinion for AW yet: “It’s healthy competition. We focus on our own, just like they do”

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