More Rewards, Smarter Bots, Better Mode!? | World of Tanks Road To Berlin PvE Mode Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Road to PvE Event, Guide, Rewards, Bounty Equipment and Shielded Reward Tank. World of Tanks New Berlin Map. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary.

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In just 4 days, we are going to receive another big PvE event aka bots vs players event in World of Tanks called “Road to Berlin”. Homefront had many big issues with it, hopefully they have learned and it will be a lot more pleasant.

What do you think?

Enjoy the show!
►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. 13:23 im sorry but it looks like a joke the is-2s .. it literally looks like it should have been an april fools day joke tank… 13:23 like if you had to up armor a tank but all you had was Food Stamps or potatoes to pay for it … is-2s is the result.. literally anything they could find and virtually Ducttape to the tank….. doesn’t even resemble trying….its just eh what ever ..throw that on it..

  2. 13:31 ..yes unique.. yeah thats it its unique .. .. FFS ITS 1/2 Assed! is what it is lol plus its only an is2 every tanks regular ap shell or apcr is not even going to recognize the extra armoring.. i guess just in case that un ruley 3% of players spamming he and heat at every thing they see come around..

  3. I’m going to spawn in and immediately defect and fight with the AI to help defend Berlin. H***** done nothing wrong.

  4. These events are so similar on the console. WG has done similar style events with P v E as well as the previous events on PC. They are well worth trying them out and yes with some time investment all the rewards vehicles are obtainable. GG best of luck.

  5. Looks good, let’s see how it goes..

  6. So you will need a combination of skill and team work in a game where the basis of every random game is 14 people who usually can’t distinguish the end of the barrel from their butt…. this will be hard folks… me like it.

  7. I consider myself informed

  8. fucked off giving money to WOT …………..enough, seriously it all money no matter what :/, I just want a simple game to play

  9. Once again, DezGamez is basically just a WG shill who relays info for people who can’t read. Dregs of humanity.

  10. What will annoy players is the fact that, likely, above tier II all of the enemy tanks will be spamming gold (why else would they make a ‘shielded’ tank as reward).

  11. 100% Bot shoot gold

  12. this was really fun mode when you were lucky and managed to get same tier team together. looking forward to this, hopefully thats fixed 👌

  13. wait wut haha 😂 the are fixing arty whit only way thats possible😂 to get player take a risk and kill the god damn thing 😂😂 put that mechanic on random battles aswell. week of premium time to that scout who killed enemy arties and problem solved 😂

  14. AI Arty XD nice one…..I really wish AI tanks will be of same armour as in game

  15. Annihilate MAGA Cult

    perfect event for addicts and no lifers…wargaming knows its customers bad habbits….im not playing this just like im not playing Frontline too. its a never ending rallye for tons of iuseless shit i dont actually need. but i guess there are thousands of victims who will pay for this again. get help, people.

  16. “Artillery can hit you even if you’re behind cover.” YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE WRATH!

  17. Moons Out Goons Out

    As someone with 85% of their battles on german tanks these events frustrate me

  18. What happens when you use derp gun tanks ?

  19. Comrade don’t care the enemy is smart,if I drink some vodka nothing stops me to put the red flag on Reichstag !… and wait what I see in the new garage a comrade dog and and a kat comrade…this very slav

  20. Let’s hope it doesn’t require 6+ hours a day to grind for the IS2 S.

  21. Lets be real nobody is going to use the churchills

  22. Attempt #4: try the tour de France challenge, playing the EBR 105 without stopping movement once, and win and survive.

  23. Are they improving the bots to raise the general player base standard?

  24. The matchmaker wasnt a problem, but yes they fixed it

  25. thx

  26. Bounty vent bounty stabilizer bounty gun laying drive for a super EBR

  27. They really added had to add arty to this. I guess arty will be ruining this game experience for me as well

  28. game is already feel most of team mates or enemy is AI as i can compare last year player base shrink big time in Que i can see a few player compare what was before . and WG say it will bribing AI to game . DezGames again great video

  29. tnx for video very nice

  30. that is looks like shit

  31. I didn’t hear anything on limited attempts per day (last time it was 3) did I miss it or did they not say? If we can do it infinite times I’m on it. If not I’ll pass I needed one more day last time for my 2nd improved equipment. I refuse to spend more $ on the game since apparently Russia is the only player base they care about. Doubt it? What nation is this premium tank from? How about the last one? Need I go on? I’ll let Russia support the game for a while.

  32. Finally bot artillery …!

  33. This is going to be painful, 5 allies, 5 muppets who will not work together…

  34. MarioDCreator Gaming

    Dez why do you stop the video to ask questions that might be answered later on in the video just wait till the end to comment my friend don’t be impatient 😂🖤

  35. Arty!! 😀 neve missing.. always there everywhere! 😀 And what about IS2? those grids will block arty shots? 😀

  36. Get into the tank , we are marching to the Berlin. Uraaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. tnx DezNewsNetwork Dnn 😉

  38. regular sapiens

    If it is as boring as the last event against bots…i will pass…
    but i will try before..

  39. Very good video 👌👌

  40. Giovanni Pomarico

    Looks fun. But won’t farm marathon-like for that IS-2, It’s basically a worse and ugly IS-2M

  41. I dunno – that IS2s just looks silly to me, like really, really silly.

  42. I want a mode where is no RNG and a player skills MM so can i ejoy this game again…

  43. Danny Dreverman

    What I would like to see as a game mode is a Night vision map. A map where you play in a night vision mode….That would be awsome…..:-)

  44. 2020MAYCELEBRATION – Bonus code for 1 Day of premium

  45. Péter Mészáros

    They reduced the dpm of the t34 85M in this mode -_- it has 5,2 reload time in the live servers it has 4,2 without inprovement equipment and without food.

  46. So basically we can get a new (old) prem tank covered in rusty old bed frames that no doubt has the Russian cloak of dispersion ! All this by fighting robot tanks and artillery that can shoot over and around corners…… Sounds legit…Rofl!

  47. If 100 players, how many of them or bots you think

  48. The regular tanks controlled by bots should be less challenging than engaging most players in random battles… the computer controlled arty however should go to prove that arty is a talentless class

  49. matchmaker has to be prefect:
    yeah lol

  50. made for hard core players? what about the average players.

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