More Tanks Are Being “Deleted” (War Thunder 1.91 Update)

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More Are Being “Deleted” (War Thunder 1.91 Update)


  1. Let is change MM from +/-1.0 to +/-0.6 or change scale of battle rating

  2. Save the Maus!

  3. Okay i know this is going to stir some shit but oh well, i think its bullshit that the maus is being removed, “It was only paper tanks” well there was only two IS-6’s built and only one Object 120 that was built (there were TWO Maus’s built and used in combat???). NEITHER SAW ANY ACTION. I can understand the other tanks as none were produced by why remove a tank which saw combat, “bEcAUsE iT wAS rARe” yet have the god damn object 120 which has a 405mm pen APFSDS and insane muzzel velocity, sitting at 7.7 *money grab?* anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk

  4. Oooooh shit not again

  5. If cold war tank is so shitty its must face ww2 tanks in order to survive, Too bad.

    All ww2 tanks and cold war tanks should automatically have atleast 2.0 br difference. Im also talking about those Italian mouse drones. It sucks to play low tier, and see cold war shit driving around.

    I want war thunder to become ww2 game again.
    Also dont get me wrong, I love cold war tanks aswell. But I wanna fight agaisnt cold war with cold war. Simply because I grew with WT being a ww2 game. I loved to drink german beer and listen German war marches while driving my Tiger.

    BR system should be completely redone. Everything under 7.7 would be ww2 only

    And 9.7 and above would be tanks produced after 1946. Why 1946? It would give chance for some prototype stuff. I love realistic/interesting prototypes. But example if you put 128 cannon Pz IV, that is just world of tanks level shit. I dont want full imagimation tanks, but something what actual ww2 tank designers have drawn on paper as possibility.

  6. Balázs Bélavári

    3:02 – object120: one was built, good to go
    Maus: 2 was built, then destroyed, then 1 refurbished by soviets and still can be seen today. And gaijoob takes it away boi

  7. Mouse was a prototype. Gaijin is removing paper tanks and now Steve asks do we want to see paper tanks…………………

  8. So, I think if the gaijin remove some tanks from German tech tree, because those tanks never build, or mass produce, with this same logic can remove the half of the russian tech tree or from other nation. Not just tanks from aviation tree too.

  9. I really dont like that they remove these vehicles… As a developer its your job to balance a game. And its obvious, that this doesnt work ffor gaijin all the time. I cant understand, why they remove these tanks and the allies still have prototypes. The P59 is kinda a prototype too if im right… In case of deleting vehicles they should balance properly… For me, i always loved the thing, that prototypes where a part of this game (althoug they are hard to balance)

  10. I want the paper tanks!!!!

  11. Prototype
    Obj279: who calls me

  12. I just want everything

  13. Now american tanks invades german techtree

  14. I overdosed on spaghetti Please help

    >tiger h1 working on tiger E to get closer to maus
    >removing maus

    Fuck you gaijin

  15. Paper Vehicles!

  16. Well ima give you a run down Phly, Gaijin just lost a good 3,000 plus players as the messed up the Xbox version as well. They put the prices of most vehicles repair cost up by 250 percent causing a 3.7 to cost 45k lions to repair. This hit me hard as I play war thunder often but have only around 5k lions so I have to play reserve just to play high tier once every 5 hours of grinding. The reason i have so few lions is because you cant play any game mode without encountering players at level 100 at 2.3 matches or being uptierd in a 1.3 to 3.7(Its happened trust me). That another way gaijin messed up horribly.

  17. I want all vehicles and so sad because I’m one tank behind the panther 2 and really like to have it but i don’t think i have time to get it ??

  18. “this thing (m48A2 G) is slow and sluggish”

    >mfw its unspaded

  19. the 105 is a fun tank that I dont play much since it was SL out…. the buggers.

  20. Fucking bull shit if its paper and works dont delete it

  21. That’s just too small of a change. We need much bigger overhaul of ground forces trees with expanding to 11.0 and further. I can’t stand Gaijin arguing about historicall accuracy while we have Tiger II facing BMP-1, early WW2 vehicles seeing freaking BTR-152 and IS-4 (F for Maus) being sucked up to the APFSDS era.

  22. there goes my hopes and dreams of getting those awesome tanks. guess i’ll stop playing after the tiger 2 h

  23. montanerblack303 303

    I am quitting War Thunder because i started plaaying for the mouse and 10,5 cm tiger. I am now at the tiger 2 p.

    can someone explain to me why only German tanks are being removed what about the Ho-Ri PROTOTYP.

    THat IS oK We oNly FuCk GErmAnY Once agAin beCAusE WE Cant Fix OuR ShIttY MATchmAking.

    Look at the comments under the post. The Administrators are only telling shit what doesnt make any sense like:”They were in since the beta you had time to unlock them”. But yeah lets just removed fan favourite vehicles.

    Next up removing the Tortoise and T95.


  24. Maus should stay, after all prototype is build, FFS it is in Kubinka museum, 50km from Gaijin Hq…..

  25. I started the game because of the maus

  26. OK u dont care then lets take them away from you as well. Then you wouldint be saying you dont care. To people who dont have them its messed up that the players that have them get to keep them. i wouldint care either if u knew i had them and they werent goin anywhere. U know u have the advantage with tanks like the muas and are glad they getting taken away so others in the future cant use them while you and other level 100 dudes can seal club. Bunch of hypocrite’s.

  27. The “Paper” tanks in WTare at least more realistic than the tanks in WOT. While “paper” tanks arent produced vehicles, as long as an ACTUAL SCHEMATIC exists idgaf. What the game needs is a split between Technology, Have the WWII, Late WWII/Early Cold War, and Modern. The vehicles that split between the Cold War and WWII are the biggest unbalanced area in the game. they need to have a hard split in that era similar to WOT and Armored Warfare’s tank difference between High Tier WoT and low tier AW

  28. This is just a workaround for a much larger issue, the transition into modern vehicles just doesn’t really work. I’ve been hearing proposals about BR decompression that sound promising, alternatively they could split the queue and make 6.7 top tier for WW2, and make 7.0 and beyond a seperate modern era queue.

  29. Lasse Alexander Christiansen

    I think it would be the best if we could have all tanks, prototypes and paper tanks, just them being balanced.

  30. I just unlocked these tanks and now there getting taken out. Yay. Another waste of time.

  31. Update 1.91 Gajin remuves well known and beloved german tanks because they were not historical.
    Update 1.92/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Gajin adds Obj. 279 so called nuclear suvivor
    Fucking commie bastards. So you take non historical german tanks, what about russian and other nations blueprint and prototipe tanks? If they want historical game than lower br for germans not remuve them. Because its fucking historical when tiger 1 has to fight british centurion mk1 with 220 mm pen ( I think but OP asf shell), PT 76B with 200 mm heat pen … .

  32. Just make them premium vehicles.
    That would be the logical decision, if they really want to delete them, and not have _literally half the world_ march on their development studio.

  33. Prototypes should be premiums

  34. Press “Ph” to pay respect for our fallen brothers

  35. This is nonsense! the only one thing that you should add gaijin, A GODDAMN BOB SEMPLE!!!

  36. Yeah DM23 on M48 for 8.3 sounds bad, because of the lack of stabilizer. BUT the big thing is, imagine grinding it from stock, when you will be on 8.3. Absolute shitshow. It’s hard to grind it even now on 7.7 because of how slow and sluggish it is as you mentioned + shit optics, that won’t allow you to use the DM23 as it should be used on a tank without a stabilizer (for sniping only). They will have to change it BR back down after they will pump it to 8.3 because of it’s performance. It will be useless anyway, as on 8.3 there is nothing to get a decent lineup with it. (Rkpz + Blpz 57 only.) and there is no place for this vehicle in 8.7 lineup. I’m just dissapointed.

  37. I want paper vehicles

  38. Commander Slayers

    *No matter what may befall us. We advance. LONG LIVE THE MAUS!*

  39. ty for the news, just started researching Panther II and Coelian. Dont think i can start the Tiger oder Maus in time :c

  40. gaijin: removes tanks for being to good claiming the didn’t or never made them.
    gaijin a few years earlier: removes planes for being not good enough yet made thousands of them for years.

    not cool.

  41. Prototypes to an extent

  42. Why does it feel like they’re punishing German tank players who haven’t spent enough time on this game?

  43. We should fully stop playing german tanks till they add them back, and later on do the same sort of thing for each tech tree with fun removed vehicles

  44. finished prototype is ok.
    But paper vehicle is too fantasy for me
    So it should be in some mode but not in realistic mode. //by my opinion

  45. I think atleast 1 vehicle should have been produced. A working prototype.

  46. R.I.P MAUS :””(

  47. These vehiecles are really fun.
    It’s sad, it’s just sad!

  48. GKMGinger A.K.A Ginger

    I need to buy now the that Tiger OwO

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