More Things You Might Not Have Known About War Thunder | Cool and Goods 2

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Source: skDoger

Welcome Cool Goods 2.0, remake of the original series. The episode was way too stale, no music, thumbnail was dull, voiceover was monotone, the list goes on. I overhauled the series gave it a new look, hopefully this makes the video more enjoyable watch, now in 1440p and with subtitles. As usual, we take a look at some cool features War Thunder has that not many people know about.


  1. ─── Read before leaving a comment ───
    -The icon on the FJ-4B isn’t actually unique, but it’s still pretty neat
    -The Vietnamese T-34 anti-air is technically also a premium SPAA, but it was an event vehicle and not purchasable with GE
    -The Soviet test flight map also has a train
    -The Czechoslovakian, Cuban, New Zealander, Imperial Russian naval and British naval flags are also in the game
    -Some planes like the F104 can actually drop bombs while going faster than Mach 1
    -Your aiming reticle turns orange on vehicles that you can tow, not only on dead tanks
    -Seversk-13 also has speakers

    Also small oopsie, at 3:44 I say “speaking of wheels” when I wasn’t actually speaking of wheels in the previous clip. I had to scrap a different clip that was supposed to go before it, which was actually about wheels.

    I’ll also edit this comment if you guys find any other inaccuracies, so if you do, leave a comment.

  2. I like the vid but my guy you gotta slow down a bit and enunciate better. it’s really hard to understand exactly what you’re saying sometimes. I can get most of what you’re saying but then you’ll get to a vehicle name or just a few words that all kinda slurry into each other. the subtitles are a nice addition but I wish I didn’t have to rely on them

  3. Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    2:14 2:19 2:30 2:48 finally someone mentions the things I’ve been seeing on test drive
    Thank you

  4. Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    3:40 that’s a map from a single mission

  5. Alexis Lloyd D Alinan

    *COD flashbacks*

  6. you speak too fast mate and the accent doesn’t help…

  7. 4:56 doesn’t the orange reticle appear because you have the option to tow it? If you put your reticle over a teammate to tow the lad, your reticle will also turn orange afaik.

  8. Not trying to be rude, but you forgot the imperial Russian flag, so there are 37 other flags 😉

  9. On Seversk-13 at b, on domination mode, you can hear people talking from the building

  10. 8:30 me and the bois in Bosnia


    The beginning of ww3.

  12. sinister is random

    There are infantry hidden within actual mission maps. But are not easy to notice. Whom will attempt to go into prove position when you flyby or attempt to shoot you

  13. Train kills you by crushing.
    Kill feed = Tank shell.

  14. Video’yon harika olmus

  15. Umm is is bad that I own all the premium p47s (except the newer germanbolt). I got the German one as a grinder, and the French and Russian ones as ground pounders.

  16. You voice over sucks. You slur your words and talk like your tongue is numb. Won’t bother watching anything else you produce.

  17. If you shoot down the Bf 110s in the German test flight, their escort Bf 109s will land on the airfield if you wait long enough.

  18. Why are you in my recommended wtf

  19. Do a series about what you may know #1. Repair costs #2 balancing #3 sweaty bmp and elands

  20. bruh… I can’t understand some of the words he said😅
    still a very informative video tho
    specially im newb

  21. 6:15 There is something like this in Seversk-13 the new map, but it’s in Russian and I have no idea what it says… It’s near the B point in domination game mode

  22. R3 T106 FA also has US crew models. Italian P40 it is the only tank in the game in which you can change the sight grid without downloading any of the WT live.

  23. 10:02 Huh I’m pretty sure i did with the SU-7 but maybe it was at Mach 0.99

  24. Also there are speakers on the B cap on Seversk-13
    Ik Russian but I never stopped and listened to what they are saying, it’s about an air raid or smth

  25. Thomas the Dank Engine


    Jesus, I feel bad for fucking turning them into pasta sauce after launching a HEAT round at them.

  26. 5:56 don’t look at the preset selection bar

  27. “the german test flight map has a train”
    oh no

    where is that train going?

  28. Generic Scottish Channel

    0:13 Screen-space out the ass

  29. Cool and Goods:#1 warthumder has a single player,#2 there is a cool app named WTRassistant that will help you in GR and AR

  30. Please make video about naval crew skills

  31. United States of America
    German Reich
    German Democratic Republic
    Federal Republic of Germany
    German Empire
    Imperial Russia
    Russian Federation
    Great Britain
    Dominion of Canada
    Republic of South Africa
    Union of South Africa
    Japanese Empire
    Republic of China (Taiwan)
    People’s Republic of China (CCP)
    North Korea
    Kingdom of Italy

  32. 5:39 how to look around the hangar?

  33. By the Way: The British Carrier on the Naval Planes Test fligth is also destructible, and if you are in a Plane that spawned from that Carrier, you will be sent back to the main menu after crashing.

  34. Not really Warthunder related but still very funny, if you play in VR SteamVR gives you an Overide World Scale Option which can turn all vehicles into 1/10 scale RC Models.

  35. 9:14 there is also a Czechoslovakian flag on a now hidden premium Mi-24 in russian helicopter tree

  36. LewisDePatserlord

    8:10 I’m pretty sure those are AT mines… They don’t damage you cuz that would just get in the way of gameplay I guess.

  37. 13:11 For all of my homies check bluescreen bottom there is map of Bosnia and Hercegovina and support code says “My dad is war criminal” xDDDDD good work homie xDDDD

  38. Can you speak a littlebit clearer its hard to understand you. With all that mumbling. Its a Youtube chanel that is based on spoken Informations.

    Gib dir mal mehr mühe…. kann doch nicht so schwer sein normal deutlich zu sprechen. Danke.

    • Apologies, this video was slightly rushed so I couldn’t get the best voice lines. It’ll be better in the next video though.

    • @skDoger i hope so. As you can see… im not english speaking (mother language) so its even harder to figure out what you Saying. And it would be a shame if i die stupid because of that. 😉

      I guess as a native American or maybe British one… i wouldnd complain. But im German… so i did. XD

      But still a great informativ Video.

  39. gingerdeathbringer gaming

    You missed the hmnzs lender it has a new Zealand flag

  40. What about Great Britain not having a p-47

  41. the train can also still be hull broken despite hull break not being in the game

  42. Another fun one: shooting the church bell causes it to ring

  43. How about more quality than quantity. I was planning on saying some witty shit like “omg, who tf didn’t know this, everyoneqq knows this.”. Instead I am trying to make some suggestions. Cut the video down to maybe 8 minutes and get rid of all the obvious shit. Thank you!

  44. and New Zealand

  45. premium mi 24D is czechoslovakia

  46. Wait till the guy on the parachute lands. First he will be on the ground, but then he gets up and jumps a few times, than he disappears.

  47. Brigidier Beetle

    Sweden is the only country in the game without Shermans

  48. There’s one more flag, New Zealand has a ship in the British tech tree. HMNZS Leander. I didn’t expect anyone to notice though because we are always left out

  49. Thank you very much. Thanks to the Video I have learned a lot of interesting things from WT. Nice job!


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