More Tier VIII Mediums – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Source: Plumb Tanker

Just as last week was nearly all Tier XI Mediums, this week is going to be . Simple.


  1. I klled a T-54 in my AMX-12T the other day. OK, he only had 67 HP left but
    still, tier 9 kill in a tier 6 made me happy. I’m still grinding through
    all the tier 6 mediums at the moment. Will probably be buying my first tier
    7 by the end of next weekend (Probably a COmet or a Chi Ri).

    An an adaptation of your Tactical Map, how about an overview series using
    that viewpoint giving map analysis, good scouting spots, things to look out
    for, etc.

    Just a thought.

  2. You sure like your mediums :)

  3. JoeAverageGaming

    Trailer eh? I’m in! ;)

  4. Another good video, glad you pulled through your sickness. Hate to lose the
    plumb tanker, how would we go on? LOL. And the Pershing was a favorite of
    mine, got to the M46 Patton and well as with any new tank it’s a bit of a
    learning curve. 

  5. WoW Plumb playing meds again?? 😛 Btw u should CIRC2,there is 7 slots for
    players left 🙂 It would be epic to have u in the clan,we could platoon,do
    TCs;team battles etc. Also there another utuber in the clan dat i can think
    of now,Aging Jedi (Aoke) 😉 

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