Most Accurate DERP Possible? | World of Tanks Sheridan Gameplay Update 1.10

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Source: DezGamez

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I am back with some more crazy builds and this time featuring one of the most requested one of them all… The most accurate derp cannon or howitzer build possible featuring XM551 Sheridan. I wanted do that on KV-2, which is already most accurate, but tier 6 didn’t see a lot of action! 😉 Hopefully you still like it!

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. Now that was one crazy video to make, hopefully you like it! And please, leave a comment with more ideas for the next episode! 😉

    • DezGamez You got to use that song every time you miss now, it’s amazing.

    • Dez, you gotta make a heavy tank more hp and armor with the new equipment 2.0

    • I still think the best set up would have been improved stabilizer, improved gun laying drive and this other gun handling tool plus stabilizer directive instead of using vents because even a gun laying drive has bigger impact on gun handling then vents.

    • Survivability build for Maus. Full HE/Arty protection, reduced stun duration for crew + extra HP.

    • E25 with equipment 2.0 , setup is up to you. Just wanna see how this beast will be more beasty… thx

  2. Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

    The shot that missed the CS-63 and when you flipped unluckily in front of the FV 4005 on erlenberg… My computer would been through the window Dez.

    I expected you to rage like against IS-7 when rushing innthe bobject 😂

    Edit: yeah and on the EBR in the gun when that happens !! -> 😣😣

  3. Ralphy’s Replays

    For those who play world of tanks blitz, imagine the rockets on the sheridan on Wot pc

  4. gundorethemighty

    Can some one explain why they have cover in a game where you can sit behind, but yet you still get spotted. or how about sitting behind cover not even spotted, an some one shoot you 4 time’s before the spot system even goes off. Okay here another question i was in a match where 1 guy 1 shots 5 tanks in a Is-3 . i have only 1 shot 1 tank in the 6k battles i have which i know it is not alot of battle’s an the tank i hit was a obj.257 in a skorp g with standard rounds

  5. You should’ve put the vents on the scouting spot for more of a benefit. I don’t think the aiming unit gives a bonus on the scouting spot.

  6. Hey Dez, how about a build testing the Improved Rotation Device as a pseudo stabilizer for a mobile TD like Grille 15?

  7. 60TP is the most accurate derp gun.

  8. Dez, could u make a episode about a summary of ur evaluation of the new equipment? What builds are worth trying, what are a waste of time etc…

  9. How do you get those camouflages ?

  10. Chivalrous Veteran

    Damage 1234; is that like a WoT “bucket list” achievement?! You can cross that one off of your WoT Achievements Bingo Card!! = – D

  11. i played the sheridan with the derp too its such a good ebr counter (in the new patch )

  12. WG BUFF THE 152MM on the T-49 and Sheridan. I thought you said that dispersion takes effect after 100 meters? At 6:52 he was 20 meters away and missed. This video proves just how full of shit your programming really is.

  13. I don’t know WTF is going on w/WG, crapquipment 2.0, no meaningful nerfs to Ebolamobiles OR 430U, gutting the Italian line. Now, they announce that the “ban hammer” has fallen again and then a day later they announce 10 year anniversary amnesty…So WG is making the game crappier than it’s already become but, don’t worry, because now they’re going to let some of the most toxic and reprehensible players back in the game! I’ve been playing this game since 2010 and can honestly say that i’m more disappointed in this game/company right now then i’ve ever been. Great video though Dez!

  14. But Dez, the FV4005 has 0.42 stock accuracy.

  15. that flip infront of fv – EPIC! 🙂 max view range build?

  16. Sadly, even with all this the little gun is still probably the better choice. 404 damage not found to an EBR, if it wasn’t boosted by a fire. The other EBR just casually drives super aggressively and plants HE into the Sheridan’s backside, not getting punished at all. EBR more consistent derp tank anyone?

  17. Next step, most accurate HE Foch 155 😉

  18. errr wait no thats illegal. KV2 has the best derp right click on target, than left click = success !

  19. i hope this sh.. game gonna die sone

  20. obj 430U with survival built

  21. Stefan Cvetkovic

    The game is a trash……

  22. Adrian De Castro

    That’s a lot of damage “1234”

  23. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Rip first game lol

  24. @DezGamez Survivability build for Maus. Full HE/Arty protection, reduced stun duration for crew + extra HP.

  25. The normal gun on the Sheridan is amazingly accurate and with 390 Alpha I cannot see how it is not the better choice. Yes the derp is fun but I do not think i will use it that much on the Sherry. T49 may be a better choice as a derper and T9s are always more fun to play.

    I currently never play the Sheridan because most T10 mediums have better camo, equivalent view range and far superior armour so why play it? with the new equipment it may have a unique niche and worth playing. I really like the tank buts its terrible camo for an LT hurts it so much.

  26. Wilshire the Orange

    Press F to pay respects to all the shells lost to RNG.

  27. ebr speed build plz XD

  28. My favorite tank in the game is the T49 (was better at tier 8) nearing 3k battles. You might have faired better to exhibit this tank along with Sheridan, because you won’t face as many Tier 10 EBRs in it, and the derp gun when you face tier 7, 8, 9 tanks is more effective than 8, 9, 10 tanks.
    I completely agree that accuracy is more important than reload speed from Gun Rammer, such that on live servers I use Gun Layering Drive, Vertical Stabilizers & Vents. I consider that if I’m able to aim faster & get my more accurate shots off faster, then that will make up for some of the Gun Rammer speed difference.

  29. Gvozden Čekićević

    Dez fly swater master build.
    Or the barn penatrator 😉

  30. André Oliveira da Fonseca

    Can you test the best built for the manticore? Test camo/spot. Tks

  31. Epic kill 9:48

  32. Vladan Stevanovic

    Mate, get that background loud music off , its so annoying and loud

  33. Thank you Dez, thank you for playing WoT so i don’t have too. Arty, Wheelie vehicles, bad ping, awful grind…bless you my child! ;p

  34. One thing I learned from this video is that you can “Build” your tank to make it better. LOL…just like a computer, car or other things. NOW, that makes this game more interesting.

  35. When this update come out

  36. How about the most accurate 183mm boomstick?

  37. Wilberto Dapapac

    EBR Balancer. 😂


  39. You know if u start aiming with a smaller circle than practically the full aiming time is shorter as well

  40. парень- водка

    Whats the song name at 6:38 😭🙌🏻

  41. Hey Dezgamez is the music, the political correct way to cover your rage ( remember the track shoot on your ram mission) 😂

  42. 9:52 This can only happen in sheridan or RHM pzw 😀

  43. moneygold barlad

    11:25 – Nice dmg 😀

  44. _Eugene_ (9:17:06 p.m.) arty can get corona
    AngeL06_Legion (9:17:13 p.m.) Chat Ban Issued to _Eugene_
    Deee_Lite (9:17:20 p.m.) hey moderator cant you ask the stupid devs why they dont introduce bloody new maps after playing from alpha this game is so fucking boring no real new moves
    nss (9:17:21 p.m.) i hope arty got more hp to fight tank
    nss (9:17:46 p.m.) i use su14-2 fight kv3 and kill him haha
    Deee_Lite (9:17:46 p.m.) same spots same corridors…M

  45. Wot blitz Sheridan has anti tank guided missiles.I don’t know about pc.Tell me….
    Anyway most balanced tank is ..
    Ebr panzer e100(183)

  46. Why sheridan and not the fv4005 ⚰️

  47. Can u make a build using is7 turbo build, top spid build as well as crazy rammer 🙂

  48. Greg & Nancy Spear

    whats that music playing over dez??

  49. Dat minecraft music though

  50. the latest episodes are the funniest ever! 😀

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