MOST DAMAGE BLOCKED of 2022 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Stresssu is going to block the most damage of 2022 in World of Tanks playing… the FV217 Badger?!?



  1. watercannons collaboration

    I love how QB is getting honey badgers and Daniel Ricciardo mixed up

  2. Day 6 of asking QB to make a colab stream with AEG

  3. Honey Badgers are from Africa and they are indeed insane.😁

  4. I blocked 14,254 one time or somthing like that in my type 4 Heavy

  5. Talk about paid actors… What amazed me most was that they could just keep flinging shells at each other for 8 minutes. Most battles take half that time.

  6. Saint Seraphim, QB … not sergeant; sergeants are smarter than that and more pragmatic as well.

  7. set up game, why would you sit there spamming gold at a tank you cannot damage..

  8. my record blocked is just over 27k with the t29 in a t6-t8 game, but so far back that even friendly damage was still a thing back then. i had about 10 enemies shooting at my turret… i think it was the same game i got my secomd mark on the tank.

    but that has not been possible with the last few metas in the game and all the extra credits and gold ammo
    my recent kind ofrecord was about 12.1k in the 705a, until of course a jpz with heat came around a corner…

  9. Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Memes & Gaming 😜

    Badger game kinda feels scripted with the other Badger… Up to your judgement ppl

  10. why would a new player join this game if he know what he’s getting himself into!??! the rpg elements make new players lucky if they score a hit, while the seasoned get in most games at least a few kills!.. Until they reduce the effect of the rpg, the game will be dying!..

  11. Chronological Gamer

    5:50 I love this

  12. When commentary is more exciting than video.. Hate hull down meta!

  13. I’m not sure what was going on here exactly, but to be fair, in my beginner days I used to firmly believe that when a round fails to penetrate, it still weakens the armor at the point of impact… so I thought maybe if I shoot at the same place enough, the round will eventually penetrate 😅 which it sometime did, but only through RNG, as I found out a bit later.

  14. I think the other Badger would be called Saint Seraphim. Seraphim = Angel so, some holy thing.

  15. Hi qb i just wanted to say that i blocked 12k dmg with my obj 705A and i think i forgot to post it or i didnt know how to post it and i think i lost the replay.

  16. The OGs got that “IS7 bouncing a load of WT E100s” reference 😉

  17. At one point, I think I blocked 7K in an Objekt 704 – of all machines. I say “I think” because, looking back at it, it seems so ridiculous I’m now doubting it ever happened.

  18. I’m convinced they each did it for fun

  19. No Honey Badgers in Australia Quicky….they are from Africa lol

  20. I bet it’s his friend no one’s gonna spam rounds when they bounce every one without relocating

  21. Seraphim threw his monitor out of the window

  22. in my E100 i blocked nearly 14k few days ago

  23. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    Is there a way to check your highest dmg blocked? I don’t think there is. But I think it was definitely the Maus for me, with some 10k.

  24. me thinking my 9k bounced was good

  25. I think this replay broke QB and i am here for it ><

  26. Daniel Miliszewski

    Always enjoy your video Quicky.

  27. 2:04-10:41 the most intens badger gameplay you will ever see

  28. how many gold ammo they are firing at the Badger, easy…all of them and WG said only 5% of the shells fired in Wot is gold ammo silly WG😂🤣and has anyone seen that they are from the same clan…i smell something fishy in the middle

  29. LOL, drain a badger 😂

  30. C’mon QB, Honey Badgers are cute African things, Australia has Tasmanian Devils to clean the streets of corpses from our drop bears, get with it man.

  31. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Your just jealous of this epic achievement, lol. 😮 it’s a record, maybe he was just thinking “I wonder how much I can block?” Why not.


  33. Rigged for mission.

  34. WG thinks 37K credits is the right amount to award a tier 10 TD for dealing 5K damage joke economy even if he fired nothing but AP he still would have lost credits for a good game.

  35. Ok what was going through his mind? If i shot him enough, ill weaken his armer

  36. Not as much blocked as Boberdog

  37. Bring back the HE. Its more fun on the big DERP tanks.
    It makes the game FUN.

  38. Honey Badger is African, maybe it was a Afrikaner accent? No badgers in my part of the world

  39. Fixed showdown…

  40. Sacharissa Himawari

    Don’t you know, quicklybaby, all the “most” games are rigged. I am sure this game is rigged too, it is almost like these 2 knew each other. They didn’t throw away massive credits for no reason, it is all an act for some missions. I hope you are not that naive.

    Thanks to Claus Kellerman we now know better of these games. 😊

  41. talking about HT-15 for the 260…. I finally completed it after 6 years yesterday in my newly bought IS-7 with 12k blocked. Go me🎉

  42. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    This is mission rigging

  43. Can someone tell me what is the math for potential burst damage? I forgot I watched a video of qb explaining the math but I cant find it anymore. Thanks.

  44. sorry but ive missed on the comedy after the tenth bounce ..that game made me cry .

  45. Seem rigged to me.

  46. I remember a game like this, T57 Heavy on my team just kept unloading clip after clip into a perfect hulldown IS-7, didn’t pen a single shot

  47. Payed you to win

  48. When ever I take my badger out for a spin I usually find myself blocking 0 damage… The lower plate works extremely well as a shell magnet. 🙁

  49. Συμεών Τονονίδης

    My highest damage blocked was 12k something with the Obj. 705A in studzianky

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