MOST DAMAGE in 2020 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m reviewing the highest achieved of the year by anyone in World of Tanks – here’s Conqueror077 in the E 100!


World of Tanks online game published by Wargaming and is available as a download.


  1. Gt videos
    But I must say that there are far to many young kids playing and spoiling the Game

  2. Victor Angelo Bartolome

    please please please. can you do a jagdtiger. thank you

  3. Why can’t I have enemies like that?

  4. just another example abut what woulld NOT be possible without P2W…
    AND what nice the game can be when enemys do not go full fkin p2w….this would be just a generic game if that Bobj or 277 had p2w ammo loaded…

    nice one anyway…

  5. Too bad he didnt got over 15k. I really thought he will do more after the first 3 minutes of the game. Anyway, it is a huge GG for him

  6. This video proves that gold ammo should be limited… For tier X at least..

  7. 4:35 – Obvious aimbot. GG!

  8. Vilius Rapševičius

    He wasn’t playing E-100 here, he was playing HEAT-100! But I do understand that since he had that mission. And also this game was a combination of awful enemy and even worse team mates, but I can’t say that he was a bad player, clearly he was pretty good, so gg.

  9. ABC weapons are the mass killing ones. Atomic, Biological and Chemical. The name fits as this E-100 you have to be a mass destruction weapon to achieve +14K DMG.

  10. To know about the weakspots doesnt mean to be able to hit them especially with a derpy gun like the E100ˋs….just saying. No bounces no misses ?

  11. It’s nice of you to feature a great game on Ensk where it’s not painfully obvious illegal mods were used.

  12. Why would you spam gold like that and use a fire extinguisher

  13. Can you bo a fv 4005 review

  14. He did more dmg in one minute, than most other e100 players in a complete match 😀

  15. Hopefully people will now realize how efficent aim up to x8 is in wot, instead of those ridiculous x25 messing with your aim for just one pixel

  16. ALL he used was gold ammo by the way. I know his a good player but this game doesnt count for me as ‘Most Damge in 2020’

  17. So , like for you QB , and dislike for the player , i personally didn’t like players who can show that they can do that almost only with gold ammo. That’s not a fair game and i bet that he couldn’t gave that dmg withut those gold shots. Sorry that’s my opinnion.

  18. why cant i ever get the enemy team to disconnect :<

  19. moisten XD

  20. 13 AP 33 HEAT 4 HE …. this is why world of tanks sucks sometimes

  21. Have replay link for this game?14k dmg wow 😀

  22. Luckiest fight of the year.

  23. LeavesUselessComments

    The thing is you need your team to be just as bad as the enemy team to get this kind of damage.

  24. @QuickyBaby Are you interested in funny battle at E100 at the day when the changes came in ??? I must to clarify that enemy tanks were shooting full Gold, 99% was HEAT ammo so it can be incredible funny to watch. Maybe it’s not 14k dmg but near 10k at least haha. Pls answer me as fast as you can, so i can send yo the replay, theremore its on wotreplays but you will need a link i think

  25. Love the fact that all the ‘2020 most ….’ have been in tech tree heavies

  26. These 99 dislikes are from the enemy team, their parents, and still living grandparents.

  27. im srry quick but if u have more gold loaded then anything else ur just trash…

  28. Mișto

  29. Video title is a lie.

  30. Free camera ruined all videos on this channel. We are missing action and shot because of the free camera. Bad video.

  31. Another replay I thought I already seen on Quickybaby’s channel

  32. Yeah, things really “heated” up in that game.

  33. i live 300km away from ensk (novosibirsk) lol been there few times

  34. I like that noone gehts overruned
    On the EU sever the game whould be over after 4 mins x.x

  35. BTW this “babushka’s” carpet looks good, lol.

  36. You know it’s gonna be good when Quickybaby makes that face in the beginning

  37. ive never had such good RNG, interesting, why some get this good?…smells rigged

  38. Going to be a 15k match tomorrow QB. Just for WoT to be spiteful to you xD

  39. penning the e-100 turret is my favorite pastime, especially with my obj 263 🤤

  40. This is why 2020 is such a bad year, my man used up all the luck

  41. His ping is 1-20ms 😮

  42. How do you explain every shot going precisely where he was aiming? That seems like a rigged game by either WG or a hack. 🙂

  43. This wasn’t that impressive. I would’ve prefered to see a high damage vid where the tier 10 didn’t fire gold at anything that moved

  44. Smashing!! Damn, that’s a game right there. Too bad not a Russian tank 🙁 jk lol

  45. pfff vs t8 with a good team ? now real pls from eu server in t10 vs t 10 with typical eu server team ….

  46. and there was small map without ebr or arty , that’s seriously isn’t any achievement because in my t10 games in always on my k91 vs 3 ebr and 3 artys lol i have 10 k dam games no problem but most of times is impossible to do anything because ebrs spot u asap. i remember days when i can have 9 k on sturer emil when maps was not world of corridors. so basically u belive that guy in ultra high alpha and armor t10 vs t 8 have pro score on sic russian server ? thats cute the enemy team basically was noobcakes and he was impenetrable … one game on milion this is and not actual any score. now please show games in paper tds who make incredible scores. where are times when elc amx was owning t10 tanks? oh no i know where they nerfed it to the ground make the best td in the game totally unusable . good changes good changes i know why im no more like to play games and stick only to star citizen and elite dangerous. i was making application on wot polish community manager in prague and one of question was how u response to players who speak that ebr should be removed from game. i say only : i agree and withdrawn my application u famous yt should stop playing wot to protest against retarded wargaming [policy but u all suck the nipple dont u ?

  47. Watching this is the same as watching a guy on a motor bike wining tour the France

  48. qb show us one of the server crash replays

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