Most DANGEROUS Light Tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AMX 13 105. Today we’re looking at setting up the AMX 13 105 to be the most dangerous light tank in the game!


World of is a Free 2 Play online published by and is available as a free download.


  1. Ahh. Your methodology becomes clear:
    _”be like water”_
    -Bruce Lee

  2. Seeing the old classic tanks in this game being rendered basically obsolete over the last 2-3 years has been quite sad, tbh.

    • way of the road… but sad nonetheless. lotta things in life are like that. Its why old people miss the good old days.

    • Yes, for me it’s M46 Patton.
      Once agile tank with great DPM and gun handling able to support heavy tanks with great view range and below average speed and useless as sniper.
      Today: average DPM (i think E50 and amx30 have better), slowest with Type61, bad camo (nerfed with HD model), average gun handling despite it was slightly buffed, unable to penetrate so called weakspots of heavy tanks with golds so it completely lost close support role with peeking while enemy was reloading. What stayed is agility and ability to use terrain and fight against mediums and lightly armored heavies.

  3. I want to buy this tank but I can hardly get any games at tier 10 on the ANZ sever

  4. watercannons collaboration

    QB: does stupid amounts of spotting damage in a heavy tank
    Also QB: does 5k of damage w/ 0 spotting damage in a light tank

  5. next autoloader it is full balace we only mising derp scout oh uh sory if you only shoting from back !!

  6. t-34-2 this tank is crap but armour is better then muse

  7. if you look at Chinese LT you well understand what LT is

  8. The dispersion knock off from the irm is literally just the 10% more dispersion the rotation gives you, so you get the same handling with just vertstabs just not the same turret and tank rotation.

  9. Let’s appreciate that he doesn’t have an irritating overly energetic voice to attract kid viewers. We don’t want them here.

  10. Nice video and fortunate timing cause the t9 AMX is the next one on my list for a new t9. I’ve unlocked it already, and now I just need to find the credits somewhere. I hope the t9 and 10 AMX will play like the t6 AMX 12t, cause that’s my favorite t6!

  11. That’s it! I am picking this tank and setup now to boost my wn8

  12. I’ve been using improved aiming, improved rotation and vert stabs on my amx50B, just ignore the aim time shown, those 3 equipment modules make it so snappy

  13. Does the HMH 58 exist in the PC version?

  14. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    It was 8 years ago
    so long has since past

  15. qb ur a bottttttttttttt uninstall lol

  16. I remember an old video where QB was arguing that the b-c 25t was a better scout than the amx 13 105, it’s pretty interesting to see how both tanks have adapted to the new meta(s)

  17. I enjoyed playing the 13 105 more than the batchat 25t too even with only the vert stab mounted on it. It’s just easier to use than the batchat 25t.

  18. Antony Barn Stormer

    Ok confirmed vents, vert stab and the rotation device works like a charm.

  19. So play it like a Bourrasque at tier 10.
    Tier 10 Bourrasque.

  20. EBR 105 is hard to drive though i dont know how to circle heavy tanks i always rammed them accedentaly

  21. quickybaby being modest when he says he’s an avarage player when the reality is that he’s a super-unicum

  22. u saved the t110e5 twice and he thanked you lol

  23. yes, you can play like this! in a toptier Battle!! But in a Tier 10 Matchup against other tier X Lights or Ebrs you disadvantage your team a lot!! you can do 2000 dmg more but without a good lights that spots for the team, you will loss!!
    its better u have a lightstank that spotted 6000dmg instead of a lights that make 2000dmg and wont spot for their teammates!

  24. BT-SV is the best

  25. Thanx for good video, nice battle and good explanations!

  26. For me the best scout , fu wheelys

  27. “here’s a piece of *advice* :
    don’t sit in front of the […] *105* ”
    “too little too *late*
    and a heat-round into the lower *plate* ”
    is qb making rhymes now?

  28. em-jeykayseljey lhevbradilya

    Dayum he good.

  29. Agree. Small clip and better camo makes it more flexible. You can’t sit for 10 seconds to kill a tank most of the times. I found playstyle of this tank and bourrasque quite similar.
    And I’m not against experimenting with setup. I think i use vents, optics and vstab, but there are significant differences between light tanks and not all of them can success in scout role. By far best active scout and LT destroyer are EBR105 and premium EBR. ELC EVEN and LHMTV are pretty good scouts (and completely crap tanks). M4190 can’t scout at all, because great view range does not compensate it’s bad camo and it’s easy to hit and kill.

  30. These things are ruining this game as if WOT needs more ruining.

  31. Hello, put in your video also tank equipment, It will be appreciated for us.

  32. an OK player?? hahah

  33. Man, thank you so much for brining up a better play with light tanks! m/

  34. Good video. However – know your role. As you said, when you go against scout equipped lights you gonna sufer and might not be able to fulfill the role of your tank in the game as best.

  35. I’d rather have the damage on demand because you can’t always count on your team to help.

  36. Hey Quickybaby! Would you use the same equipment on bourasque?? That’s awesome idea I think

  37. People still play this game ??
    Is it still pay to win ?

  38. How many meters spotting can you have with a such equipments setup ? Under 455m minimum… it’s sounds as a crime for me.
    I guess as a special deal damager light, you have to accept to make compromise… But 455m it’s still sounds hard for me

  39. hey quickybaby, you should use the ELC AMX again! take a trip down memory lane, and play a ferrari with a cannon taped on to it!

  40. Most dangerous light tank in the game is Bourrasque.
    Same gun on tier 8.

  41. There was not BatChat25t in the game eight years ago. Right?

  42. Since when this tank have only 3 shots 🙃

  43. Quickbaby I have those little light tanks at just add me Delta17 Hong Kong server here.

  44. i must haven’t play so long that i dont know this map has back…

  45. I’d love to see a game with Skill4ltu vs QB

  46. yes yes goood tank bat u are an Epic gamer all the tank are very good in your hand

  47. i love your gameplay

  48. Fire fighter Detecting

    Always like your videos, one day I might finally play at the level you and claus kellerman are at

  49. And in total it’s a good barrel and in total it’s a good barrel and in total it’s a good barrel because the FV4005 STAGE II gun is 183 mm

  50. This is absolutely the dangerous Light Tank with auto loading BIG GUN.

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