Most DANGEROUS Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks!

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The Tortoise, in , is arguably the most dangerous tank destroyer in the game and here's why!



  1. Great games and I agree.

  2. Everytime I play mine,I get tore up by arty,and I play on a huge wide open map….

  3. I just got into my AT-15, the AT-8 was a lot of fun, the AT-7 became a real headache towards the end (hitting longer and longer losing streaks) this tech tree however is one where Im excited about getting to both tier IX and X, so just gotta not lose my mind during the long losing streaks that seem to be happening more and more right now.

  4. way too many HE rounds imo

  5. I really want the badger and t95. I already have my fav russian one. I just wish we could get a Japanese td line

  6. Tortoise is better than Badger. Don’t @ me.

  7. Another tortoise video???? It’s really annoying, seriously, unsubscribed

  8. Disable inbox messages in game settings so you will have some peace. Most of playerbase tend to be rude.

  9. Yeah i dont fuck around when i look at the tanks active in the game lobby. I’ll load gold straight away. Or right before I meet them!

  10. E 25 for farming? Or you would rather have someting more fair?

  11. Love my Tort, Have the Badger researched but not sure if I want to get it yet. Free to play and all, I need my credits

  12. Charioteer


  14. Hmm, when i played the tort it was just swiss cheese, people just load gold and shoot to the sides of your gun. Very annoying

  15. No tank is great anymore seeing how every one just spams gold.

  16. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT TD LINE GRIND. Some of the best Laughs I have ever had playing WOT was on that line! Ping ping PING then they blow up as their rounds bounce off ya! Love My Tort Such a great TD, none of my others compare! Just wish I was a better player!

  17. I still have my heart in the stritzvahn 103 series, The penetrate everything tank.

  18. say what you want but the tortoise armor is just bad. everyone says it has good armor but no! its shit! utter garbage… and you can see it in the video… ghets penetratet 4x by t8 tanks with standard ammo… weakpoints are huge and the cupola and mg port are on different sides so it does not matter how you stand, its always penetratable… also its slow af and you cannot really pull back in time… and in most cases you can drive all time but still get no damage because your teammates kill everything before you arrive. badger is way better. only lower plate weakspot and more pen and bigger damage which makes trading possible

  19. the bz 176 is why to op i play my is ii 2 and i get killed ever time and the only way to maybe pen it, is with gold so way too op not fair

  20. oh and why does your team not suck every time i play we are 5 minutes in and half are team is dead and then we lose every time
    I’m just mad

  21. Jagdtiger can also serve as hp trading with 560 alpha, but it is not easy because the armor is too weak compared to the tortoises.

  22. AT-15 is pain on the line. full green against standard ammo of ShPTK-TVP

  23. Quickybaby, I’ve a fan of your content for many years, and I’ve been trying to create my own. I do wonder, how do you use “free detatched-from-the-tank” camera? Does it require a special mod?

  24. Hey QB, I really think that you mentioning what should be better to equip on the vehicle with/without field mods is very useful, can you please do it a bit more often in your replays?

  25. Finished the badger grind from tier 5 to 10 in 5 days, kept t9 cuz it’s tier for tier the best imo and t10 is still a clown sometimes

  26. why shoot gold with 260 pen against t8?

  27. more like most braindead sh1t in the stupid game, IT IS DANGEROUS BCS YOU CAN’T FCKING PEN IT AND A STUPID RATE OF FIRE

  28. during my earlier days, when I’m on my tier 8 tanks. 2 tanks that I fear the most are the T95 and the Tortoise.

  29. Every time I take my Tortoise out for a spin I get completely wrecked by a T95…. Weak points on the T95 are way harder to hit. I once completely wrecked a full health Tortoise head on over a ridge with a 45TP. Would be hard pressed to hit the weak points on a T95 in the same situation.

  30. That tonk is filthy lol

  31. Acronym for Bible is “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth”

  32. QB, i absolutely adore that you go out of your way to show people that all the FOMO stuff with bonds and such is not too weightful 😀

  33. Wait…Badger is top of the tree right now? Alright i know what i will 3 mark after Controcarro.

  34. Foch 155 for me. almost 400 pen is a threat to be afraid of. I think people underestamate it coz all the people buying it for bonds, but I feel its a nasty thing regardless.

  35. Yeeee! Love my Tortoise. Love to play it close quarters. Beast mode of a tank.

  36. I like the gun of the tortoise but the armor and cupola are just shit for me, everyone pens me

  37. That’s why i don’t rate the tortoise, even the teir below can reliably pen you, and unless your spamming gold, you’ll struggle to pen them back which is the opposite of what this tank claims to be

  38. as always the luckies match . . . . .

  39. eh i disagree with the durability. its pretty much neglected by gold spam and in t9 pretty much all you get is gold spam anyway. i feel like its a TOG II in tier 9. the badger is more a dangerous tank cause its slop armor

  40. There is DPM on the paper and than there is real/effective DPM. If you do not have needed gun handling or when your Alpha does not fit to the tank lot of the paper DPM is partially wasted and some other tank with way worse DPM can out gun you. Imagine Slow heavy with high DPM and low Alpha in the city trade corner peak a boo fight. Or derpy gun that pens very second time. Or so long aim time that you can’t connect two shots in row. Greatness of the Tortoise is in it’s gun handling and gun arc that allows you to nove your hull less and it grants you capability to snipe weak spots. Good enough Alpha to hurt even one shot wise combined with high reload rate for it’s alpha locking down enemies. The Badger is nothing like that. Plays completely different. In some peoples minds due the higher Alpha and DPM and no top side weak spot it should be way better. But it is not. Plus Tier IX is still way better position to play in.

  41. If nothing else, the gun traverse seems very optimistic compared to other similar TDs.

  42. Why QB makes so many T95 and Tortoise videos? In my opinion these are just noobs keep driving out in front of an OP tanks, such boring gameplay style.
    They are pretty much the 279e at tier 9, even mediocre players with less than 47% WR can do 4-5k in both tanks when they get lucky.

  43. Most dangerous TD tier for tier I would also mention the almighty SU-76I 🙂

  44. For I’ve Become Tortoise, the Destroyer of Tanks.

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