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Today yurix3 is going to display insane defence in World of Tanks smashing a HUGE GAME in their Polish 60TP! Knuckle up!



  1. honestly one of the worst heavies in the game, derpy gun, cant side scrape, painfully slow and sluggish at times. cant brawl without losing more hp than you can dish out. not worth grinding at all imo.

  2. Well if it was popular WG would immediately nerf it to be the worst heavy in the game.

  3. This just feels like easy mode to blitz. The 60TP actually has many weak points and still it bounced 5k in here. Would never happen in blitz

  4. @10:24, dried linguine is pretty hard Will lol

    Were you talking about wet linguine?

  5. I love the polish top tier heavy line. Its like german heavy design (speed and gun handling) mixed with soviet design (gun caliber + armor)

  6. maciej przybylski

    hi quickybaby i was wondering how can i get the same ui mod that you have i cant seem to configure it the same way plz help!

  7. I don’t get why morons are shooting HE on a heavy tank? Even if u pen him the chances u make big dmg is pretty slim.

  8. u listened to people saying they enjoyed watching you watch other peoples replays and not ur own, nice.

  9. That strv was throwing on purpose. Full health and he didnt even try to push the 60tp. 😂

  10. I hate this tank because every time somebody is playing a 60tp in the enemy team they pixel snipe my weekspots without even aiming and while moving and I hope it will get nerfed for no reason like the progetto 65 because this one actually deserves it

    • Then you have not ever play against me.
      My 60TP can’t hit anything and even if it does, that is only 650dmg if it pens.
      If I remember correct, my most epic 60TP battle is 3 penetrations.
      That’s less than 2k dmg.

    • @XtreeM FaiL yeah makes me wonder if the R in RNG really means random because it doesn’t feel random to me

    • @Anthos R=ruskie.

  11. To think, this would’ve ended differently if the Leopard loaded gold or his standard round instead of HE

    • ALL leos that I go agaisnt spit gold and pretty much are empty of any gold by the end of the game if they last that long

  12. very good game and good luck with the enemies

  13. What a battle🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Wow fantastic game!

  15. And ofcourse he has prem…try doing it without spending money

  16. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille misses even at 10m. This vehicle is a piece of shit.This game has more than 700 vehicles. Only one vehicle was pushed over players; and, it is the Grille 15. And the vehilce has tragic statistics and performances. For QB it seens ok, any comment about it. Man, you are too much son of bitch kkkkkk the Grille missed tha second shot in an impossible way and you say nothing, you treat the situation like normal.

  17. Yeah the best tier 10 heavy..nerf it immediately🤣nerf them..nerf them all

  18. 60tp was my first T10 tank that I got ,and I have 0 regrets it’s amazing tank and dose what it should, using gold rounds really rarely

  19. Thank you so much for doing narrative to videos like this amazing

  20. joel anthony Gutierrez

    What is his equipment load-out?

  21. That goatie looks ridiculous QB. Don’t go out in a string wind, it will disappear.

  22. QB: “That Leopard is not happy it’s started this game with 800 less hit points.”
    Stannis Baratheon: “Fewer.”

  23. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    Enemy thinking; Let’s all wait for him to reload then attack one at a time, that will work lol

    • its your typical wot player base, nobody wants to lose hp for repair costs and wating to make a buck or two after losing.

  24. Gotta say I like 60TP but I don’t find it very competitive. Maybe it just doesn’t suit my playstyle, I’m more of a 705A guy- much better armour, still a big gun, trades gun depression for sidescraping capabilities. Would prefer to go hull down in a S. Conq

  25. fake game. strv103b could kill 60tp

  26. Type 5 with rockets 😂

  27. Honestly not very fair. I mean he barely aimed and shells just went in like easy mode.

  28. I cringe every time Quickybaby says Frag when he means kill. Frag, short for fragmentation grenade, means specifically to murder a superior officer , on your own side.

  29. Bro it’s “in regard to” not “in regards to”

  30. You heard him ladies .4 mm is a lot.😂

  31. Not taking away from yurix3’s awesome performance here, but that may just be one of the worst thrown high-tier games I have ever seen in my 8+ years of playing this game. Wow.

  32. Sorry but he wasn’t that good, his opponents were that bad.

  33. Where to buy stupid enemies like that?


    I was hoping that the new BZ line should had more firepower or higher alpha than the rest of HT. Since it always compared to 60tp cuz their stat without booster is nearly same. Except for the armor layout which is worse in BZ 75.

  35. This is what game play should be not pay to win bs

  36. That he round from the leopard would have ended him before the HE nerfs

  37. man I wonder what kind of bots be playing in eu server. 4 tanks and they failed to full rush him

  38. I want to see a game in the wz-132

  39. Bond rammer, turbo and regualr vstabs. If you do this set up, this tank is a god. Even better if you can afford to put all bond or special equipment but that should do it.

  40. Nice two monkeys in M60 🤣🤣🤣

  41. all i learned from this game is thaat if youre in the t110e5 and you arent using its heat rounds which are the best heavy tank heat rounds, youre a silly sausage, this game would have been over in 5 minutes if he had.

  42. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    One of the best things of the video is he was using small consumables. This was an epic carry being surrounded by so many enemy tanks, he literally held that whole flank himself.

  43. just goes to show what truly shit game it is

  44. Very happy to see you doing commentaries again; it really is the one gap in WoT content that’s available just in general, and it’s very insightful seeing accomplished Tankers explaining choices as you did there!

  45. Ok this has to be one of the games of the year!

  46. time to watch bad gp
    i mean selected gp

  47. Watching a skilled player, tactics, knowing enemy weaknesses in armor and limits of vehicles, taking advantages of mistakes, playing strategically, is ALWAYS great to watch.

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