MOST EXP in 2020 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – -2. Today I’m reviewing the highest EXP achieved the year by xX_8MICHAL8_Xx in the infamous KV-2!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. wow, my 3.5k dmg was epic for me… i can’t even imagine that kind of game

  2. I had got like what 11k xp idk how in su 122-44
    might have been with a daily 2times I don’t remember correctly @quickybaby

  3. filthy

  4. he must have showered for a 6 months to clean how filthy this game was

  5. With the amount of rng in this game, he should have bought some lottery numbers straight after this game. Still a good game

  6. it is Michal not MichaEl

  7. “Injustice”

  8. yesterday I got 9000 in one battle 😀

  9. 5:18
    a new twitch emote???

  10. Tangled and Happiness

    That’s where all the luck of everyone’s 2020 went.

  11. KV2

  12. Progetto 46 = Exp 2.838

  13. I’ve got 3k experience on a game with my Bisonte,so looks like I beat his record and true I did it on a tier 8

  14. some of those hits were indeed very lucky….. i´ve missed easier shots with more accurate tanks even fully aimed

  15. Hey quickybaby, i have done more base xp in my cs-lis this year! How can this guy say he has the highest??!!

  16. Please post a video of t54mod1 . It’s very underrated tank

  17. 11 boxes opened, got a bourrasque, played 2 games with it, and boom, M badge 🙂 wanted to send to QB, but replays are off

  18. Historicalgamer 2002

    did he rly say the kv85 has weak armor?

  19. Nice play by Michael but luck was on his site. I had 3 134 this year with Liberté

  20. Did 4590exp in my tiger 1! My best game!

  21. thank you for reviewing my battle 🙂 Sorry that I took all luck of 2020 😛

  22. It’s sad that he has finished his adventure with this game :((

  23. A bounty GLD does magic to a KV2 😍

  24. Bognostrokulum bognostrokul

    theres new ban system in the game BE AWARE i start game 10 tier and i push JGPZE100 to go at battlefield more quickly .the player thanks to me .5 min after game i was banned accaunt locked for few days abuse physiks push allies .be aware of this money sucking WG scums

  25. Who hated this video ? Dummies

  26. Damn its better than mine this year , I had 2.759 exp game with su100m1 this year 😀 Both russian tanks getting all that exp… Russian bias confirmed

  27. My best KV2 base Xperia was 2500 with 6 kills but hats off to this guy. Absolute cracking game

  28. I could not get an ace tanker on my kv2 with 1600 base experience this is why was it

  29. Me who just 1-marked my KV-2: 👁👄👁

  30. So many dissidents went to gulag for that game. Aiming in a KV2 is a must as is a ten skill crew.

  31. okay!!!!! im gonna buy the kv2 for the 5th time!!! im gonna play it , and it’s gonna be awsome okay!!??
    And most xp :2825 in wz120 1 ft , but i dont rememeber when i did this insane game xD

  32. Nothing to be concerned about

    I had a 3400 combined damage KV-2 game and it was a 2nd Class, not even a 1st class, so at 4:01 his damage (4200 combined) is probably barely an Ace by a small margin and not so surely as Quicky stated

  33. well lots of luck

  34. Hail to the King!

  35. When the lucky player play the most broken tank in WoT

  36. My highest xp is elc even 90 4600 dmg 7 kills 7k spot i used full apcr i got 22.550 xp and like 120k credits

  37. Its so hard to get 3 marks of excelance in KV-2. How much damage should i deal to get it?

  38. kv2 needs nerv this is not incredible this is just not balanced

  39. Quickybaby: You usually give things for free and for far less then what this guy did. Imho you did him some injustice for not giving him anything. Not bashing you, just saying.

  40. HafizFirdaus AbdulGafar

    Nice beard buddy and wish you happy new specially Merry Christmas 🎅

  41. 2862 XP in a T28 this year

  42. This man deserves a 4th mark of excellence.

  43. On console this would be like 4k base xp

  44. That was an amazing game!

  45. I got 3000 base xp in my Churchill III this year at the time running no premium acc

  46. 2254 base exp in the mighty IS !

  47. My highest exp game for years was a tier 5 Chaffee game. It was a game that back in the day when you would be in tier 8, 9 and ten games in that that and everything just went right in. I was in a tier 8 game and killed 6 tanks one of which was an IS-3 and got a bit more than 2340 XP. I wasn’t sure I’d ever too that because I am an okay player but not a unicom by any stretch. That was my top for literally years but during a battle pass grind for the last pass I was on a roll with my tiger 131 and finally topped it. I got 2540 base XP! The real kicker is a I was so in the zone and just grinding for battle pass points that I didn’t even notice! lol. I’m going through my replays to try and find the game.

  48. King of the derp

  49. I wish my KV2 was this accurate

  50. I will never understand why people see this thing aimed around a corner end still decide to come out😂 I’m still scared to do it in my mauschen

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