MOST EXP in 2021 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m reviewing highest EXP achieved of the year by Trolo_Bolo in the powerhouse TS-5!



  1. It’s XP. You noob.

  2. I had a game like that on console a year or so ago with the T28. Tier 10, did 8k damage brawling, 2700 base exp

  3. Wow what a game. He just fucked everyone up lmao 🤣

  4. Does this ts 5 have xp booster for premium tank?

  5. started with 9 heat rounds… ended with 9.

  6. We need highest damage in 2021 video

  7. A lot of paid actors, but sometimes you have luck on your side!

  8. Weneed Better games

    Hey QB, have you ever played or thought about playing GHPC or War thunder?

  9. ive had about 5-6 thousand xp and 2000 base xp in my kv1 so

  10. I’d give anything for you to review my AMX 12T relay on WOT replays (NA server) I got 8 kills and I’ve never heard my heart pump so loud

  11. 2622 in wz131 before the tier ten light tanks

  12. Yeah Ts5 doesnt need gold in tier 8 matches its got great pen even against teir9s.

  13. That tonk is only fun

  14. Vegeta: It’s over 9000!!!

  15. The timing of this videos is a huge coincidence with today’s calendar drop, it’s like pushing people to buy it 😂

    • I logged on about 30 minutes ago after watching this and found the same thing. QB’s 12 minute advertisement will ensure plenty of F2P players are going to get clubbed by a lot of these this coming Christmas. Come on QB, can you at least be a bit less blatant?

  16. When is WG gonna stop releasing op premium tanks? sigh

  17. My highest base xp was significantly higher than this, but it was achieved through a combination of oldschool light tank matchmaking, and the entirety of both teams except me disconnecting part way through the game. Really long time ago, so I barely remember any details except I was in a Chaffee (original one), and I had to set fires in some of the full hp tanks set up in defensive position near their base to have enough damage with my ammo to kill everything.
    I remember there was a contest to get highest base xp in the various tank classes that had just ended a couple days before I had this game, and the light tank winner was I think nearly 1k xp lower than my game. I almost want to say my game was over 4k base xp. It was so long ago though, I can’t actually remember for sure. And I’m not trying to brag, since it was basically handed to me on a platter 😀
    Edit: Maybe I’m pulling the numbers out my arse, it was so long ago.. If I reinstalled WoT maybe it would have the record in statistics and I could see. Anyways point is I got to convert my entire ammo loadout into damage on tanks that were ~5 tiers above me because everyone else was dc, and the base xp was insane, enough to win a contest if it happened a couple days earlier.

  18. T29 in a Tier IX game .. 5k damage, 5 kills, 2075 base exp

  19. My highest xp is in the ts5 lol. 2900 something base xp for that game. Sadly that game didn’t happen in 2021 lol

  20. Dániel Pettermann

    This game was surprisingly underwhelming

  21. This is a question for qb:
    Do you have a bond turbo and if so what tank have you put it on?

  22. No pussy gold rounds used,that is fantastic!All who shoots ammo are girls,or guys who are soft as girls

  23. i got 8000 xp in wotb

  24. pay2win cancer; wallet warrior stat padding harder than Quacky
    Don’t forget that horsepower affects turning

  25. How did you know TS-5 will be the next premium shop offer?? 😉

  26. How can I now not buy the TS-5 in todays calendar?! What a coincidence xD

  27. My Highest XP game 2806 base XP with Churchill 3 and i saw that someone make 3050 base xp

  28. This tank is overpower .

  29. TS-5 sales after this 📈📈

  30. So, today I bought it aftet you video and I really happy. I expected to buy Skoda T56, but I don’t want to waste so much money for both of them. After I played 10 battles on TS-5, I suppose, it was smart choice . Skoda T56, sorry, but no sorry. No this time.

  31. My maximum exp is 2604 on Cherchill III a lot of years ago

  32. Is it a coincidence that after watching QB’s video I logged on to WOT and guess what turned up in the Advent calendar for today? The TS-5! Talk about wild coincidence! WG will sell a sheet tonne of these in the next 24 hours because of this amazingly well timed video. Thanks QB, the F2P players will love you every time they get owned by these over the Christmas break.

  33. not a single gold round fired

  34. my record is propably 1400 xp on a conqueror, but damn i got lucky that game!

  35. 11.4K dmg and 6k spotting in a AMX 30 in a tier X game Gives you 2453 base xp

  36. In game it say the highest is 1964 XP but when I look on that in the pictures from that game, it is 1309 XP in a T25 AT. I have not done so many M-class battle, but I am born with shaking hands. If you laugh now, you can always wait to you got Parkingson and try to play. So I almost have no Heavytanks, for now I almost only play TD:s

  37. Pretty strange and odd battle on TS-5. He’s cruising around in middle of enemies taking them out, but enemies don’t seems to focus (or even notice) him/TS-5 at all. When I’m playing with TS-5 in similar scenario, I’ve get surrounded and destroyed pretty fast. I want this kind of enemy teams to my battles too, how I can get them? …RNG, can you hear my prays?

    In other hand TS-5 is not my favorite tank at all: inflexible, inaccurate to snipe from distance and that “glorious” armor…at my games seems that everything goes thru to my TS-5’s armor, even enemies hazy/sloppy snapshots seems to find a way to my TS-5’s weak spots.

  38. My record of base xp was set this year in a caernavor x in wich i got 3038 xp, sadly i lost the replay:(

  39. My record is 2731 in Churchill 3

  40. I think WG is watching qb’s videos, bcs rhey just released this tank in the advent calender LUL

  41. In my best game i highest 2912 base exp in t34-85 m

  42. Last year this map was also the map with the player who got the most experience

  43. Skill4ltu did 2713xp in churchill III this year! you can find it on his extra channel.

  44. Guess which tank is in the calendar today… Coincidence? I guess not 😉 QB did you get some extra cash from WG to promote it today in this “subtile” way? 😜😜😜

  45. wtf is this tank…

  46. My most XP in a game is also in a TS-5! I love this tank and agree its OP with Turbo.

  47. Nearly did this in mine. That tanks just WALKS through teams in a good matchup.

  48. my highest was in the Churchill 3 and it was 3,644

  49. I have 2900 exp in t77

  50. Im a t28( the soviet one)…. 1864 XP… Dont know why…. I really dont remember it

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