Most Expensive, but is Kunze Panzer Worth it? | World of Tanks Kunze Panzer Battle Pass 2021 Reward

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World of Tanks Kunze Panzer Review, New Tier 9 German Medium Tank with Siege Mode. World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 4 New Tank Kunze Panzer Review. Best Battle Pass 2021 Reward Tank in World of Tanks?

Today I am going take a look at another tier 9 tank from the Battle Pass 2021 Season 4 – The Kunze Panzer. This German vacuum cleaner has a lot of interesting features offer, but is it double the tokens compared to other ones? Let’s talk about it!

What do you think!



  2. first

  3. First… Love your content!

  4. I’m gonna called it Panzer-Kun :3

  5. KUUUUUUUUNZE Panzer. Only reason I’m getting it is for the name lol

  6. litteraly 45K gold (229.37$)

  7. You had me in the first half of the intro… I took my headphones off to check if someone was vacuum cleaning

  8. me love banan


  10. 😆 noice~ intro dez ❤️

  11. „I can already hear my german viewers laughing how I pronounce this name“
    Hell, how did you know? Are you hiding in my flat? 😂😂😂

  12. time saver: yes it’s worth it

  13. Hey Dez you should try War Thunder

  14. Christian Bamberger

    not just germenas, also austrians laugh at the pronounciation. but tbh its quite hard to say for people who dont speak german since they are children

  15. I hear that Steel Hunter music in the background and I start to get the shakes and feel unwell that I should ever hear it again. Please no, the most boring, tedious, pointless grind mode in WOT that I would shoot myself in the head before playing Steel Hunter again. 🤮

    Kunze Panzer though I might play for due to its unusual feature mode and I’ve got the AE Phase 1 and Char Futur 4 already and love it

  16. just like leopard pta but premi tank

  17. Kunze Panzer in WoTB is a TIER 7 LIGHT TANK with 90mm gun … WoT employees just dont want make free tanks in normal stats for players, even the tanks for grinding

  18. I’m German and I approve “Kunze Punze”, enjoy

  19. I got the char futur and the AE phase 1 instead of that kunze panzer

  20. “Kunze Banzer”? 😂

  21. Only reason im not getting it is because you need to work harder to make it do damage… And you have no armor sow easy target… And not every map is made for sniping… and you need to switch between modes to fire just a litle bit faster then the long reload and have your accuration work…

    I hope everyone buys it xD
    Then i can laugh at all people failing in it xD

  22. Dez, free to play players can’t get this tank. You need the improved battle pass with the extra coins to buy it…

  23. Ahahaha that reference to Circonflexes Dicker Max vacuum video is epic! 😀 I go back and watch his video every now and then, it’s so damn funny!

  24. Second comment: No, Kunze isn’t worth it for sure for 18 tokens. However, if you have the other rewards then ofc you have to/should buy it, defo a collector’s item.

  25. I’m taking only Bonds.. tanks aren’t great, I would rather play E50 than Kunze all the time, eventually it’s gonna rot in your garage if you take it and will regret you didn’t pick bonds or tanks for 9 tokens so you could sell them for easy 3.5mil credits..

  26. So… at least it is not new “Chieftain”, right? And free to play players do not have to worry, because they honestly DO NOT miss out much not getting this tank..
    What is your take on it?

  27. everyone: tank is bad because tech tree is better
    me: and… whats the problem?
    also everyone: chieftain is the best tier 10 heavy tank in the game, even better than tech tree ones

    tbh, i think people is just retarded at this point of the game, and they just want to complain, if weak because money is not worth when tech tree is better, if strong because it is strong to his tech tree counter part

    dear people, premium tanks should always be worse than tech tree ones (even reward tank should always be worse, no matter what)

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