MOST FRAGS of 2019 in World of Tanks

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World of Tanks. Today we’re witnessing the TOP GUN of 2019 – i.e. the who scored the most frags this year!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. On console 10 kills with 9,450dmg in my jagaroo iv only started on pc in the last two weeks

  2. Im 51 been playing of and on for 7 years still my favorite game of all time
    This and Turbo Graphics 16 Military Madness

  3. wotb community calls it prammo

  4. another gold slinger gameplay, QB stop encouraging more pay to win with these gameplays, its real hypocritical

  5. Well, at least I know who is draining my RNG now. Noice game. Thnx for vid QB

  6. I got the e75 ts and the 703 ll back to back

  7. Sacharissa Himawari

    wow, he earned a whopping 16k credits for this game. 🙂

  8. There is no way in hell that’s the real Ashley Benson

  9. Thank you again Quicky. Your commentary is always so intelligent and pleasurable! Keep ’em coming!

  10. This rebalancing is going to be a way for them to nerf the overpowered premium tanks too. Because they refuse to “nerf” them, but they may just not buff them as much as all the rest. So they “nerf” them by making all the rest slightly better. Russian logic.

  11. Something special about this game…a shit ton of premiums round fired at T10….special….the shot on the scorpion g breaks rng tho.

  12. OK, that must be one of the most epic carries I have ever seen.

  13. My Crush: Kolobanov
    Me: Raseiniai

  14. Sacharissa Himawari

    QB, the new styles actually comes with special voice notification. For example, if you hit the motorcycle on Jg E100, the commander will notify you “they hit our motorcycle”. not sure if other styles come with similar voice lines.

  15. I don’t usually mind whenever is 7 or the wz-111 5a is shooting prem because their base pen is worst than some tier 9 tanks.but I really don’t like the fact that the is 7 has apcr with lower pen compared to the wz which has heat that just butters through other tanks

  16. My record is 7 kills in a T26E4, on Siegfreid Line. Was on track to win a 1v6 but then artillery hit me and dealt 500 damage behind cover. C:

  17. 10:18-10:19 did you see that, where his aiming circle showing but where his shot is going to?And I dont believe he hit scorpion without any mod at that speed, he even did not highlight him

  18. possibly steel wall of 2019 ?

  19. What I don’t understand is why people will spam gold rounds, use the food consumable and yet only use the small first aid kit and small repair kit. Why not use the large?

  20. My most kill is 11 in the KV-1S, back in the day when it was tier 6

  21. вовк з вовком


  22. That lynx should have been a miss, a very weird aiming

  23. Ishtiaque Hossain Ayon

    Then what about the T-54? It has the lowest AP penetration. Wargaming has to rebalance that tank if they nerf the heat alpha damage.

  24. Yawn,…..tired of great games thanks to RNG. What happened to games where super plays made them great?

  25. I’m sorry but this brainless gold spam puts people off of playing the game, Ashley was top tier in a tier 10 with a two tier spread. Positioning and movement is very important but eliminating the thought processes in taking enemy tanks down is playing the game in easy mode. I for one cannot wait for gold rounds to be rebalanced and hen we will see who are the real men from the boys.

  26. all ready saw this at other youtuber !!!!!!!!

  27. Still find it kinda bs… 100 cap points should be a full cap, not 100 cap points +1 second.

  28. Damn that player really knows how to pay not only for a win but also for fame and epic results. I wish that I too had more money than skill …oh, wait …no I don’t

  29. Takes some effin balls to go against tier 8s in this tank with HEAT as no.1 ammo.

  30. ‘Only 9 rounds of premium ammo? Well, that’s interesting.’ I watched this vid with joy. I’d definately name this battle something like: ‘Ode to luck’, as I think that some shots just unbelievably landed where they never do when I play (similar situations). Nice vid, thanks QB!

  31. Remember when they said they are going to rebalance the IS 4 in 2019?

  32. G map awareness, well played

  33. I’m probably going to be in the minority here, but you’ve never done a review of the Ram II. It would be interesting to see what a super uni could do with it.

  34. suspicios….i know what he use….but i never talk about this!!….its very 10 Days the same and the Servers for “this” is down cause so many players use this! And pure RNG… one never ever hit this cap scorpion without +25% of rng

  35. Normal communist tank gameplay

  36. Play wise this game was good, but just shooting gold for as long as you can is just disgusting.

  37. Kills 14 tanks still nearly lost yup thats typical wot player base useless….

  38. I got a bit of Deja Vu at first before I realised I had already watched it. Like maybe a month back, I was wondering why QB hadn’t made a video on the replay yet. Well now he has.

  39. My best ever is in the OBJ. 257 Kolobanov – 8 kills :

  40. FU (super) unicums spamming gold as top Tier! Really pisses me of!

  41. why don’t i play against noobs like this.

  42. Raseiniai heroes medal” it is Lithuania`s,my country city award, in the history kv2 dealt alone against 20 tanks in this city xd

  43. all that gold ammo…disgusting…This game and others should be about using skills=brain,not just pay money or credits to win…Not funny at all…This kinda of no brain monkeys,shooting light armored tanks with gold…come on…

  44. Steffen Agermann Christiansen

    another video whit full heat spam

  45. TRAST = Top Unicum Klanu. not surprising full gold spammer vs tier 8

  46. Quicky. “Now then boys and girls”

    Me. I’m old enough to be your dad.


  48. Ashley is female I think?

  49. What’s the point of playing this game, if you drive tier 10 tanks with HEAT as standard? You don’t gain credits or XP, and you can’t progress anywhere.

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