Most fun game of 2020, already. – Dezgamez and Circon – ELC EVEN 90 Platoon

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. Imagine if the last tank was an O-ho. You could’ve trolled him so hard by just hugging his side lmao

  2. It can EVEN be the most fun ever.

  3. That’s the most annoying sub message

  4. Oh my god circon and dezgamez, please do more of this content….
    My two favourites guys on wot

  5. wtf was that “shut the fuck up now” that came from Dez at 3:53 ?

  6. you dont need 122 gun to pen 257s side, and you dont lose camo while moving as a LT …. circon getting rusty 😀 and 257 has 440 alpha…. otherwise, nice gemu!

  7. Is there a link to the other dudes channel?

  8. You and dez ??? Count me in

  9. Wow, nice game! I was actually holding my breath at one or two points during the video. Well done! My 2 favorite WoT streamers playing to gether!

  10. I’d love to see more vids of you guys together

  11. No cap kill all….Screw that time to be filthy dirty!

  12. Oh, I totally want to see Jingles doing one of his two-perspective commentary videos about this one. We’ll hear all about the future of WOT being full of ‘Even 90 Death squads’.

  13. This is the best game I’ve seen in a while. GG

  14. @Circonflexes, where’s the link to Dezgamez POV?

  15. 1:30 he spotted the RU but didn’t get any assist from him lol

  16. Circon and Dez are a great team like many others have said more platoons would be awesome, awesome content as usual. 😉

  17. Bloody nice exciting game Circon and Dez !!!

  18. that was fun

  19. This why I love playing in a platoon with my clan mates, we just end up carrying our teams a lot of the time

  20. watching his stream and seeing these live is definitely worth it.

  21. You got DezGames? That’s my bizzle!!

  22. to quote skill : holy molly quacamoleee

  23. I CAN’T EVEN

  24. A blast of a game it was. Well played

  25. you are great duo!

  26. thank you Circon for saying that….are you listening shit scouts of the NA server, split the fuck up and cover more ground

  27. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    Dez and Circon almost as fun as Claus with Skill 😀

  28. I don’t know why, but the EVEN 90 is harder to 3 mark for me than tier 10s lol.

  29. ELC is far away from terrible tank, just my 2 cents.

  30. What a team!

  31. That was awesome. I hope Dez rewarded you with a face reveal. LOL

  32. Saw this one on your VOD, happy to watch it again!

  33. that was epic, well played both of u

  34. Aah good ol platooning

  35. That moment you are being outplayed by two super unicorns in the smallest tank of the game

  36. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Double the trouble as they say :3

  37. i saw the title….i Liked!

  38. I unironically think the even 90 is great, because you can have good view range and yet force the enemy to come into proximity range to spot you if you have a bush, and then whenever you choose you can pop out and do 660 damage, as long as you think you can get away afterwards. I mean, the gun aiming and dpm are crap but I rarely deal a lot of early damage; I spot a bunch and then kill tanks that are wounded later on.

  39. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    With Dez and Skill soon?

  40. You see Circon, is a very small tank

  41. I wish I had friends to play with. Playing solo isn’t that fun anymore.

  42. epic game bro’s

  43. Subscribed to both already.

  44. That was fucking awesome.

  45. Did dezgame stream this? and if anyone knows can they comment the vod link

  46. Patrick Mundhenk - Koch

    Circon himself is OP af but platooning with Dez in the ELC Even-MEME? Holy cow!

  47. Teamwork OP plz nerf

  48. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    What a beautiful game

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